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  i68 Logo Manager v1.0 Beta 2 
i68Fifa12LogoManager (1.0) by iard68(Luca) is a supportive application, dedicated to the last chapter of the EASports Fifa NG games series, which allows modification of the menu logos, in a simple and intuitive way. You can import/export images of the most common graphics formats that the software may modify, resize, convert and install in the game, saving the new logos directly in the appropriated folders and removing automatically all the references from the indexes files .BH.

Date : 2011-09-14, Size : 14.8M, Download : 151, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Creation Master 11 v11.1 
The official version of Creation Master has been updated! It is numbered as CM Release 11.1. The author (Rinaldo) has developed the tools nicely. He will now try to reply to all the pending questions. Enjoy CM 11 and let's hope that all the effort we did for creating this tool for FIFA 11 can be reused for FIFA 12. With Creation Master 11 (CM11) you can edit many of the characteristics of FIFA 11.

Date : 2011-09-03, Size : 4.0M, Download : 3637, Rate : 7.21, Vote : 9

  DB Master 11 Release 11.1 
The official Version of DB Master 11 is now available. DB Master 11.1 version was necessary to fix a bug introduced in Beta 5 that caused several problems. This will allow to create new teams and leagues without the need to replace existing ones. In FIFA 11 the database are archived in .big files. Before you can edit the databases (main or local languages) you need to extract them. Use the Menu “File\Extract from .BIG”. This operation will extract and remove the databases form the .big. After this operation FIFA 11 will start to use the database extracted and any change takes effect in the game.

Date : 2011-09-03, Size : 514k, Download : 776, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  Overlay Changer Beta 
This is OverlaysChanger by GlauberBatista alias 2208binho! You must extract the files on FIFA 11 folder like: "C:\Program Files(x86)\EA Sports\FIFA 11". if you don't extract there, the tool will copy files to another folder so, pay attention! This tool DON'T regenerate BH files(this function will be added on next version). If you don't have the files of overlays extracted from data1.big, after you use this tool you must run regenerator!

- The general credits go to: CJD17, RegularCat and ANBSeth by template and help to scoreboard makers.
- The Credits of scoreboards: DaniloPinheiro and ANBSeth.
- The Credits of Popup: Fejsbrucks

Date : 2011-06-29, Size : 3.9M, Download : 289, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FHL-BH-Editor (FIFA 11) 
With the FHL-BH-Editor you can see, which files of the fifa-big-files are activated in the bh-files (fifa won't look after them in the folders) and wich files are deactivated (fifa will look after them in the folders). You can activate and deactivate them with checkboxes by easy. Anyway there are two buttons: Regenerate all bh-files with and without looking after the extern files in the directories. Further there are two buttons to do the same thing but only for a selected bh-file, not for all (works much faster and can be usefull if you edited files of only one big file). The fifa-main-path will be read out automaticly like in all tools made by MyFHL-Editing, so you haven't to change it.

Date : 2011-06-04, Size : 346k, Download : 379, Rate : 6.66, Vote : 3

  Creation Master 11 Official Version 
The official version of Creation Master has been finally released! It is numbered as CM Release 11.0. The author (Rinaldo) was very busy in the last weeks and he had very few time to dedicate to FIFA-Master site and to the development of the tools. He will now try to reply to all the pending questions. Enjoy CM 11 and let's hope that all the effort we did for creating this tool for FIFA 11 can be reused for FIFA 12.

Date : 2011-05-30, Size : 3.9M, Download : 3248, Rate : 7.39, Vote : 12

  Creation Master 11 Beta 6.3 
Version Beta 6.3 of CM 11 is available for download. The most important improvements are in the creation of CMP patches. Now you should be able to create and load CMP patches quickly. I also added the possibility to follow the CMS (Creation Master Standard) so you can create patches that are world wide compatible with other patches. CMS is a little bit simplified this year, for example I did not assign a specific id for each team but I have reserved a certain number of ids for the teams of a Country, that the patch maker can freely use. On the other side Beta 6.3 includes the fixing of the latest bugs identified in the various forms.

Date : 2011-04-19, Size : 4.0M, Download : 1155, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  FHL-Scoreboard Tool 
The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool is for editing fifa scoreboards by easy. Probably it is the tool with the most intuitive and user-friendly operability, which MyFHL-Editing ever released. The tool includes many options, which effect you can see in a preview screen. For the exact positioning of the scoreboard elements you can switch between the fifa screen and the tool. You do not need to restart fifa or a game, switching the screens will be enough.

The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool can only load compatible big-files. If you do not have a compatible file, just click on the button "New Big". This big file you can edit and open again and again. You can find an other option called "Add to all X-/Y-Values" in the tool, which allows you to move all elements at once (right, down: positiv value; left, up: negativ values).

- Creating of complete new scoreboards
- Positioning of all textures and text-elements (with mouse-moving or exact values)
- Selection of colors of the text-elements
- Selection of size of the text-elements
- Selection of size of the screen preview and the preview elements
- Automatic selection of the screen resolution of fifa (+ manual changing)
- Import & Export of dds-files
- Import of all png-filetypes with the correct size
- Export of the textures as png-files
- Moving the complete scoreboard with one click
- Hide/Show of single elements to keep track of the previewscreen
- Elements, which positions were changed, will be in the forground automatically
- Auto update function (the tool searchs for updates by itself and installs automatically new versions

Date : 2011-04-09, Size : 1.2M, Download : 384, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Creation Master 11 Beta 6.2 
The Beta 6.2 version of CM 11 is available for download now. This version looks very stable and solves the problems of crash in manager mode observed with the previous versions. As usual you can find the list of bugs fixed in the help file. I recommend that you restart the test of this version using an original db so you can remove any residual problem in the database generated by the previous versions.

Date : 2011-04-09, Size : 3.9M, Download : 580, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Creation Master 11 Beta 6.1 
The Beta 6.1 version of CM 11 is available for download now. This is just a "bug fixing" release, you can find the list of bugs fixedin the help file. Rianldo is waiting for your feedbacks in the forum. The fixed bugs are here.
- Opponent team always appear to be "Arsenal"
- Shoes 3D model import/export/remove do not work
- Crash while importing CMP patch if the local Culture requires a comma as decimal separator
- Kit items positions not saved properly
- Importing kit in CMP patches use an incorrect kit identifier

Date : 2011-04-05, Size : 3.9M, Download : 419, Rate : 4.5, Vote : 2


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