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  South American Leagues Patch 
Fifa-Argentina presents "X Project 1 Fifa - Argentina", the patch that will embodies the whole South America. It was months and months of work and effort from the staff, and finally was able to finish this wonderful patch. See the detailed features below.

(*) New Leagues
- Argentina: Primera Division, Primera B Nacional, Tercera Division "A", Tercera Division "B"
- Bolivia: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Brasil: Campeonato Brasileiro + Copa do Brasil
- Chile: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Colombia: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Ecuador: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Paraguay: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Peru: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Uruguay: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off
- Venezuela: Torneo Apertura y Clausura + Play off

(*) New Stadiums
- La Bombonera, Jose' Amalfitani, La Paternal, Florencio Sola
- El Bosque, El Gigante de Arroyito, Monumental de Alta Co'rdoba, El Cementerio de los Elefantes

Date : 2012-07-07, Size : 629M, Download : 415, Rate : 3.25, Vote : 4

  FIFA 12 TPS Patch 12 v.1.1 
This new & big patch features :
- Updated League until last winter session
- Scoreboard Selector
- Updated the names of fake championships, players and teams
- Updated calendar of Serie A with 2 games on Saturday and Sunday the remaining
- Updated schedules for Serie A and European Cups
- Added the European Cup since the first year in Career Mode
- Added many new stadiums
- Kits Series A and Series B win fired
- Kits updated for many teams
- Kits European Cups and National added
- Referee Kits for real top European Leagues
- Many new faces, new Stadiums
- New logos championships HD, New team logos HD
- New Grass 3D, New Balls pack, New Boots pack
- New Adboards, Banners, Flags, Sponsor
- Sweat on their faces, Real trophies
- Automatic installation of the patch
- And much more ...

Date : 2012-07-07, Size : 734M, Download : 1314, Rate : 6.42, Vote : 7

  Bulgarian Football League 12 v.2.1 
This is a nice patch for Bulgarian Football League. :
- Updated teams for Bulgarian Football League 12
- New logo for all teams in Bulgarian Football League
- New logo for all teams in Bulgarian Football League
- And other features and others.

Date : 2012-06-23, Size : 63.1M, Download : 111, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  FIFA Italy Pro Patch 12 
FIPP12 adds 8 Italian championships in FIFA 12 for a total of 10 playable leagues in either tournament career. Just to make the idea of the patch adds more than 119 teams and 2,800 players. See the details below.

(*) Italian Championships
- Series A, Series B, Pro League First Division A, Pro League First Division B
- Pro League Second Division A, Pro League Second Division B, Series D gir.A (North)
- Series D gir.B (South, Excellence gir.A (North), Excellence gir.B (South)
(*) New Teams
- All 77 teams of Pro League
- Series D: Forli, Venice Union, Atletico Arezzo, Pistoia, Derthona, Sacilese, Voghera, San Sona Jesolo, Pordenone, Mezzocorona, Viterbo, Seregno, Asti, Ravenna, Fiorenzuola, Teramo, Ancona, Sambenedettese, Salerno, Casertana, Brindisi, new Cosenza, Turris, ACR Messina, Battipagliese, Jesi, Virtus Casarano, Vis Pesaro, Sora, Acireale
- Excellence: Lucca, Fermana, Massese, Trento, Crusaders Noceto, Cervia, Torres, City of Messina, Olbia, Savoy, City of Cava, Castel di Sangro
(*) Features
- Play the career excellence to Serie A
- 10 Italian championships 2011-12 season
- Transfer Series A, Series B, Lega Pro and Serie D Excellence updated in January 2012
- Loans Series A, Series B and Lega Pro Prima Division updated in January 2012
- All Pro League teams
- The best teams in Serie A and Excellence
- Links updated to Excellence
- Referee of the Series A, Series B, Lega Pro and Amateurs
- Balls Pro League and NLD
- Minifaces of almost all the players of Pro League, Serie A and Excellence
- Banners and Adboards Pro League, Serie A and Excellence
- Cori customized for each team
(*) Notes : Due to some limitations not bypassed the Italian championships are divided into 2 nations 'Italy' and 'Italy 2'. Also not 'can play in one of the following Career Championships: Australia, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Korea, Denmark and Norway.

