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  Big National Teams Addon 
This patch updates every national team in FIFA 08. Features :
- Home, away, keeper and third (if existed) kit for each team
- More than 200 real fonts & 200 new boots
- Minikits for each national team
- New adboards & Flags for each team
- Real ball, Banner & logos for each team
- World Cup Mode
- More than 20 new national teams
- Roster stand second WC-Qualification Day
- Updated player informations
- Real boots for each player

Date : 2008-11-13, Size : 57.4M, Download : 9606, Rate : 6.64, Vote : 51

  Russian Premier League Patch 
This patch contians the complete russian premjer league. Features:

- Home-, Away-, Third- (all teams, which have one), Keeperkit for each team
- Real Fonts for each team
- Minikits and Flags for each team
- New Adbordas and Balls for each team - Banner & Logos for each team
- 71 Faces and 400 Minifaces, 200 new shoes
- Trainer minifaces for Spartak Moskau, ZSKA Moskau, Zenit St. Petersburg, Rubin Kazan, Lokomotiv Moskau and Krylya Sovetov Samara
- The "Russian Premjer League" The "Kubok Rossii" Cup and updates for Uefacup and Champions League
- The russian Nationalteam and the russian U21 team
- Roster which is up-to-date (stand 04.09.08)
- Updated player informations
- Real boots for each player

Date : 2008-11-11, Size : 30.5M, Download : 5310, Rate : 5.78, Vote : 25

  K-League Super Patch 2008 

The K-League Super Patch 2008 is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team & club team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA08 and comprehensive graphics update according to K-League atmosphere.


Also this patch is operating under 2 languages of FIFA 08(korean & english). And provides real rosters and graphics for World Clubs & national teams. This amazing patch includes lots of features for you :

  • Roster Update
  • - Full support for Network(IPX) game

    - The accurate transfer updates for over 1,000 players

    - Tons of modification for player figures (over 3,000 players)

    - It creats hundreds of new players in the game

    - The accurate roster updates and real formation data for Korean K-League, English Premier League, Italian Seria A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga, French Le Championnat, Holland Eredivisie teams

    - Add 17 new national teams : Ghana, Netherlands, North Korea(Korea DPR),  Senegal, Angola, Iran, Egypt, Japan, Israel, Costarica, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Chile, Tunisia, Moroco

    - Total 50 national teams roster updates are included

    - And real roster update for many teams

  • Graphic Update
  • - Lots of new title menu screens according to K-League atmosphere

    - High quality home&away kits for lots of teams

    - New kits, banner, logo for all created national teams and club teams

    - Newly created boots (all EA boots will be replaced)

    - High quality face graphics for 29 Korea national team players

    - Real refree face graphics are included

    - New adboards for international A-match & K-League matches

    - New In-game popup graphics including scoreboard

    - High quality 2GK kits for all K-League teams

    - Add Nike Aerow ball, Adidas Teamgeist ball, Euro 2008 Match ball

    - New 3D logos for all club teams & national teams

    - Realistic photo crowds, Weaving 3D flags, linesman flags

    - New referee kits, realistic goalkeeper & winter gloves

    - Realisitc & High quality turfs in all stadiums

    - Better captain armband & Updated kit format

    - Realistic floodlights for night game

    - Accurate and new natioal flags, banners and logos

    - Many famous head coach face images for manager mode

    - It fixes face graphic error for Korea national team's players

    - New ingame mini faces for Korea national team players

    - New Nike, Adidas, Puma fonts for jerseys

    - Some graphic modification for lots of teams

    - Remove overacted filter effects which appears during cinematic animations

    - Updated graphic settings for better guality

  • Other Features
  • - More smooth play motion in the game

    - Add FIFA KOREA Sponsor in Career Mode

    - Add LG, Samsung, KIA, AIG, Unicef, BWIN, Sportfive, Fly Emirares Sponsors

    - Enhanced audio setting for realisitc crowd shout (08 Ambient Sound by M.D)

    - Fully supported english & korean. (The other languages will be soon)

    - Convenient installation & full restoration function  





This great patch embody the realistic soccer world including many leagues and national teams. Download it now !

Date : 2008-10-18, Size : 500M, Download : 39848, Rate : 6.08, Vote : 119

  Czecho-Slovak Super Patch 08 
Here is a very nice Czecho-Slovak Super Patch for FIFA 08. It includes the latest roster update for Czecho-Slovak League teams & National teams, the latest home/away/gk/mini kits for the teams, realistic face updates for the players, new menu logos and flags, new title menu screens, and many other features. If you are interested in Czecho-Slovak soccer, must download & install this patch now!

Date : 2008-09-23, Size : 65.4M, Download : 1026, Rate : 4.98, Vote : 7

  Premier League 08-09 Patch 2G 
This patch updates the hole Premier League. Included : Kits & Minikits, Fonts (by Fontmaker), 70 new Faces (exact list on bottom), Adboards (by MexicanTraveller), Flags (by MexicanTraveller), Premier League Match-Ball 2008/09 (by Fontmaker), 200 (!) new Shoes (by Keegan, RedDevils86 & Marian19910), Minifaces (by Geisock23, Gerry, Balle13, thx to Chooser, Mainz Forever, BTSVPrinzessin & kelvink), Menue-Logos & -Banner (by BTSVPrinzessin), 08/09 Roster, and Possibility to switch from FIFADome-Roster to EA-Roster to play online.

