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  FIFA Mania Super Patch 13 Update 11 
This is an optional update which will overwrite almost all kits and fonts of Serie A season 2012-2013 updating them with the new ones for season 2013-2014. The database and rosters update will come later...This update is compatible with already started career mode files. This update brings the current changes:

- Inserted new season 2013-2014 home, away and gk kits for all Serie A teams (including new promoted ones, but not new relegated ones, of course)
- Inserted new season 2013-2014 third and alternative kits for most important Serie A teams
- Inserted (and assigned) new Champions League 2013-2014 kits for Juventus, Milan and Napoli
- Inserted (and assigned) new Europa League 2013-2014 kits for Fiorentina and Lazio
- Inserted the new Nike Incyte Serie A 2013-2014 ball with normal and hi-vis version
- Inserted the new Puma Power 2.12 Serie B 2013-2014 ball
- Inserted new Serie A and Serie B 2013-2014 referees kits
- Inserted new Champions League 2013-2014 referees kits

Date : 2013-10-24, Size : 2.0M, Download : 396, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  FIFA Brasil Total Patch v.0.5.1 
Conten of the PATCH : 310 new teams (258 clubs + 52 national teams), all playable modes and Friendly Tournament.
(*) Clubs
- Brazil Serie A (Brazilian League First Division) 20 clubs
- Brazil Serie B (Brazilian League Second Division) 20 clubs
- Brazil Serie C (Brazilian League Third Division) 20 clubs
- Brazil Serie D (Brazilian League Fourth Division) 64 clubs
- Argentina Primera A (Argentina First Division) 20 clubs
- Bolivia (8 clubs), Chile (8 clubs), Colombia (8 clubs), Ecuador (8 clubs)
- Paraguay (8 clubs), Peru (8 clubs), Uruguay (8 clubs), Venezuela (8 clubs)
- Rest of Europe (20 clubs)
- AFC League (12 clubs), CAF League (8 clubs)
- CONCACAF League (8 clubs), OFC League (8 clubs)
- Ukraine Premier League (16 clubs)
(*) National Teams : 52 new National Teams
- UEFA(10), CAF(12), AFC(14), CONCACAF(10), OFC(6)
(*) All kits created. No generic. Even those who came generic EA.
(*) Manager Mode is not yet released, because we need more tests until it is working 100%.
(*) However, Tournament Mode is packed with new features.
- UEFA Champions League, Libertadores da America, World Club Cup
- FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup
- Copa do Brasil (Brazilian Cup official 2013), Copa do Nordeste (Lampions League)/(Northeast Cup Brazilian)
- Campeonato Paulista (Brazilian generic cup), Campeonato Carioca (Brazilian generic cup)
- Copa do Sul (Brazilian generic cup), Copa do Norte (Brazilian generic cup)
- Copa Minas-Espirito Santo (Brazilian generic cup), Copa do Centro-Oeste (Brazilian generic cup)
- Copa Bridgestone Libertadores (official format of 2013, 38 clubs), Copa Bridgestone Sudamericana (32 clubs) - Recopa Sudamericana (Playoffs)
- Argentina's cup (Playoffs)
- CONCACAF Champions League (16 clubs, Playoffs)
- AFC Champions League (16 clubs, Playoffs)
- OFC Champions League (16 clubs, Playoffs)
- CAF Champions League (8 clubs, Playoffs)
- Europe SuperCup
(*) Graphics
- Scoreboard + Popups Globo channel (brazilian).
- New Adboard, New balls, New Faces.
- All Kits, New HAIR, Logos LEAGUES in HD.
- Shields in HD, New WIPES 3D, Real Trophys.
- 6 New Stadiums: Pacaembu, La Bombonera, Sao Januario, Vila Belmiro, Independencia e Camp Nou By (BFL EQUIPE).
- 2,000 new minifaces.

