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  ShoreLooser's Gameplay Natural Evolution 
This new gameplay AI patch includes :

- Swirling Ball: In Freekick , hold stick plus power hard button , that way as you want to shoot with the out side of foot (like Robertro Carlos) to create Swirling Ball
- Deflect Engine: more rebounding and deflecting in every situation for unpredictable all kinds of events!
- Movement Impact : Bodybalance, ease and pressure effects passing, crossing, striking or ball control and in any contact between player to player in every single bodypart or player to ball and will affect its outgoing to falling,stumling or struggling!
- Apathy X : in an break or an directional change the new natural intertia will become important, so you have to think twice to stand tackle or to slide, to dribble or to pass , your decision in every event will determine its fate! Also Cpu is affacted no matter which skill level you choose , its always based on natural reactions.
- Cpu Ai Brain Amplifier : slow Buildup speed by Cpu with natural pathing, trapping, dribbling and decent skillsmoves only when needed, Ai starts to Buildup new if it doesnt find a solution so back to keeper for example, the Ai tries to pass by your defense by passing and find holes in your defense line!
- Lethargy BuildUp : the cpu will grant your build up and stop that cheating unhuman pressing with no fatigue on their side , the ai will try to capture the ball by positioning and by tactic
- Modifier Plus : Your formation affetcs now more the build up and positioning of your players to transpose your "way of play"
- Arcade Stopper : No sudden turning , no "digital arcade" passing and striking, no perfect players, free and open course of game! All Cpu cheats are deactivated! Keepers act like real keepers with human relfexes and mistakes.
- Timing Plus : the movement, positioning and timing will determine how good you will trap the ball, strike or cross, miss the header, fail in tackling or ball touching.In combination with movement impact it means that if you move backward in an header you dont will get much punch in it or hurry to much that your pass will diversify , your not able to clear the ball right or hit the ball right in striking!
- Advance Contact : Volley, Header, Dipping Shot , no matter the way you contact the ball the "Advanced Contact" will amplify or undermine its outgoing! So its possible to totally disgrace in shooting or to bash out the ball of the stadium, the surrounding conditions are important!
- Advanced Passing: The way of passing is a lot slower and more tricky! You have to speed up your way of play to bring the drive to the ball for breaking a defense line! Meaning the slower you move the less speed the ball has or the more speed it the ball can achieve!
- Backbreaker Pass : A high lob with more spin to break defense lines or to create creative opportunities which brings a lot of new possibilities to transform your style of playing!
- Corner Risk Pass : Hit the crossing buttons rapidly the bring a powerfull ball in and create unpredictable chances or a mess!
- Additionals : referees are optimised, handball also on physics, collisions and unpredictable events!, more spin and changed ball physics!, all Failure/Error possibilities are activated for a total exciting and varying experience (wrong foot plants, fail dribblings, wrong posture, sleepiness and other faux pas things)

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 9.1M, Download : 551, Rate : 6.66, Vote : 3

  FIFA 14 Advanced Gameplay Evolution - Full Standalone v.4.6 & Special Extra Addons 
FIFA 14 Advanced Gameplay Evolution - Full Standalone v.4.6 DETAILS/FIX LIST/NEW TWEAKS:
- Increased gamepad/keyboard player's control/move response (like FIFA 15 review)
- New player's animations unlocked
- New player's fouls contacts and tumble animations
- New player's ball touch/stop animations unlocked
- New shot and free kick trajectories
- Incresed Gks mistakes
- First touch become crucial in the gameplay
- Revamped contact warping
- Revamped ball physics
- Revamped ball touch
- Increased CPUAI fouls
- Realistic player's mental perception
- Fixed version after sg forum beta testers feedbacks
- All previous important GP EVO AI improvements and tweaks (read previous GP EVO AI features)

- FIFA 14 NIS (Non Interactive Sequences unlock) and Celebrations Camera Mod Beta 3 - NEW
- FIFA 14 GFX PARTICLES MOD ENHANCEMENT 2.0 (read info inside related mod folder) - NEW
- FIFA 14 GP EVO DB 4.0 MOD (based on MDWM DB 7.0) - (read related details/info file) - NEW - EXCLUSIVE Gameplay Database
- FIFA 14 Total Camera Mod
- FIFA 14 Total Ice/Intro/NIS Cameras Mod (included Real Stadium Ambience Audio Mod - fifa stereo convergence tweak)
- FIFA 14 New 3D Body Model Mod
- FIFA 14 Real Pitch Textures Mod
- Included new HYBRID GAMEPLAY 4.0

