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  FIFA 14 Stadium Server 
For those who dreamt to add unlimited stadiums in their FIFA 14 game without ID limitations and light issues, and not just that, has become a reality today with the release of the first complete version of the FIFA 14 Stadium Server tool made by our newest team member, Shawminator. The tool has three main features:

- Stadium Server : Allows you to add an infinite number of stadiums to your FIFA 14 and assign them to specific teams and tournament rounds.
- Overlays Server : Allows you to assign unlimited overlays (scoreboards + popups) to tournaments.
- Movies Server : Allows you to assign specific intro movie files to teams or tournaments before a match.

(*) Instructions
You MUST install FIFA File Loader 14 in order for the server to work!
The tool is compatible with saved careers and tournaments!
Tool NOT compatible with Online Modes (FUT, Seasons, etc)
Run the tool with Origin offline to avoid issues with Origin app!
Tool compatible with F.I.P.14!
You MUST read Read Me file and the Help/Documentation file in order to make this tool work!

Date : 2014-09-13, Size : 64.7M, Download : 172, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  i68 Controller FIFA Suite 
The first public version of the Fifa-Suite i68Controller has just been released for the download! Remember that it is a beta version optimized for fifa14, but in large part also compatible with the previous two chapters of the game. Next week, with the release of the demo for fifa15 and more over with the release definitive of the new game, we will see what is compatible and what not!

Date : 2014-09-13, Size : 6.9M, Download : 349, Rate : 6.66, Vote : 3

  International Face Pack vol.8 
This face patch contains updates for the next faces:
- Abiola Dauda (Vitesse), Carlos Pena (Club Leon), Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea FC)
- Colin Kazim-Richards (Feyenoord), DaMarcus Beasley (Houston Dynamo), Davy Klaassen (Ajax)
- Everton Ribeiro (Cruzeiro), Iasmin Latovlevici (Steaua Bucharest), Josh McEachran (Vitesse)
- Kamohelo Mokotjo (FC Twente), Raul Jimenez (Atletico Madrid), Richairo Zivkovic (Ajax)

Date : 2014-09-13, Size : 20.2M, Download : 101, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  AC Milan Face Pack 
It updates 3 player faces in AC Milan. Included players are : Bonaventura, Menez, and Rami. Check out the screenshot, and download it now!

Date : 2014-09-13, Size : 14.6M, Download : 62, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Bundesliga Kit Pack 2014-2015 
This kits pack contains hundreds of kits for 1. Bundesliga 2013-2014 season. Also it includes Fonts & Kitnumbers, and Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, UCL & UEL Kitsets.

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 343M, Download : 226, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA14 Barclays Premier League HD Kit Pack 
It includes 2014-2015 season kits for Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea.

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 14.9M, Download : 341, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  DFB Referee Kit Pack 2014-2016 
Thus, the referee may well dressed to go into the new season FIFA Dome Team offer their second download now a referee for the DFB Kitpack of 1st Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga.

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 17.9M, Download : 61, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  ShoreLooser's Gameplay Natural Evolution 
This new gameplay AI patch includes :

