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Yonhap was founded on December 19, 1980, through the merger of Hapdong News Agency and Orient Press, bringing Korea's two news agencies under one roof. Yonhap supplies domestic and foreign news and information to newspapers, broadcasters and other media subscribers and to businesses, institutions and individuals in Korea.

Sportal Korea is a specialty corporation which provide all order services with necessary on-line consulting in sports(specially soccer) business. Sportal Korea has a great know-how for developing soccer-related contents including high-quality order article, image, movie manufacture and plan ability that is required in client's internet site.

Twimnet is extending to operation of game full text portal site, transfer communication enterprise and superhigh speed communication business part as well as S/W development connected with present on-line game service.

Soccer Gaming is run by a group of dedicated soccer fanatics who enjoy the thrill and excitement of soccer gaming. Also they are a network of sites dedicated to various areas of soccer games.


EURO-DREAM.COM trades in the creation of software, contents providing and E-commerce activities over the Internet. Euro-Dream main focus is in sports over its various fields. Euro-Dream specialize in the development and operation of on-line live contents supply. the company is the supplier of various cellular operators (Orange, Pelephone, GoNext) via SMS , WAP and SHTML platforms. Euro-Dream develops tailor made exectutables such as sports live scores and stocks ("Tickers"). These systems are provided to commercial and financial institutes, providing integrated services, contents and sales promotion.

The Biggest Cyber Latin Soccer Network. They provide the latest Latin soccer news to us. At this site, you can grab various South American soccer contents and huge amounts of soccer game patches including FIFA series/Winning.



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