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  MPG To 13 Intro Converter 
New version of the tool is 0.2 ! You can download mpg2fifa13converter V 0.2 here. Changelog :
- Now my tool can talk and listen to VirtualDub
- vp6encoder deleted from package because it is not longer necessary
- Faster encoding because of skipping vp6encoder
- Audio convertion is now called and runned by mpg2fifa13
- Timing should be better now. I had 0 errors in 100 attemp

Date : 2013-01-25, Size : 3.5M, Download : 110, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  MC's Cammodder (Camera Mod Tool) Beta 
This is a little tool that helps you adjust the camera within the game. The in-game settings don't let you increase height/zoom etc to more than 20 but with this tool you can make the camera values go over 20. There are hotkeys that you have to press for specific effects.. Its pretty easy to use. So its a tool that lets you adjust values between 0 to infinity ( maybe). As the name suggests. The tool is in Beta so don't expect much.

Date : 2013-01-25, Size : 3.1M, Download : 215, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  Revolution Mod Manager 13 Beta 1.6 
WHAT YOU CAN DO. For this first beta the program can only :
- Read all your current statements and import them in the program
- Make you add statements for different fields
- Make you insert files, rx3 and textures like CM
- Save the lua files after your changes
- Save graphics changes (regenerating files like CM)

(*) BETA 1.6:
- Now you can import/export and save kits textures
- Nw you can import/export and save numbers textures (should work properly, not bugged as in CM)
- Now you can assign current kit to a particular match (assignGameKit assignement)
- Now you can edit logos/numbers/etc rx3 positions as you do in CM
- Minor bug fixing

Date : 2013-01-18, Size : 6.3M, Download : 581, Rate : 9.5, Vote : 2

  Creation Master 12 BETA 5 with FIFA 13 DB 
1) Simply copy the files in the rar in your Creation Master 12 folder overwriting old files (suggested backup!!!).
2) Run CreationMaster13.exe (remember to run as administrator)
3) Then use "open - select all (13)" to select FIFA 13 folder and open your FIFA 13 db.
4) Enjoy! There are no new features and I need to know what is working and what is not when you save the changes (I already know some player skills are bad-saved when you change a player)...
(4) Save is not guaranteed to work, of course.
You should consider this more like a "read-only program" for db and "write-read program" for graphics files By the way I'm not really sure I will make changes to CM12 in order to make you change the FIFA13 database... it would be a nightmare not having control over graphics user interface (the only thing I cannot make to work without REAL source code by Rinaldo). I will give my preference to Revolution Mod Manager Tool and let you use Creation Studio 2013 of my friend thebaddie for db changes.

(*) BETA 5 (0.3.0):
- Now 3d shoes preview should work properly
- Now you can see and change all the 3 textures for each shoe
- You can import/export new shoes textures, with 2G format too
- 3D shoes model import/export should already work properly
- Any bug with shoe assignement saving is still NOT fixed, sorry, no time for it...

Date : 2012-12-29, Size : 6.8M, Download : 1810, Rate : 10, Vote : 4

  FIFA Creation Studio 13 v13.0.3 Basic (Beta) 
Remember: this is a beta version.
- Database is automatically extracted first time you run the tool
- You have to manually extract language files from locale.bin
- This beta does not support automatic graphics regeneration, you can use an external tool to make your graphic relative change effective (iard68 Regenerator).
- .NET Framework 3.5 or later is required.

