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  FIFA 11 August Transfer Updates v3.0 Beta 
These are the latest transfers updates ...i have done only transfer updates and not STATS...skills n stats remains the same..all major transfers included ..i used famous sites such as espnstar.com and wikipedia for trasfering players.. check read ''how to install file '' before installing this update.
- Kit numbers added for transfered players
- Epl changes completed
- Requested seriaA transfers completed
- Requested retired players removed
- Requested portugal league corrections made
- Still lig 1 corrections remainig(not done yet)

Date : 2011-09-17, Size : 4.6M, Download : 3783, Rate : 5.68, Vote : 14

  Super FIFA 11 Summer Patch v2.0 
The patch contains :
- New faces : Alexandre Song (Arsenal +updated hair), Szczesny (Arsenal), Carroll (Liverpool), Henderson (Liverpool), Walker (Tottenham), Rodwell (Everton), Bellamy (City), Baines (Everton), Mirko Vucinic (Juventus), Nicolas Burdisso (As Roma), Francesco Totti (As Roma), Javier Pastore (P.S.G), and Thiago Alcantara (Barcelona)
- Kits : Blackburn Rovers (Home/away), Queens Park Rangers (Home/away/third), Bolton Wanderers (Home/away), Stoke City (Home/away), Fulham (Home/away/third), Updated Arsenal kits, New Manchaster City kit, Bayern Mu"nich home, Olimpique Lyon home, Vfl Wolfsburg home, Sunderland home, Newcastle United home, Benfica Lisboa home, Aston Villa home, Fc Nurnberg, Everton home-away, Schalke away-third
- Exclusiv 15 Arsenal player miniface

Date : 2011-09-14, Size : 199M, Download : 2258, Rate : 7.32, Vote : 9

  World Tour 2011 v.2 
World Tour 2011 Version 2 is finally out you can download this patch, this patch is going to be FIFA Asia's last patch for FIFA 11 FIFA-ASIA would like to thank you all fan for supporting us this year with help of your fans we will come back for FIFA 12, so enjoy the patch and see you for next FIFA. It updates (from version 1) :
- Update teams squads
- Update Home, Away and GK kits for current and new teams
- All teams will HAVE Home, Away and GK kits some even have old or 3rd kits too
- 3 new Tournaments which includes: Copa America 2011, Gold Cup 2011 & ***Surprise***
- 11 New National teams : Philippines, Tajikistan, Lebnon, Congo, Nigeria, Grenada, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Malta

(*) All features are below.
- 98 New National Teams
- Official AFC & Copa America 2011 Ball
- Home, Away and GK kit for all teams
- New mini kits, logos, flags, banner etc for all teams
- New 2011-2013 and 3rd kit for most of the teams

Date : 2011-09-07, Size : 172M, Download : 2455, Rate : 6.7, Vote : 7

  Complete Romanian League Patch(CRLP) 11 v2.0 
The V.2.0 of CRLP is finally here and it’s ready to be downloaded! The team made a huge effort to create this amazing patch! The second volume of CRLP will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 11, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your manager skills in the second beat of the award-winning CRLP 11. Create a Virtual Pro or choose a real existing player from your favorite team and experience Be a Pro mode in a whole new dimension. Making a closer look to our key features, we are very pleased to confirm the following content in CRLP v2 :

(*) All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams, all 32 Second League teams and all 12 Divizia Nationala League teams are fully licensed, containing:
- Up to date rosters (August 20th -- Liga 1 ; March 1st -- Divizia Nationala)
- Home, Away and 3rd kits (11/12 for Liga 1 teams)
- High-Quality Logos, Top notch mini’s
- Approximately 200 detailed player faces ( Face List )
- Real Club Budgets, Accurate player skills
- Real player heights, weights and birthdays
- Custom Team Tactics & Attributes
(*) 40 teams from the 3rd Romanian League plus other 12 teams from the 4th Romanian League are also licensed with:

- Up to date rosters
- Home & Away hi-res kits. High-Quality logos
- Top notch mini’s, Real club budgets
- Romanian and Moldavian Leagues and Cups featured in both Manager Mode and Tournament Mode
- Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” romanian referees, stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, sponsors, official balls, newspapers and more
- Correct leagues format (11/12), updated rosters, kits and faces for the most powerful championships/teams in Europe
- A whole bunch of free agent players
- FIFA Club World Cup featured in your Manager Mode Career
- Be a Pro compatible
- Revamped Romanian National Team
- Many other key additions and touches added into the game that will take the patch quality to the next level
- Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer
- English Language Compatible

Date : 2011-09-03, Size : 323M, Download : 500, Rate : 8.99, Vote : 4

  FIFA Edition Brazil Patch v2.0 
FIFA Edition Brazil Patch v2.0 has been released! It embodies a real Brazilan League! The features :
- Brasil Seria A & Serie B complete
- Applied the official EA updates 1.01 and Winter Update (Winter Update)
- Fixed Logos and kits of the teams in FIFA 11
- New kits for the most current Brazilian teams
- New kits of goalies for Brasil Seria A & Serie B teams
- 3rd kits for clubs participating in the 2010 Series A
- New kits for several international teams
- Numbers and sources for many teams
- Actual age, weight, height, ethnicity for Brazil League
- New face updates for some Brazilian players
- 3D flags for many national teams
- New real sponsors (manager mode)
- Official Nike ball for the Brazilian league and Brazil Cup
- New trophies and logos for all leagues and cups
- New Adboards, Scoreboard, Menu screens

