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▶ FIFA 2005 Demo

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  FifaX CL 04-05 Demo Customizer 
This small customizer can change half length (yes, it really works!), resolution, detalisation level and difficulty. This prog truly can change the half time.

Date : 2005-02-01, Size : 415k, Download : 2572, Rate : 4.27, Vote : 10

  UEFA Champions League 2004-2005 Demo 
This demo allows you to play with Chelsea against Bayern Munich in a Champions League Knock Out Stage game. Try it and discover the new improvements made in the game. Check out the new gameplay features in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2004 - 2005. This game provides new & great features for UEFA Champions League. Must have it now, and feel new revolution!

Date : 2005-01-25, Size : 165.0M, Download : 7564, Rate : 7.36, Vote : 42

  Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Demo 
This version of the Pro Evolution Soccer 4 demo has the same content as the lite demo version (4 countries England, Sweden, Spain, Italy and 2 stadiums) but allows you to play a full half, being 45mins.

Date : 2004-11-23, Size : 199M, Download : 2828, Rate : 5.04, Vote : 13

  New Goal Nets for FIFA 2005 Demo 
It contains another new Goal nets for FIFA 2005 Demo. You can choose one of 2 types of goal nets.

Date : 2004-10-14, Size : 87k, Download : 551, Rate : 0, Vote : 3

  AC Milan Patch RQT 2005 
Here is a realistic quality textures for AC Milan. (We recommed you use Big Raptor to install this patch.)

Date : 2004-10-14, Size : 785k, Download : 400, Rate : 5.66, Vote : 3

  Kit Raptor 2GK for FIFA 2005 Demo 
You can download Kit Raptor 2GK for FIFA 2005 Demo. Soccer Access have uploaded the program to their main mirror and to FileFront as well in order to attend to all of their visitors. Kit Raptor 2GK allows you to import/export 2GK Kits and it includes Dressing Room Cinema to preview your kits in game (4 cameras). The file size is about 5 MB. Remember that Soccer Access've also opened the Official Kit Raptor 2Gk forum. This forum will be used to receive suggestions for the Fifa 2005 version of this program, click here to visit it.

Date : 2004-10-11, Size : 4.9M, Download : 506, Rate : 7.79, Vote : 5

  Classics and Derbies Patch(CDP) 
Here is something REALLY special for you! Something for all of you waiting for the full version of FIFA 2005 to be released and of course for those having it already, too. A team of ECP members and non ECP members, led by chibi goku and Christian made an amazing patch for your FIFA 2005 Demo - the Classics and Derbies Patch (CDP) ! It contains FIVE complete teams which can be easily selected in team selection before a match ! The following teams are included : Bayern Munchen, Borussia Dortmund, FC Schalke 04, VfL Bochum, and Real Madrid.

Matches between those clubs are always something special - just like the name says, those matches are classics or real derbies (in the German football "stronghold" called Ruhrgebiet). Another thing which has never been there is the new stadium added with this patch ! Directly from FIFA 2005 we added the updated Westfalenstadion (Borussia Dortmund) into the demo ! This is a whole new feeling ! The patch includes the following features : NEW STADIUM (Westfalenstadion, FIFA 2005 Version), Up to date rosters (for each team), 2GK kits (home/away, for each team), 11 faces (for each team), Original adboards (for each team), New ball, 9 new original boots, New backgrounds, Some other little updates - Original chants (Add-On), Original intro music (Add-On), Original goal music (Add-On), New menu music (Add-On).

The patch is divided into two parts : The MAIN PART with stadium, rosters, kits, faces, adboards, boots, ball, backgrounds...(16 mb), The SOUND ADD-ON which new chants, intro / goal music and menu music (39 mb). If you're still not convinced of downloading this great patch, take a look into our galleries ! I'm sure you won't regret this download ! Have fun and my respect for this amazing patch thanks to chibi, Christian & Co !

Date : 2004-10-11, Size : 55M, Download : 2436, Rate : 7.44, Vote : 9

  Grand Teams Patch 
A great patch for FIFA 2005 Demo has been released! GRAND TEAMS PATCH by Centrum FIFY. These are the patch main features :
8 teams in demo : Arsenal, Milan, Bayer Leverkusen, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool and Manchester United.
All fot those teams: kits, flags, badges, adboards.
New & great ball from Champions League.
Seven new great boots.
It all has easy to use 'starter'. In this mini-program you can choose which teams want you to play. BONUS ! : when you played 10 games as Arsenal or Manchester = UNLOCK new team, Liverpool, when you played 10 games as Milan or Juventus, UNLOCK new team, Inter when you played 30 games as one of 5 teams = UNLOCK new team, Leverkusen, when you played 50 games = UNLOCK NEW GAME MODES (SECRET), when you played 70 games = UNLOCK NEW GAME MODES 2 (SECRET).

Date : 2004-10-09, Size : 14.6M, Download : 3676, Rate : 5.32, Vote : 31

  Ljungberg Face 2005 
It contains more realistic Ljungberg Face(Arsenal) face for FIFA 2005 Demo. (We recommed you use Big Raptor to install this patch.)

Date : 2004-10-09, Size : 70k, Download : 154, Rate : 9, Vote : 1

  Ashley Cole Face 2005 
It contains more realistic Ashley Cole(Arsenal) face for FIFA 2005 Demo. (We recommed you use Big Raptor to install this patch.)

Date : 2004-10-09, Size : 65k, Download : 87, Rate : 9, Vote : 1


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