Date : 2013-08-24, Size : 1.33G, Download : 1063, Rate : 3.49, Vote : 8

  FIFA Futsal 13 
Have you ever wanted to play FIFA Street on your PC? Yes? Then we are happy to introduce you to one of the greatest mods ever made for the FIFA Series, FIFA Futsal 13! This mod will enable the true street football experience in your FIFA 13 thanks to all of these features:

- 7 vs.7 Mode, Futsal Balls
- Realistic Futsal Boots with new boot model
- Realistic Street Clothes
- 10 Futsal Stadiums (Night Version Only)
- New sweat effect, Menu and backgrounds
- New Scoreboard, Font
- New Street Chant and Sounds
- New Intro Movie
- Futsal-FIFA Street 4 Fusion Gameplay
- Fun skills-oriented gameplay based off FS4.
- AI tackling greatly reduced to be more like an online player.
- Paired with the above feature is stronger marking and awareness.
- AI does a few more skills. Yet to find out how to make the AI perform many tricks… WIP.
- Slowed pace focusing on more friction with the court floor.
- True futsal tactics and buildup. Still using longballs for some teams.
- Tight matches. Goals are infrequent although the payoff for doing tricks is very high.
- Push-pull disabled for FS4 like effect. Defending is challenging.

Check out the "FIFA Futsal 13 Installation tutorial" video.

Date : 2013-08-09, Size : 317M, Download : 264, Rate : 9.5, Vote : 2

  Polish League Patch 13 
Here are the details for Polish League Patch 2011 :
- The latest roster update for the 1st League/LIGA II/LIGA III
- Setting for realistic budgets and skills as 2010/11 season
- New kits, fonts, minikits
- New flags, banners, bandages, logos in the menus and during the match
- The Polish League official ball
- New faces of some top players in the league
- New comments for some players
- Set up by the stadiums. appearance and name
- New Gloves, stadium elements
- NEW CUPS : Polish Super Cup, Polish Cup
- Corrected the name of cups and tournaments (Champions League, European League, etc.)
- The new tights for Polish referees
- New shoes, New captain armband, New balls
- New Canal + Sport scoreboard
- The Original polish league sponsors added
- Added dusk on most stadiums stadiums
- Fixed the names of all leagues, cups and stadiums throughout the game
- Training stadiums unlocked from EA
- Patch will be 100% compatible with the game online through a special changer!
- Easy Choice of popup and scoreboard in the PLP Center

Date : 2013-07-24, Size : 741M, Download : 156, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  RTWC 2014 Expansion Patch (Update 1.2 Available) 
The much awaited RTWC 2014 patch update is finally here! Check all the new features of this amazing expansion patch.

- All 204 national teams that took part in 2014 World Cup Qualifying and the next tournaments: AFC / CONCACAF / OFC / CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying to Finals.
- UEFA/CAF World Cup Qualifying to Finals : CAF, UEFA, CONMEBOL, Final stage of AFC, UEFA and AFC playoff and Intercontinental Playoff and World Cup Finals.
- 2013 African Cup of Nations : Qualifying to Finals
- 2015 Asian Cup : Qualifying to Finals
- 2014 AFC Challenge Cup : Qualifying to Finals
- 2012 Arab Nations cup : Qualifying to Finals
- 2012 Caribbean Cup : Qualifying to Finals
- 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup : Qualifying to Finals
- 2013 EAFF East Asian Cup : Qualifying to Finals
- 2013 Gulf Cup of Nations
- 2012 Baltic cup
- 2013 Copa Centroamericana

(*) Existing Tournaments From First Release : UEFA Euro 2016, 2013 Confederations Cup, 2013 Gold Cup, 2015 Copa America
- Improved database
- Fixed the 99 agression bug and the 5 skill stars bug
- Kit Updates for most of the teams with correct number fonts and positions
- 13/14 Kit Updates for some of the teams
- New Adboards for all tournaments
- New EURO 2016 Scoreboard & Popups
- Updated News Pics
- New logos & New boots
- New CAF 2013 Official Match Ball
- Patch is now available in 7 different langauges: English, Spanish, Italian,French, Polish, German & Portuguese
- Update 1.1 and 1.2 is included in this expansion: List of Updates

You will need the first version of the patch in order to apply this expansion! If you don’t have the first version then please go and download it from here!

This is a TOURNAMENT Patch and career mode won’t be available to play with! All club leagues and teams have been removed! This patch is basically a whole NEW GAME and that’s why you will need a duplicate FIFA 13 to install this patch in order to avoid problems with your main FIFA 13 game.

