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▶ FIFA 08 Demo

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  UEFA EURO 2008 Demo Adboards 
This download contains new high quality adboards for the UEFA EURO 2008 demo. The adboards will be installed automatically per .exe.

Date : 2008-04-02, Size : 1.0M, Download : 357, Rate : 0, Vote : 1

  UEFA EURO 2008 Demo Fonts 
This download contains original fonts for all kits of Germany and France. The fonts will be installed automatically per .exe.

Date : 2008-04-02, Size : 589k, Download : 227, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  UEFA EURO 2008 Demo Referee Kit 
This download contains a new high quality referee kit for the UEFA EURO 2008 Demo. The kit will be installed automatically per .exe.

Date : 2008-04-02, Size : 653k, Download : 172, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  EURO 08 Demo Expander v1.0 
Lupus has created the first demo expander for the new EURO 2008 demo. This Demo Expander v1.0 make it possible to change some settings of the EURO 2008 Demo :
- Change the resolution
- Change the difficuty
- Change the details
- Endless game on/off
- Window mode on/off
- One on one on/off
- Referee and linesmen visible / invisible
- Quickstart possibility
- Anable substitutions
- Kit selection (home/away)
- Select the game speed (slower + normal

Date : 2008-03-31, Size : 445k, Download : 1134, Rate : 8.7, Vote : 7

  EURO 08 Demo Graphic Patch 
The latest demo version of the brand new EURO 2008 game was a big dissapointment with regard to the graphics. But this new EURO 2008 Demo Graphic Patch, that changes lots of textures in the game and brings a more brilliant optic. It contains :
- All new 2G kits
- New 2G adboards and 2G fan flags
- New turf and Realistic linesman flags
- Updated graphic settings (better quality of kits)
- New referee kits, boots, sky

Date : 2008-03-31, Size : 6.5M, Download : 807, Rate : 8.99, Vote : 4

  UEFA EURO 2008 Demo 
The demo version of the brand new UEFA EURO 2008 Game of EA Sports has now been released. It contains two teams(Germany and France). UEFA EURO 2008 captures the look and feel of the journey from qualification to the finals with rain and mud dynamics that impact playing conditions, real-time player ratings that change based on player performance, and a penalty kick mode that re-creates the elation and agony of a penalty shoot-out as if you were on the pitch. Experience the thrill of scoring the goal that sends your country through to the next round and then choose how to celebrate it with all-new interactiveuser-controlled celebrations.

Here are some key features of "UEFA Euro 2008 Demo":
- Win UEFA EURO 2008
- Compete as one of 52 teams from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of UEFA EURO 2008™ in Austria and Switzerland.
- Story of Qualifying
- Play the qualifying campaign and step up at key defining moments to lead your country to Europe’s biggest prize. Complete team and individual tasks.
- EA SPORTS Football Engine
- An evolution of the market leading EA SPORTS football engine with enhanced goalkeeper AI, collisions, and trapping that make this the best-playing EA SPORTS football game.
- Authentic Stadiums
- Compete in all 8 official stadiums of UEFA EURO 2008.

Date : 2008-03-28, Size : 620M, Download : 5540, Rate : 5.53, Vote : 9

  FIFA Manager 08 Demo 
The FIFA-MANAGER Demo arrived and you can download it now! This version includes the following languages English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Electronic Arts has released a playable demo of FIFA Manager 08, allowing you to try out the sequel to FIFA Manager 07 scheduled to be available on November 2nd.

FIFA Manager 08 features more leagues, players, competitions (FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA U-20 World Cup, plus various international club competitions), as well as a large database containing more than 75,000 historical results from various leagues. For the first time in the history of the FIFA Manager series, players must really be scouted, otherwise the stats of players from other clubs are hidden or shown as rough estimates.

Date : 2007-10-09, Size : 606M, Download : 1577, Rate : 7.99, Vote : 5

  Football Manager 2008 Demo 
Football Manager 2008 will be fully updated for the new season and allow players to select their favorite club or international team (5,000 teams from over 50 countries) and guide them to glorious success by putting them through Cup matches, Leagues, Euro Championships and even major international tournaments.

SIGames has released a demo, in their usual lite/full versions. Football Manager returns before Christmas packed full of new features for fans of the much-acclaimed series from Sports Interactive to feast their eyes on. Football Manager 2008 is out on PC / Mac this autumn, and offers football fans the chance to take on the greatest job on earth; manager of there favourite football club!

Date : 2007-10-09, Size : 523M, Download : 469, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  New Turf 08 for FIFA 08 Demo 
Check out this Turf Patch made by Frenkie for FIFA 08 Demo. The turf texture is really elaborate, so you can see more detailed grass in the game like Next Gen color. But we recommend if you have a high PC only. Because if you have a Low PC, you can not see enhanced turf noises. If you want to feel more fresh playing in the game, we recemmend use this turfs patch. And we strongly recommend you make a backup zdata_11.big, zdata_12.big, fifa.fat files before installing this patch.

Date : 2007-10-03, Size : 105M, Download : 748, Rate : 7, Vote : 3

  Demo Improve Patch v2.0 
The patch optimizes the graphical quality, adapting the game more powerfully!

- Resolution setting to 1280x1024 and more high quality
- Legend Difficulty enabled
- Improved Lighting system
- Improved physics of the football (and other modifications to the AI)
- It improves the player movements
- It improves the player models

Date : 2007-09-29, Size : 9.6M, Download : 693, Rate : 4.33, Vote : 3


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