(*) Customize your favorite gameplay combination by mixing the 3 different way to edit the gameplay:
- GP EVO AI (AI folder)
- GP EVO DB (DB folder)

Date : 2014-08-21, Size : 239M, Download : 767, Rate : 6.56, Vote : 7

  FIFA 14 New SweetFX Graphics Mod v.4 #RETURN 
Here is the newly revised version.4 of New SweetFX Graphics patch. The detailed features :
- Boots, Ball(Colors enhacements in night match)
- Match night : (more color balance)
- Jersey : (more color enhancements)
- Optimal Quality for highest Hardware Resolution 1600x900. Quality High. AntiAliasing 4. Fraps block at 30/60 fps
- Optimal Quality for medium Resolution 1280x720. Quality medium. AntiAliasing 2. Fraps block at 30 fps.

SweetFX is a universal image improvement and tweaking mod, that works with almost any 32bit (and hopefully soon 64bit) DirectX 9, 10 or 11 game or application. It's goal is provide similar tools to games in realtime, as video processing software provides for movies and videos.

Date : 2014-08-21, Size : 20.5M, Download : 329, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 2

  FIFA 14 Advanced Gameplay Evolution - Full Standalone v.4.4 
FIFA 14 Advanced Gameplay Evolution - Full Standalone v.4.4 DETAILS/FIX LIST/NEW TWEAKS:
- Fixed version after sg forum beta testers feedbacks
- Included new HYBRID GAMEPLAY 4.0
- Extra exclusive addons mods included (3D Body Model, Pitch and NIS Mods)
- Increased tackles skills globally (a lot of advantages for humans to take the ball at cpu)
- Decreased Kinetic Energy
- Revisited ball physics
- Decreased long passing skills (more errors)
- Resulting increased number of pass errors
- Increased cpuai mistake
- All previous improvements (read the txt, really an infinite list of addons and tweaks)

Select your favorite combo gameplay mod and extra mod. The db isn't the final version. I wait for Ariel database updated. Start your new career.

Date : 2014-08-09, Size : 240M, Download : 227, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA 14 HD Special Graphic Enhancing Mod Tool v.3.0 - Standalone Tool Version 
The new HD GFX MOD 3 Series is based on SweetFX by CeeJay.dk. New version come out with an easy management tool, you can enable or disable mod, select alternative version, and check for update. DETAILS/FIX LIST :

- Upgrade to SweetFX Engine
- Smoth Gameplay effect
- HD Focus Range fx
- Fixed lags and stuttering issues
- Increased gpu compatibility range
- All previous improvements

This mod enhance and increase FIFA 14 graphic up to a whole new level. This mod is recommended only for those who have insane hardware components. This mod give you the best better gfx experience never seen in FIFA14 PC. This is the result of meticulous investigation and research work. I suggest you to use this mod to enjoy my WC Brasil Addons and other WC Mods, exported and converted from console game. Mod has been designed through two blocks:

- FIFA game gfx engine editing-tweaking
- Special Exclusive Edited ENBSeries

Tweak list through game engine editing:
- Global graphic enhancing
- Realistic luminance fx, Realistic luminance update freq fx
- 4X MSAA always enabled, AASS Mode Accuview unlock
- Realistic shadows fx, Realistic frame and cloth animation
- Realistic 3D Grass fx, Realistic Textures fx
- Realistic Crowd Textures fx and animation
- Audio crowd fx convergence enhancing
- New WC Icecameras Included, Smoth gameplay effect
- Performance optimizer : Performance optimizer is included to decrease CPU Audio thread load.

This is required because all gfx tweaks requiring the availability of CPU and GPU. Tweak list through ENBSeries:
- Special revamped ENBSeries settings to enhance unlocked fx
- Real Illumination and Brightening Level
- Goal nets black texture effect fix
- Revamped all gfx settings

Read txt for more info and details. Enjoy!