Date : 2008-09-09, Size : 32.5M, Download : 7473, Rate : 7.01, Vote : 44

  African Roster Update Patch 
This a very nice roster update for African teams! This patch includes :
1) Egyptian League(16 team,Roster,Kits(home,away & GK), MiniKits,Logos, Adboards,Banners & Faces)
2) Morocco League(16 team,Roster,Kits(home,away & GK), MiniKits,Logos, Banners)
3) More than 55 African teams(Roster,Kits(home,away & GK), MiniKits,Logos, Banners)
4) 51 African National teams(Roster,Kits(home,away & GK), MiniKits, Logos, Adboards, Banners & Faces)
5) New tournaments in tournaments mode(Africa Cup of Nations, Road to ghana 2008, Uefa Champions League & Uefa Euro 2008)
6) New tournaments in the manager mode(Egyptian League & Cup,Moroco League & Cup, Africa Champions league & Africa Confedration Cup,International Club chamions)
7) New fantazy teams in the world league(CAF XI,UEFA XI & CONCACAF XI) to play with them must be unloacked from the fanshop
8) Legendary Dificulty can be unloacked from the fan shop

Date : 2008-08-21, Size : 185M, Download : 2831, Rate : 7.07, Vote : 17

  Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Football Patch 
FIFA China has released a great Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Football Patch for FIFA 08. The patch features :
- 2008 Beijing Olympic Games football tournament (real division).
- 16-Olympic team full list of real numbers. More than 100 new players.
- all 16 team jersey and 1 G real part of the real character.
- Featured at home and abroad nearly 80 players participating high-definition 2 G facial work.
- The new ball, Olympic official sponsors and partners, such as billboards

Date : 2008-08-09, Size : 11.4M, Download : 2893, Rate : 2.63, Vote : 15

  FIFA Classic Teams Patch 
Here is a very special projekt for you! This patch contains 34 (!) Classic Nationalteams from 1954 till 2004. FIFA4Fans made the most important Classic Teams like European Champions and Worldcup Champions. This beautiful patch was made by jokergermanybvb09 with the help of MexicanTraveller, Fontmaker, fcafreak, Marian, Keckie & Andres Iniesta. The patch contains the following Classic Teams :

- Germany 1954, Hungary 1954, Brazil 1958, England 1966, Germany 1966, Brazil 1970, Italy 1970, UdSSR 1972, Germany 1974, DDR 1974, Netherlands 1974, CSSR 1976, Argentina 1978, Austria 1978, Germany 1980, Belgium 1980, Italy 1982, France 1984, Argentina 1986, Netherlands 1988, UdSSR 1988, Argentina 1990, Germany 1990, England 1990, Cameroon 1990, Denmark1992, Germany 1992, Brazil 1994, England 1996, Germany 1996, Czech Republic 1996, France 1998, Brazil 2002, and Greece 2004.

The patch contains the following stuff for each team : Kits, Minikits, Fonts, Flags, Minifaces, Logos, Roster. Also contained : Adboards for each team (according to the tournament), Balls for each team (according to the tournament), Classic-Faces, Shoes (according to the tournament). You can install the patch via Creation Master. We wish you much fun with this Classic Teams!

Date : 2008-08-02, Size : 39.0M, Download : 2935, Rate : 4.99, Vote : 22

  Euro 2008 Patch - Update 2 
After the great resonance you now recieve the Update 2 of our great Euro 2008 Patch. It contains some interesting updates based on your feedback, for example :

- Updated tournament mode (CMP Installation)
- Bugfix: ball was missing for some matches
- Backup of EA turf & crowds

An automatic exe installation is included, but you need Creation Master 08 for the mode update. The installation is optional, but install the EURO 2008 Patch FINAL version before!

Date : 2008-06-26, Size : 22.2M, Download : 1046, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 4

  UEFA EURO 2008 Patch Final Version for FIFA 08 
This patch should offer everything to make the EURO 2008 tournament as realistic as possible in your FIFA 08. From the official formations with all Euro-heores, realistic graphics (kits, adboards, flags), original faces of most of the players up to the 8 original stadiums in Austria an Switzerland. Here are the features of the final version :

- For all 16 qualified teams of the UEFA Euro 2008 : Original home, away and keeper kits, The correct Mini Kits for the menu, Original fan flags and fonts, New HD Logos for menu and ingame, New career banner
- Real player pictures as Mini Faces in the menu
- All 16 official EURO 2008 team squads + numbers
- All 8 official stadiums UEFA Euro 2008 : Ernst-Happel-Stadion (Vienna), Tivoli-Stadion (Innsbruck), Wortherseestadion (Klagenfurt), Wals-Siezenheim (Salzburg), St. Jakob-Park (Basel), Stade de Suisse Wankdorf (Bern), Stade de Geneve (Genova), Letzigrund (Zurich)
- Official EURO 2008 adboards
- Official EURO 2008 match ball EUROPASS
- 4 further editions of the EUROPASS Ball
- Over 140 new, realistic player faces
- EURO 2008 Popups & New EURO 2008 theme menu style
- EURO 2008 tournament mode
- Referee kits and New national anthems
- All features of the Next Generation Graphic Patch v2
- Database of Winter Roster Update v2

Date : 2008-06-14, Size : 171M, Download : 5136, Rate : 5.4, Vote : 16


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