(*) Currently Working Features
- Nations : Add, modify nations; edit infos, graphics and audio.
- Leagues : Add, modify, delete leagues; add, remove teams; edit infos and graphics.
- Teams : Add, modify, delete teams; edit infos, graphics, formation and tactics.
- Kits : Add, modify, delete kits; edit info, colours, graphics, numbers and fonts.
- Players : Add, modify, delete players; edit infos, attributes, appearance and graphics.
- Transfers : Manages Transfers, Loans and player statistics.
- Convert Players from FIFA 12

Date : 2012-12-29, Size : 5.4M, Download : 913, Rate : 3.49, Vote : 4

  Revolution Mod Manager 13 Beta 1.3 
WHAT YOU CAN DO. For this first beta the program can only :
- Read all your current statements and import them in the program
- Make you add statements for different fields
- Make you insert files, rx3 and textures like CM
- Save the lua files after your changes
- Save graphics changes (regenerating files like CM)

(*) BETA 1.3:
- Added full support to Rev.Mod 1.2
- Added possibility to switch between generic and specific faces (specific faces will be shown only if you have specific files for that player installed in your PC or you installed with the tool itself)
- Added possibility to delete all faces assignements (no more used, thanks to Rev.Mod 1.2), but it is still possible to add face assignement if you want
- Added support to import/export/showing of winter balls
- Added possibility (through the upper menu) to insert/delete the statement to use winter balls
- Added support to assignTournamentTeamAdboard statement. (TO DO LIST: let user choose whether to see the lua assigned team adboard or the tournament lua assigned adboard. Now you can see only the team one)
- *NEW* added a first support to assignKitDetails statement and assignGKSpecificKit statement... everything in the kit tab is VERY VERY beta, so use it carefully...
- Added full support to 3d kit view (you can also choose whether to see db fonts or lua fonts)
- Now the focus stays on team/player bar after you switch to a new team/player, so that you can use the UP/DOWN keys to scroll players...

Date : 2012-12-29, Size : 13.4M, Download : 174, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA 13 Skill Games Unlocker 
This tool will unlock all SKILL GAMES in FIFA 13 PC. How to use ?
01- Install Tool to any folder
02- Run Tool and chose FIFA 13 directory
03- Click Patch (Don't need Regeneration)
04- Start game - Enjoy it !

Date : 2012-12-15, Size : 207k, Download : 473, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Revolution Mod Manager 13 Beta 0.8 
For this first beta the program can only :
- Read all your current statements and import them in the program
- Make you add statements for players changes
- Make you insert files, rx3 and textures like CM (only for players in this beta)
- The import/export/delete options for minifaces
- Added option to quick open FIFA 13 with default options
- Activated options for ball statements (for team assignements), adboard statements, net statements and mowing pattern statements
- Save the players.lua files after your changes

(*) WARNING: If you have a look at the players.lua after the program saving, you will find out that, differently from original scouser files, all statements are at the end of the file and not at the beginning... That's does not change their effectiveness, so don't worry.

Date : 2012-12-04, Size : 5.5M, Download : 321, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA 13 i68 Installer 3.1 
Here is an updated tool called i68Installer and the upcoming update of the i68Regenerator. i68Fifa 13 Installer is a simple program to install files of the famous game of EASports, useful to simplify many otherwise manual tasks, avoiding conflicts and making sure to take into account the work of editing previously installed on the target machine. Pressing the appropriate button, the program displays a preview sequence of all files (and all the textures contained, when more than one) loaded and ready for installation.

(*) v3.1.0 - added automatic saving of user choices
- Added button to cancel the current operation
- Resolved the issue of double names
- Introduced the management of files to add to the game : kit, jersey numbers, fonts, adboards, logos, flags, banners, goalkeeper gloves and faces, including body, skin color, eyes...
- Fixes and optimizations

Date : 2012-11-01, Size : 8.1M, Download : 238, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA 13 i68 Regenerator 3.1 Autorun 
This is a special version of the i68Regenerator, auto-executable, designed specifically for modders! Amazing multilanguage tool to regenerate FIFA 13 files and allow people importing new patches without any trouble. i68 Fifa13 Regenerator is a simple and user friendly tool to rebuild EASports Fifa Series BH files. Application takes care of your modding work: this means that chosing the appropriate option, new BH files will not contain references to all files you have edited and stored directly in folders, also when original files is even contained in your BIG archives!

Date : 2012-11-01, Size : 8.3M, Download : 440, Rate : 10, Vote : 1


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