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  06 WC Turfs Patch 
These are two new styles of turts for FIFA World Cup 06.

Date : 2006-05-30, Size : 615k, Download : 3519, Rate : 3.39, Vote : 10

  New Turf Patch (WC 2006) 
This patch will add new realistic turf to FIFA World Cup 2006.

Date : 2006-05-20, Size : 1.7M, Download : 2412, Rate : 6.8, Vote : 5

  New Turf Patch Update 
Here is a update of the New Turf Patch v1. This patch replaces the ugly, dark turfs of the World Cup game with new, fresh, green - like it lookes like in the TV! The new turf looks like on the screen! Now you should have more World Cup atmosphere than before! But now the auto installation was completely rebuilt and equiped with a new technology. Now also substitutions should work correctly. You don't need the old version of the patch.

Date : 2006-05-15, Size : 1.4M, Download : 6958, Rate : 5.63, Vote : 31

  New Bright Turfs Patch 
It provides more bright turfs than original turfs. Frankly the original turfs of 2006 FIFA World Cup are some dark colors on ATI graphic chipset like Radeon series. Many people think 2006 FIFA World Cup is really great game, but the turf color is very stupid. If you want to see more bright colors in the game, download this patch now. (Fatbh Builder will be automatically running during installing process. And then click "Build" button, and wait for message.)

Date : 2006-05-13, Size : 1.5M, Download : 3672, Rate : 6.06, Vote : 23


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