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DB Master v2.0


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Rinaldo Zocca

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Today...a worldwide exclusive file...like a tornado that destroys everything it meets in its way..just one name...DB Master 2.0..for the rest i leave the word to Rinaldo. Hi, I'll send you the 2.0 release of the DB Master. The 2.0 version presents new features like: - research function - Chance to import/export tables in a format compatible with excel. - Sort by column - Copy and paste records. But the most innovative function is called Intelli-Edit, and it's a unique technology that lets editing be a lot more simple and intuitive. What is Intelli-edit? Just think you are editing the table teamplayerlinks in which the numbers of the first column represent a team, and the numbers of the second column a player. Wouldn't you prefer to see immediately the name of the team and the player's name? Or maybe you're modifying the lineups table where at every number corresponds a position on the field, it would be a lot more usefu to have a description of the position like "Advanced Midfielder" or "Central Defender" no? Alright, this is what Intelli-edit does for you. But the great thing about this is that all of this is not linked to the program's exe, but it's in an editable XML file which can be edited through a simple text editor and therefore it can be easily modified to be adapted to new database structures. This makes the DB Master 2.0 an "open system" which is ready to edit in an effective way any database of the Fifa series, present or future.

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