Date : 2012-06-11, Size : 341M, Download : 379, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Polish League Patch 12 (PLP 12) Beta Version 
Here are the details for Polish League Patch 2011 :
- The latest roster update for the 1st League/LIGA II/LIGA III
- Setting for realistic budgets and skills as 2010/11 season
- New kits, fonts, minikits
- New flags, banners, bandages, logos in the menus and during the match
- The Polish League official ball
- New faces of some top players in the league
- New comments for some players
- Set up by the stadiums. appearance and name
- New Gloves, stadium elements
- NEW CUPS : Polish Super Cup, Polish Cup
- Corrected the name of cups and tournaments (Champions League, European League, etc.)
- The new tights for Polish referees
- New shoes, New captain armband, New balls
- New Canal + Sport scoreboard
- The Original polish league sponsors added
- Added dusk on most stadiums stadiums
- Fixed the names of all leagues, cups and stadiums throughout the game
- Training stadiums unlocked from EA
- Patch will be 100% compatible with the game online through a special changer!
- Easy Choice of popup and scoreboard in the PLP Center

Date : 2012-05-26, Size : 300M, Download : 142, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Brazil Deluxe Patch v1.0 
Here is a nice brazilian patch, The patch was developed by FIFA Numbers Blog. Some features of the patch are below :

- Brazil Serie A Update (Updated from 18/04/2012)
- European Teams Update (Winter roster update of the EA)
- New logos for International, Brazil Serie A, Brazil Serie B, and etc
- New Kits, Boots, Gloves, Scoreboard, The official Ball of the Brazilian League 2012, and other things what you will see in the play.
- New 3D and 2D Flags for most clubs
- And many other things

Date : 2012-05-05, Size : 638M, Download : 196, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  EURO 2004 Patch 
As reported by the author, namely aqua, this great patch helps us to play the final tournament of UEFA EURO 2004. The patch will embody the 16 finalists of UEFA EURO 2004 with 6 additional teams are in the league EURO Extras. For each of the teams were prepared kits, flags, logos, information about the compositions. The addition also includes EURO 2004 Changer application that allows you to play online.

Date : 2012-04-30, Size : 25.9M, Download : 319, Rate : 7, Vote : 3

  Complete Romanian League Patch(CRLP) 12 v2.0 
FIFA-Infinity proudly presents one of the best addons ever created for FIFA. CRLP (Complete Romanian League Patch) 12 v2 is a stunning addon which introduces the full Romanian League in your favorite game. The second volume of CRLP 12 will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 11, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is unique. Create a Virtual Pro or choose a real existing player from your favorite team and experience Career Mode in a whole new dimension, then embark on a 15 years manager Career and prove your skills. After many months of hard work the 2nd version of the Complete Romanian League Patch is here!We proudly present you the content of CRLP 12 V.2.0 :

- All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams and all 32 Second League teams
- Up to date rosters (15 April 2012)
- Home, Away and some 3rd kits, High-Quality Logos
- Approximately 90 player faces (Face List)
- Real Club Budgets, Accurate player skills
- Real player heights, weights and birthdays
- Custom Team Tactics & Attributes
- Romanian Leagues and Cup are featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode
- Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” romanian referees, stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, official balls, chants and more
- A whole bunch of free agent players
- Revamped Romanian National Team
- Many other key additions and touches added into the game that will take the patch quality to the next level
- Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer

Date : 2012-04-30, Size : 207M, Download : 279, Rate : 1, Vote : 1

  GSP FIFA 12 - Greece Super League Winter Update v.2.0.2 
Patch adds Greek Superleague into FIFA 12 (by replacing the Belgian League). Patch includes GSL winter updates, added more teams into Rest of World and International teams. Patch details :
- Adds the following teams to Rest of World: APOEL, Apollon, Anorthosis, AEL, Omonia, Besiktas JK, Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbahce SK, Galatasaray SK, Montreal Impact, Shakhtar Donetsk
- Added International Teams: Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, FYROM, Cyprus, Israel, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Wales, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria and Paraguay
- Adds faces and tattoos for Greek Superleague players, Kazim, Makos, Mantzios, Mitroglou and Torosidis
- Real competitions, leagues and teams names and logos
- GK kits for almost all English teams
- Original kits for Serie b and Polish Ekstraklasa
- Greece Superleague, includes all 16 teams with realistic kits (more than 3 per team).
- Greek Superleague career & manager mode playable.
- Greek adboards for all GSL teams
- Play off and weather conditions
- All Greek teams have completed player minifaces sets.
- Realistic flags and banners
- Real and up to date Greek managers in career mode.
- Enabled realistic loaning player system!
- Proper names for greek stadiums.
- Greek referees and official Greece Superleague ball
- NOVA Sports / OPAP scoreboard (optional)
- New Puma kit fonts for GSL teams
- New gloves and boots

Date : 2012-04-21, Size : 132M, Download : 280, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Revolution BR Patch Beta 1.0 
Universo Kits has released a new patch - Universe Mod v1.0! What's new in the patch?
- Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A 2012 Updated (Also Brazilian Serie B with four teams)
- 30 South American Teams
- New Boots, New Players, New Kits, New Scoreboard, New adboards
(*) During the game, always select the language PORTUGUESE.

Date : 2012-04-21, Size : 463M, Download : 141, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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