- Swirling Ball: In Freekick , hold stick plus power hard button , that way as you want to shoot with the out side of foot (like Robertro Carlos) to create Swirling Ball
- Deflect Engine: more rebounding and deflecting in every situation for unpredictable all kinds of events!
- Movement Impact : Bodybalance, ease and pressure effects passing, crossing, striking or ball control and in any contact between player to player in every single bodypart or player to ball and will affect its outgoing to falling,stumling or struggling!
- Apathy X : in an break or an directional change the new natural intertia will become important, so you have to think twice to stand tackle or to slide, to dribble or to pass , your decision in every event will determine its fate! Also Cpu is affacted no matter which skill level you choose , its always based on natural reactions.
- Cpu Ai Brain Amplifier : slow Buildup speed by Cpu with natural pathing, trapping, dribbling and decent skillsmoves only when needed, Ai starts to Buildup new if it doesnt find a solution so back to keeper for example, the Ai tries to pass by your defense by passing and find holes in your defense line!
- Lethargy BuildUp : the cpu will grant your build up and stop that cheating unhuman pressing with no fatigue on their side , the ai will try to capture the ball by positioning and by tactic
- Modifier Plus : Your formation affetcs now more the build up and positioning of your players to transpose your "way of play"
- Arcade Stopper : No sudden turning , no "digital arcade" passing and striking, no perfect players, free and open course of game! All Cpu cheats are deactivated! Keepers act like real keepers with human relfexes and mistakes.
- Timing Plus : the movement, positioning and timing will determine how good you will trap the ball, strike or cross, miss the header, fail in tackling or ball touching.In combination with movement impact it means that if you move backward in an header you dont will get much punch in it or hurry to much that your pass will diversify , your not able to clear the ball right or hit the ball right in striking!
- Advance Contact : Volley, Header, Dipping Shot , no matter the way you contact the ball the "Advanced Contact" will amplify or undermine its outgoing! So its possible to totally disgrace in shooting or to bash out the ball of the stadium, the surrounding conditions are important!
- Advanced Passing: The way of passing is a lot slower and more tricky! You have to speed up your way of play to bring the drive to the ball for breaking a defense line! Meaning the slower you move the less speed the ball has or the more speed it the ball can achieve!
- Backbreaker Pass : A high lob with more spin to break defense lines or to create creative opportunities which brings a lot of new possibilities to transform your style of playing!
- Corner Risk Pass : Hit the crossing buttons rapidly the bring a powerfull ball in and create unpredictable chances or a mess!
- Additionals : referees are optimised, handball also on physics, collisions and unpredictable events!, more spin and changed ball physics!, all Failure/Error possibilities are activated for a total exciting and varying experience (wrong foot plants, fail dribblings, wrong posture, sleepiness and other faux pas things)

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 9.1M, Download : 603, Rate : 6.66, Vote : 3

  Jeet's Graphics Package 
Jeet's graphics package gives you the best visual & playing experience. GET THE BEST GRASS GRAPHICS EVER IN FIFA !DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION TODAY! (iii) Before playing , please go to game settings and make MSAA Options as OFF, otherwise probability of game crashing will be more.

- Implemented 'a different lighting' reducing emphasis on enbseries.
- super-enhanced grass graphics with settings.lua v8
- enhanced crowd graphics in settings.lua v6
- new chequered large mowpattern
- increased video gamma
- enhanced fx particles
- more detailed kits and textures(based on everton v arsenal match telecast on tv)
- modded lighting parameters based on chelsea v leicester city match on tv.
- edited enbpalette for more realistic lighting effect
- added gameplay tweaks in rna.ini
- enhanced 3D crowd render
- enhanced graphics incl,kit, crowd based on fifa 15 gamescomm videos
- more realistic Goalkeeper AI
- more realistic First Touch control
- super-enhanced kit graphics
- 'real tv' graphics & gameplay
- 'perfect' player body model
- added ALL CELEBRATIONS UNLOCK code to cl.ini(thanks to ultimatestar && wongtsar 07)
- players will look more real
- accurate precision dribble & enhanced ai
- new 'camera movement', new player sensitivity
- balanced night lighting (very close to real)
- enhanced individual style for each player
- unlocked hidden emotions & player attributes
- improved ball physics making more realistic
- unpredictable realistic gameplay, better player movements
- more realistic face graphics
- increased detail level of textures & models
- best realistic gameplay based on actual tv footage(latestbrazil vs chile) match on 28 june
- more accurate skillmoves and player movements based on player's individual style

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 10.1M, Download : 608, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  aNuK3 Face Pack 18 
The Face pack 18 created by aNuK3 includes : Dimitar Berbatov (AS Monaco), Ezequiel Lavezzi(PSG), Laurent Koscielny(Arsenal FC), Nathaniel Clyne(Southampton FC), Neymar(FC Barcelona), Rodrigo Palacio(Inter Milan), and Stephan El Shaarawy(AC Milan).

Date : 2014-09-03, Size : 42.1M, Download : 96, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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