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  Nike Total 90 Omni Ball Pack 
Pkbomb brings us this superb Nike ball pack. 6 Omni ball textures are included, so you can choose one of them. Nike's red and white Total 90 Omni is the official Barclays Premier League match ball for the 2008/09 season. The ball has been engineered to set new performance standards for consistency, accuracy and visibility, having been tested and proven over two years - in computer simulations, in Nike research labs, and with some of the world's biggest clubs and best players. Its new, innovative panel geometry is designed to give players consistent response and touch wherever they strike the ball.

Date : 2008-07-22, Size : 1.6M, Download : 2444, Rate : 6.67, Vote : 13

  Europass Gloria Ball 
This is the Europass Gloria, which is the matchball for the EURO 2008 FINAL. Fontmaker made this wonderful ball. The download contains 2G & 1G versions and also the o-files. The state-of-the-art ball, created exclusively for the climax of the tournament in the Austrian capital on 29 June, shares the classic black dots and markings of the EUROPASS ball to be used in the run-up to the final.

EUROPASS gloria have been joined using revolutionary Thermal Bonding Technology, which - along with the unique PSC-Texture™ surface structure - ensures exceptional ball control, greater power transmission, swerve and accuracy, whatever the weather.

Date : 2008-07-01, Size : 283k, Download : 932, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Puma T-Mobile Czech Ball 
Here is a realistic Puma ball for Czech national team. Download the Puma T-Mobile Czech Ball for Czech national team !

Date : 2008-06-18, Size : 70k, Download : 264, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Adidas Terrestra Silverstream Ball 
Here is a very nice Adidas Terrestra Silverstream Ball. Adidas Terrestra Silverstream Ball - The Official UEFA European Championship 2000 Tournament Match ball. The outer layer was made from ergonomically crafted syntactic foam panels in long lasting PU, making it softer to the touch and easier to control. Inside the ball’s casing was a layer of closely compressed micro balloons filled with gas, which distributed the impact of the strike (from the foot or head) evenly, making it more precise and giving it a calculable, consistent, and faster flight path (later used on the World Cup Fevernova and Euro Roteiro match balls).

Date : 2008-06-09, Size : 1.5M, Download : 257, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Big Ball Pack 
Here is a really have something unique, created by FIFA4Fans member SGD Fan. This is something that outshines everything existing so far. FIFA4Fans present you his Big Ball Pack, that included alltogether 100 new balls you can use in FIFA08. Just read the description at readme file, because a detailed list here would go beyond the scope. There are various brands for Adidas, Jako, Nike, Puma, Retro, Uhl Sports, Umbro, Mitre, Kappa, and many other great brands.

Date : 2008-06-03, Size : 11.9M, Download : 1798, Rate : 4.99, Vote : 4

  Cristiano Ronaldo Signature Nike Ball 
It includes a Nike Cristiano Ronaldo Signature Ball.

Date : 2008-05-27, Size : 1.2M, Download : 339, Rate : 0, Vote : 1

  Adidas Finale Pack 
Here is a really great Adidas Finale Ball pack for UEFA Champions league. This pack includes 11 types of finale balls including 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 season. You can see the most high quality balls never seen before. So we strongly suggest you install this patch. (The original EA balls will be changed.)

- EA Sports 7 ==> Adidas Finale Paris
- EA Sports 8 ==> Adidas Finale Athens
- EA Sports 9 ==> Adidas Finale 7
- EA Sports 10 ==> Adidas Finale 6
- EA Sports 11 ==> Adidas Gray Finale
- EA Sports 12 ==> Adidas Black Finale
- EA Sports 13 ==> Adidas DarkBlue Finale
- EA Sports 14 ==> Adidas Red Finale
- EA Sports 15 ==> Adidas BlueGray Finale
- EA Sports 16 ==> Adidas Finale 6 Orange
- EA Sports 17 ==> Adidas Finale Moscow)

The Adidas Finale ball is the current official football of the UEFA Champions League, and has been since the 2000/2001 season. The ball is therefore designed with emphasis on the stars of the UEFA Champions League logo. Download it now, and get the great feeling !

Date : 2008-05-24, Size : 5.6M, Download : 2379, Rate : 7.39, Vote : 5

  EURO 2008 Adboards 
The Patch contains the offical EURO2008 aboards for FIFA08.

Date : 2008-05-21, Size : 440k, Download : 1104, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Mitre Ball Pack 
Here is another download. It is a Mitre Ball Pack which includes all together 10 different balls of Mitre. The pack has been created by SGD-Fan and includes :
- Mitre Astro Match, Mitre Calcio, Mitre Contact, Mitre Madrid, Mitre Platinum, Mitre Revo League Snow, Mitre Ultimatch Fluo Yellow, Mitre Ultimax, Mitre Vasco 32P, and Mitre Vasco red.

Date : 2008-05-19, Size : 1.1M, Download : 228, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Eredivisie Adboards Pack 
Sim-17 made fantastic adboards for the Dutch Eredivisie. This adboards pack includes adboards for all teams of the Dutch Eredivisie 2007/2008. All adboards will be installed in a textursize of 2G automatically. After the ins-tallation you'll have to open the CreationMaster and give the teams the following ID's readme file.

Date : 2008-05-17, Size : 3.3M, Download : 488, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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