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  FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution AI & DB v 1.0 
Some improvements/news/details for FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution AI & DB :
- GP EVO successful installation checking: you can see my HD ball in the Arena to make sure that GP EVO is correctly installed and working
- Complete EA Winter transfer update for all leagues/teams, accurate teams line up, custom formations, updated players (physical aspect and technical).
- Increased game realism/playing time (different speed, it depends on the active team mentality).
- New, Improved AI counter attack advanced system.
- New, Improved and realistic players collision.
- Realistic shoot power/ball control/ball touch.
- Increased AI fouls, cards and long shoots.
- Inproved and realistic goalkeepers.
- Increased players level of battle on field.
- New attack and defending style for team and players (big improvements both on attack and defence)
- New, visible and realistic pressing and aggression style.
- Increased players reactions on card or on collision.
- Realistic gameplay/passing speed (match become slow or fast depends on the situation during the game and teams in field).
- Best players with high skills/attributes are really visible.
- Realistic and improved skillmoves and special dribbling for best players.
- Fixed referees strictness on fouls and cards and new San Milano aspects.
- The most complete and accurate database + many many new stuff that you discover when play!
- Optional (you need to install my DB V2 beta): my Standard Modded AI & DB + the reduction for all the players for the following attributes/skills: Stamina -40% (now players get very tired), Shotpower -10%, Acceleration -10%, Agility -10%, Sprint speed -10%.

(*) DB V2 beta known bug: some players lose their traits and names, It will be fixed of course soon).
(*) DB V1 known bugs: missed some new created players name (Paul Scholes, etc...)
(*) Future updates: players name fix (DB) + slowing down gameplay speed (AI).

Date : 2012-03-03, Size : 11.7M, Download : 409, Rate : 0, Vote : 1

  Sweat Effect v.4 + ENB Editing v.5 
This great Sweat Effect v.4 + ENB Editing v.5 package features :
- Sweat Effect latest models
- Face textures are sharper and realistic
- Graphic Quality FIFA 12 better without sacrificing too many PC specifications
- Staining regulated better and brighter
- You will see the actual figure of the players who featured in the game FIFA 12, update the best face more recommended & we did once work for it
- Import the image of the screenshot will appear more clearly as is usually made ??for the game Wallpapers. Use a good tool for that.
- Grass field FIFA 12 more bright and comfortable in a vision
- Anti-aliasing improvements to FIFA 12, in other words the object of the game will look better
- Another effect is the muscles around the neck and hand the player's more visible when the game is being emotional, but...this does not give too much effect, because it does not want characters in FIFA 12 instead like a zombie .. arrrgh !!!!!

Date : 2012-01-27, Size : 11.4M, Download : 877, Rate : 10, Vote : 3

  FIFA 12 ENB Editing v.4 
This is the NEW ENB Series configured for FIFA 12..What is ENB Series ? These are the files which improve the graphics of the game and works with almost all games. Graphics enhancement like adding bloom, colours, motion blur, bright, and etc...FIFA 12 EDITING GENERATION Team does a bit of innovation to the setting ENB. This update will be much more efficient than the model must change the overall pitch of FIFA 12.

Date : 2012-01-14, Size : 745k, Download : 431, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA 12 Without the Cursor 
FIFA Editing Generation Team presents a new method of playing FIFA 12. The screen cleaner in the absence of cursor in the game, but will be more difficult course for gamers who are not accustomed to reading the movement of the player directly. This update is an alternative for gamers who want the look of FIFA 12 with a different control, more mysterious in the control of the ball, especially in a tournament that requires each player 2-4 players wary of the movement of an opposing player and know the position players themselves. In other words, this update is not recommended for gamers who are still in the amateur stage in playing FIFA 12 (risk conceding more goals).

Date : 2012-01-14, Size : 10.2M, Download : 144, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  No Intro Patch 
Do you know this situation? You want to run FIFA 12 but it takes so long until you are in the main menu? Intro sequences, language selection, loading times & co takes so much time? Then we have a nice download for you today: The No Intro Patch by apollox. The No Intro Patch reduces the intro sequences of FIFA 12 to a minimum so that the game still is stabil but the start of the game is much faster now. Furthermore there has been added an automatical language selection, so that there is no need to select your menu language each start of the game again.

Date : 2012-01-06, Size : 964k, Download : 916, Rate : 6.4, Vote : 5

  Level Of Detail v.1 
FIFA 12 EDITING GENERATION tried to make improvisations on setting FIFA 12, the results were surprising. You could say this update is still in the testing stage because we are still awaiting finalization update FIFA 12 graphics enhancement is done by someone who is competent in this field. Some of the pictures we took from the game FIFA 12 proves the existence of this increase. We also hope that gamers can implement it in FIFA 12 and divide the review a little later. This is LOD (level Of Detail) for the FIFA 12 PC. This will improve your FIFA 12 more better and realistic. Its really Highly recomended for the High PC specification. Dont telling us about the lag and low specification, because this pacth is not recomended for that.

Date : 2012-01-06, Size : 8.5M, Download : 644, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution 4.0 Series 
REAL SOCCER SIMULATION SERIES - GP EVO 4 SERIES : Fixed and increased referee strictness, Tackling system improved, Some minor fix/addon. GP EVO 4.0 BETA 1 FEATURES:

- Increased game realism/playing time.
- Totally new and improved passing system (all passing type: pass, cross, GROUND, lob, THROUGH..)
- New defenders movements on field.
- New game dynamics in the match.
- New advanced tweaked AI mentality-tactics-reactions.
- Increased Crowd sounds tune enhancing/reaction.
- Increased difference altitude home and away teams.
- Tweaked and improved all gameplay/AI effects in game.
- New AVG players skills/attributes system. (also on 3.0 final)
- Realistic and smothly gameplay speed.
- Realistic Stamina and Fatigue system.
- Realistic and natural ball touch.
- Increased and tweaked ball control, for many players the stop system is totally new.
- AI improved/new features both CPU/HUMAN on attack and defense.
- Balanced/Realistic CPU skill level (all difficulty levels).
- Really balanced in all aspects!
- Other stuff that you discover when play!
- All tested previous features (GP EVO 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 series)

Date : 2011-12-25, Size : 13.6M, Download : 1344, Rate : 7.69, Vote : 14

  Career Patch 12 
This patch allows, with the different available versions, to apply the following changes:
- Enable Euro cups at the first year (Euro Supercup, Champions League and Europa League)
- Disable completely the transfers market (warning: the user too will not be able to make transfers)
- Disable pre-season friendlies

Date : 2011-12-01, Size : 8.0M, Download : 878, Rate : 10, Vote : 4

  FIFA 12 LOD & Crowd Animation Tweaker Tool v1.0 
This tool allow to manage, enable, disable or restore :

- LOD GFX SETTINGS - Available options: low, mid, high, ultra high, original (settings.lua)
- TWEAK AND OPTIMIZE CROWD ANIMATIONS IN-GAME (in beta testing)- Available options: only CROWD


Date : 2011-11-12, Size : 16.6M, Download : 739, Rate : 9.5, Vote : 2

  FIFA 12 LOD 2pi v.0 Editing Generation 
This is LOD (level Of Detail) for the FIFA 12 PC. This will improve your FIFA 12 more better and realistic. Its really Highly recomended for the High PC specification. Dont telling us about the lag and low specification, because this pacth is not recomended for that. How To Use :

1. Copy and extract the Data folder to: FIFA12/Game/
2. Run FIFA12 Regenerator

Date : 2011-11-07, Size : 8.0M, Download : 554, Rate : 10, Vote : 2


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