Date : 2014-08-02, Size : 15.1M, Download : 284, Rate : 6.74, Vote : 4

  Yakovos’ Gameplay Mod v1.0 
Here is a new gameplay AI patch for FIFA 14. Yakovos’ Gameplay Mod v1.0 changes :


Date : 2014-07-10, Size : 21.2M, Download : 254, Rate : 9, Vote : 2

  FIFA 14 Hybrid Gameplay 3.0 - FIFA World Cup Brazil + Special Addons 
This is FIFA 14 HYBRID GAMEPLAY EVOLUTION. HG11 consists in extraction, editing and importing gameplay core files (EA next generation - xbox 360 or ps3) to FIFA 14 PC. It features :

- FIFA World Cup 14 Brazil attribdb files
- New Realistic Soccer Ball Physics
- New Realistic Ball Touch and Dribble System
- New Realistic Player's Body Contact
- Increased AI Players Skillmoves
- Incresed players database attributes effects
- Incresed AI players long shots and volley shots
- Increased CPU/AI Attacking Artificial Intelligence
- Increased CPU/AI Defending Artificial Intelligence
- Optimized ini included (latest AI)
- Fixed some gameplay issue from soccergaming forum feedbacks.
- Compatible with all superpatches and mods
- All previous improvements - read all info

- FIFA WC 14 All Players Real Wrinkle Kit Effects (jersey, shorts, patch left, patch right)
- FIFA WC 14 Brazil kits included Official Brasil Special Training kit
- FIFA WC 14 Italy kit
- FIFA WC 14 3D Wipe Animations (intro + replay and other match events) enabled on Tournament Mode

In order to see all gameplay tweaks, YOU TO USE/INSTALL:
- GP EVO AI 3.2 (included in this update)
- HG 3.0 (this update)
- GP EVO DB 2.2 (latest db or use your favorited)

Date : 2014-06-29, Size : 33.4M, Download : 294, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  ENB FIFA 12 for FIFA 14 
ENB Series use installer 64/32 bit OS. It features:
- New Face Texture, Sweat Effect latest models
- LOD Config, New FIFA 12 color, New Grass model
- You will see the actual figure of the players who featured in the game FIFA 14.
- Import the image of the screenshot will appear more clearly as is usually made for the game Wallpapers. Use a good tool for that.
- Grass, Kit & other model in FIFA 14 more bright and comfortable in a vision
- Another effect is the muscles around the neck and hand the player’s more visible when the game is being emotional.

Date : 2014-04-06, Size : 390k, Download : 173, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  New SweetFX Graphics v.4 
Here is the new update version.4 of New SweetFX Graphics patch. The detailed features :
- Boots, Ball(Colors enhacements in night match)
- Match night : (more color balance)
- Jersey : (more color enhancements)
- Optimal Quality for highest Hardware Resolution 1600x900. Quality High. AntiAliasing 4. Fraps block at 30/60 fps
- Optimal Quality for medium Resolution 1280x720. Quality medium. AntiAliasing 2. Fraps block at 30 fps.

Date : 2014-03-30, Size : 2.3M, Download : 194, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA 14 Advanced Gameplay Evolution HG - Database & AI Mod Pack v.3.1 
- Decreased global sliding tackle skills
- Decreased global standing tackle skills
- Special slider's setting to maximize real effect
- All previous improvements

- Increased CPUAI fouls/aggression system
- Increased global error attributes (Human/CPUAI)
- New CPUAI gameplay possession system
- New CPUAI gameplay football actions
- Realistic player's mental perception (Human/CPUAI)
- Realistic player's mental pressure reaction/error (Human/CPUAI)
- Realistic player's body balance effects (Human/CPUAI)
- Realistic ball friction and softness system
- Realistic player's motions (Human/CPUAI)
- Realistic player's ball protection - Use assigned/proper button
- Realistic global shot system
- Realistic player's global attributes effect
- Realistic goalkeepers (Human/CPUAI)
- Increased difference between strong/poor players and teams
- Increased CPUAI long shots
- Tweaked global collision system
- Tweaked global game physics
- Some minor settings updated
- All previous improvements

Gameplay combination sets:
GP EVO AI 3.0 + HG 2.0 + GP EVO DB (latest) - Suggested gameplay combo set.
GP EVO AI 3.0 + HG 2.0 + Original rosters/DB or your favorite DB.
GP EVO AI 3.0 only + Original rosters/DB or your favorite DB.
Play the game on Career mode, WC difficulty.

Date : 2014-03-15, Size : 26.5M, Download : 434, Rate : 10, Vote : 1


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