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Subject   FIFA World Ranking has been updated ! 7,205 - Hit  
Name   webmaster 2006/02/25 - 11:16:30  

Our Soccer DB section has been updated again ! Today's new updates are all database for FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. Here are background and historyn for FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

In August 1993 FIFA, working in co-operation with the Coca-Cola Company, introduced a ranking system for senior national teams. The system makes it possible to publish comparisons of the relative strengths of internationally active teams at regular intervals.

Since its introduction, the FIFA/Coca-Cola Ranking has proved to be a reliable measure for comparing national A-teams. Over the years, some of the details of the ranking process have proved to be in need of improvement, and appropriate revised versions were put into effect at the beginning of 1999.

The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking includes the national A-teams of all FIFA member associations who play international matches. Not included in the calculation are matches played by junior teams or other representative national sides (such as the women's national team).

Taken into consideration for the ranking are all international-A match results over a time span of the last eight years:

- World Cup finals matches
- World Cup preliminary matches
- FIFA Confederations Cup matches
- Continental championship final matches
- Continental championship preliminary matches
- Friendly matches

The ranking list is produced by a computer program which assigns a team points for every match, according to clearly defined criteria. The factors taken into consideration are:

- Winning, drawing and losing
- Number of goals
- Home or away match
- Importance of the match (multiplication factor)
- Regional strength (multiplication factor)

For each team only the seven best results per year are given full weighting. Results from the past are given progressively less weighting year by year until after eight years they are dropped completely. In this way current success is rated more highly than past results.

At the end of each year, two awards are given. The "Team of the Year" goes to the team that notches up the seven matches of the year reaping the overall highest average number of points during the year. "Best Mover of the year" is the one that has made the most progress in the course of the previous twelve months.

Presently you can confirm the following soccer database at our site.

- 1930 ~ 2002 World Cup all match results & statics (Detailed Fact Sheet)
- 1991 ~ 2003 Women's World Cup all match results & statics (Detailed Fact Sheet)
- 1956 ~ 2004 Asian Cup all match results & statics
- 1960 ~ 2004 European Championships all match results & statics
- 1977 ~ 2005 World Youth Championships all match results & statics
- 1910 ~ 2006 Copa America Cup all match results & statics
- 1991 ~ 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup all match results & statics
- 1993 ~ Present FIFA World Ranking

We will add other soccer game recordings at Soccer DB section continually. Check out our great Soccer DB section now!

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