Date : 2011-08-29, Size : 401M, Download : 438, Rate : 7.99, Vote : 5

  Indian Football Megapatch 2011 
Indian Football Megapatch 2011 contents :
- I League 2010-11
- All 14 Teams with Home, Away and GK kits
- Corrected Rosters
- Indian National Team (New Rosters)
- I League Tournament (Currently playable in Manager Mode)
- High Quality Boots (Thanks to a L E x _ 1 0)
- Updated Winter Rosters(Thanks to Rinaldo)
- Available in two versions

Date : 2011-08-20, Size : 30.5M, Download : 457, Rate : 8, Vote : 5

  Premiera Polish League Patch 2011 
Here are the details for Polish League Patch 2011 :
- The latest roster update for the 1st League/LIGA II/LIGA III
- Setting for realistic budgets and skills as 2010/11 season
- New kits, fonts, minikits
- New flags, banners, bandages, logos in the menus and during the match
- The Polish League official ball
- New faces of some top players in the league
- New comments for some players
- Set up by the stadiums. appearance and name
- New Gloves, stadium elements
- NEW CUPS : Polish Super Cup, Polish Cup
- Corrected the name of cups and tournaments (Champions League, European League, etc.)
- The new tights for Polish referees
- New shoes, New captain armband, New balls
- New Canal + Sport scoreboard
- The Original polish league sponsors added
- Added dusk on most stadiums stadiums
- Fixed the names of all leagues, cups and stadiums throughout the game
- Training stadiums unlocked from EA
- Patch will be 100% compatible with the game online through a special changer!
- Easy Choice of popup and scoreboard in the PLP Center

Date : 2011-08-16, Size : 662M, Download : 375, Rate : 1, Vote : 1

  Ukrainian Premier League Patch 
The Ukrainian Premier League patch by ukrliga.com site has been released. UPL patch contains :
- Ukrainian Premier League & Ukraine National Team Updates
- Transfers on March 2011
- Home, Guest and GK kits for all UPL teams
- Real players' faces & More than 200 minifaces
- Real judges, Ukrainian sponsors in career
- Flags and banners, Adboards
- Scoreboard "2+2"
- Real numbers on shirts and shorts
- And so on...

Date : 2011-08-16, Size : 49.7M, Download : 431, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA Brasil Total 2011 Patch 
FIFABRASIL Team, proudly presents FIFABRASIL TOTAL 2011 patch. This patch was initially conceived as a personal MOD for FIFA 11, updating Brazil 1st division and addding Brazilian 2nd division B, Carioca and Capixaba Championship. Anyway, during it´s development, new features were added and the patch become greater and greater. Now, after a priceless work from the patchmaker AMISTOCLES, althrough longer nights editing database to fully updated brazilian teams and added patches genlty authorized by other great patchmakers around the world (see credits) we get a brand new very complete brazilian patch. It features :

(*) Leagues edited/added on the patch :
- Argentina Primera Division & Primera B Nacional (40 teams)
- Bolivia: LFPB Fundadores + 4 temas from LFPB Nacional, including Wilstermann (16 teams)
- Brasil: Series A, B, C, D (20 teams each), E (10 teams), Liga FERJ (10 teams), and Liga FES (10 teams). Total: 110 teams
- Chile Primera Division (18 teams), Colombia Liga Postobon (18 teams)
- Equador Copa Credife (12 teams), Paraguay Division Nacional (12 teams)
- Peru Torneo Descentralizado Copa Movistar (16 teams), Uruguay Division Nacional Primera A (16 teams)
- Venezuela Copa Movilnet (18 teams), Japan J League One (18 teams)
(*) Tournaments on manager mode: All leagues listed above
- Brazilian Cup (64 teams from all brazilian series, including regionals)
- Nissan Sudamericana Cup: structure near to real
- Santander Libertadores: structure near to real
- Recopa Sudamericana
- J-League Yamazaki Nabisco
- Suruga Cup: final between Nissan Sudamericana winner and Copa Yamazaki Nabisco winner
- CONCACAF Cup, AFC Cup, FIFA Club world Cup
- Carioca Championship, 21 teams from Rio de Janeiro
- Paulista Championship, 16 teams from Sao Paulo
- Capixaba Championship, 12 teams from Espirito Santo
- Mineiro Championship, 6 teams from Minas Gerais
- Nordeste Cup, 20 teams from Northeast Region
- Norte Cup, 12 team from North Region
- Centro-Oeste Cup, 8 teams from Center-west Region
- Sul Cup, 15 teams South Region
(*) Licensed Tournaments : All leagues listed above
- Brazilian Cup (64 teams from four major brazilian leagues)
- America Cup, two groups of 6 on 1st round
- World Cup, 32 random national teams
- Libertadores da America added in a save game
- FIFA BRASIL TOTAL Cup 2011, eight groups of 8 teams on 1st round. Two classified teams from each group goes on to knock-outs until the finals

Date : 2011-08-11, Size : 258M, Download : 873, Rate : 10, Vote : 4

  FIFA 11 Expansion Patch v1.6 
FIFA Dome has released a brilliant FIFA 11 Expansion Patch v1.6. This patch features :

- New Kits for 21 teams
- New Banners : Ekstraklasa
- New Balls : Nike Seitiro, Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis, Nike Seitiro EPL, Nike Seitiro Lega Calcio, Nike Seitiro Liga BBVA, Nike T90 Laser Copa America OMB
- New Minifaces : Barclays Premier League, FC Porto, Sporting CP
- New Faces for 45 players
- New Leagues : Liga I Bergenbier Romania by FIFA-Infinity.com

Date : 2011-08-11, Size : 279M, Download : 1840, Rate : 4.99, Vote : 7


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