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  Europa League 2012 Ball 
Darxxx is back again with a new ball!This time he prepared the new Europa League Ball that will be used this season in the EL competition! The pack contains the official Europa League Ball for the 11/12 season! The UEFA Europa League Official Match Ball 2011/2012 is an evolution of the 2010/2011 ball, continuing the colour story but also featuring a new grip technology as seen on the UEFA Champions League Finale 11 ball. The design is inspired by the UEFA Europa League trophy incorporating the competition colours, whilst the improved Grip Texture means even more grip in any weather condition.

Date : 2011-09-03, Size : 2.1M, Download : 390, Rate : 8, Vote : 1

  Nike Seitiro Ball Pack 
The most awaited ball pack for the new season is finally here! Darxxx made the new Nike Seitiro ball pack for the 11/12 season with an outstanding quality! The ball pack contains 8 versions of this ball :
- Generic Nike Seitiro + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
- Nike Seitiro Serie A + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
- Nike Seitiro EPL + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)
- Nike Seitiro La Liga + Hi-Vis (Winter Version)

Date : 2011-08-04, Size : 6.0M, Download : 1044, Rate : 10, Vote : 3

  Adidas Speedcell Ball Pack 
It includes another Adidas Speedcell Ball patch - the official match ball of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 in Germany for FIFA 11. The ball was presented for the first time during the Official Final Draw ceremony in Frankfurt. ‘SPEEDCELL’ stands for speed, power and team spirit. The central design elements of the ball, alongside the fresh colours, are the eleven lines which symbolically represent the eleven players and depict the unity of every football team. The design is inspired by the rotating, fast and dynamic movements in football.

Date : 2011-07-06, Size : 2.4M, Download : 363, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Adidas Torfabrik 2 Ball 
FIFA Infinity's ball maker darxxx prepared today the official ball of Bundesliga for the 11/12 season! The ball pack contains 2 versions :
- Adidas Torfabrik 2
- Adidas Torfabrik 2 Powerorange

Date : 2011-07-02, Size : 3.1M, Download : 184, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Nike T90 Tracer Doma Ball 
FIFA Infinity have a small ball pack for you today, made by their ball maker darxxx of course! This patch contains the Nike T90 Tracer DOMA and Doma Special black Edition for your FIFA11 Game. The ball pack contains 2 versions :
- Nike T90 Tracer DOMA
- Nike T90 Tracer DOMA Black Edition.

Date : 2011-06-29, Size : 3.2M, Download : 268, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Adidas Roteiro Ball Pack 
FIFA-Infinity team member darxxx prepared a new ball pack for you! He created the official Euro’s 2004 Ball Pack,the Adidas Roteiro pack! The ball pack contains 7 versions : Black/Red, Blue/White, Grey/Blue, Grey/Red, Grey/White, Orange/Black, and Original (Euro 2004 Portugal). For Manual Installation always use the CM11 AND import the files by clicking the Ball Icon from the menu and replacing which ball you want!
- EA SPORTS Black / Silver ---> Adidas Roteiro Black/Red ID 44
- EA SPORTS Black / White #1 ---> Adidas Roteiro Blue/White ID 45
- EA SPORTS Black / White #2 ---> Adidas Roteiro Grey/Blue ID 46
- EA SPORTS Black / White #3 ---> Adidas Roteiro Grey/Red ID 53
- EA SPORTS Black / Yellow ---> Adidas Roteiro Grey/White ID 47
- EA SPORTS Blue ---> Adidas Roteiro Orange/Black ID 51
- EA SPORTS Blue / White ---> Adidas Roteiro Grey Black (Euro 2004) ID 48

Date : 2011-06-14, Size : 3.1M, Download : 338, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  K-League Official Ball 
This is an official match ball for K-League. The official match ball for K-League is a Nike T90 Ascente ball. The Nike T90 Ascente ball was designed for the three big football leagues (England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and Italy’s Serie A) and it will undoubtedly lead to less games that end regulation tied 0-0. Essentially, Nike has expanded the sweet spot to cover the entire ball using a three-layer construction that will equate to longer kicks, greater accuracy and better speed. Check out the screenshot, and download it now!

Date : 2011-05-30, Size : 1.8M, Download : 201, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Nike Red Ball Pack 
Another ball pack made by darxxx is ready to be downloaded! He prepared the Nike Red Ball Pack for you! The ball pack contains 4 versions: Nike Red (Generic), Nike Red (EPL), Nike Red (La Liga), and Nike Red (Lega Calcio). (The Generic Nike Red ball replaces the ball with the ID 50, The EPL Nike Red ball replaces the ball with the ID 55, The Lega Calcio Nike Red ball replaces the ball with the ID 52, The La Liga Nike Red ball replaces the ball with the ID 1)

Date : 2011-05-25, Size : 4.0M, Download : 169, Rate : 9, Vote : 1

  Adidas Finale 9 Ball 
New ball is up for download today! The ball maker darxxx prepared this amazing Adidas Finale 9 ball! The pack contains Adidas Finale 9 Ball. Score the official match ball of the UEFA Champions League 2009-2010! The cover is a seamless, thermally-bonded PU for a ball that flies exceptionally true. The bladder is latex with Power-balance technology.

Date : 2011-05-21, Size : 1.5M, Download : 348, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA Sponsor Adboards 
This adboards provides some realistic adboards with the official FIFA Sponsors! Included sponsors are VISA Card, KIA Motors, Sony Ericsson, Castrol, HYUNDAI, Coca Cola, Adidas, SEARA, Continental, and etc...All adboards have a great quality, so you will not be disappointed! Check out the screenshot, and download it now to upgrade the official FIFA Sponsors. The automatic installation is supported!

Date : 2011-05-07, Size : 1.2M, Download : 1211, Rate : 9.84, Vote : 7


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