Date : 2013-06-14, Size : 193M, Download : 1052, Rate : 8.5, Vote : 6

  Iran Professional League 91/92 for FIFA 2013 
This pack contains Iran Professional League 91/92. The details are :

- Persian Gulf League
- Iran's national team
- Flags For All 18 Teams
- Home & Away Kits For All 18 Teams
- Logo For All 32 Teams
- 78 new faces & 430 Minifaces
- Home & Away Minikits For All 18 Teams.

Iran Professional League replaces Netherlands League.

Date : 2013-06-14, Size : 15.9M, Download : 265, Rate : 8.92, Vote : 18

  FIFA Edicion Futbol Argentino 2013 v.2 
The patch includes Primera Division Argentina & Primera B Nacional Argentina. The details are :

- Full Primera Division Argentina with accurate rosters of all 20 teams.
- Home, Away, Third and GK kits for all teams; classic kits for some teams.
- Accurate stats based on other titles like FIFA Manager 13 and Football Manager 2013 with an objective criteria.
- 2012/13 Season with Real Fixtures (days and schedules).
- Official Ball: Adidas Tafugo 2013.
- HD logos for all 20 teams.
- Faces for most important players of the championship.
- Real minifaces for all players.
- Custom Adboards with real sponsors.
- Real referees.
- Trophy image of "Copa Evita Capitana" in tournament mode.
- Flags and miniflags for all teams.
- Tournament available in Career Mode and Tournament Mode (replaces Polish Ekstraklasa, ONLY in Career Mode).

(*) Primera B Nacional Argentina
- Full Primera B Nacional Argentina with accurate rosters of all 20 teams.
- Home, Away and GK kits for all teams; third and classic kits for some teams.
- Accurate stats based on other titles like FIFA Manager 13 and Football Manager 2013 with an objective criteria.
- 2012/13 Season with Real Fixtures (days and schedules).
- Official Ball: Adidas Tafugo 2013.
- HD logos for all 20 teams.
- Faces for most important players of the championship.
- Real minifaces for all players.
- Custom Adboards with real sponsors.
- Real referees & Flags and miniflags for all teams.
- Tournament available in Career Mode and Tournament Mode (replaces Zain Saudi League, ONLY in Career Mode).

(*) Copa Argentina
- Knock-out cup competition based in Copa Argentina, with 40 teams from Primera Division and Primera B Nacional.
- Tournament available in Career Mode and Tournament Mode.

(*) Supercopa Argentina
- Supercup competition between the winners of Primera Divisio'n Argentina and Copa Argentina.
- Tournament available in Career Mode and Tournament Mode.

(*) Copa Libertadores
- Simplified version of Copa Libertadores; best 4 teams from Argentina and best 4 teams from Brazil.
- Tournament available in Career Mode.

(*) AFA-All Stars Team
- The stars of Primera Divisio'n in one single team (replaces MLS-All Stars).

(*) Rest of World
- Rest of World Team: A fictitious team who include free agents and a bunch of players who plays in missing clubs.
- Rest of Europe: Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR), Dynamo de Kiev (UKR), Dinamo de Zagreb (CRO), BATE Borisov (BLR), CFR Cluj (ROM), Fenerbahc,e (TUR), Bes,iktas, (TUR) and Sparta Praga (CZE).
- Rest of World: Al-Ahly (EGY), Auckland City (NZL), Al-Gharafa SC (QAT), Zamalek SC (EGY) and Guangzhou Evergrande (CHN).
- Accurate rosters for all teams.
- Home, Away and GK kits for all teams.
- Accurate stats based on other titles like FIFA Manager 13 and Football Manager 2013 with an objective criteria.
- HD logos for all 20 teams.
- Faces for most important players of the championship.
- Real minifaces for all players.

(*) Default Leagues
- Official Winter Roster Update by EA for all leagues (February 2013).

(*) National Teams
- Paraguay and Venezuela NTs with real players.

Date : 2013-06-05, Size : 239M, Download : 310, Rate : 8.66, Vote : 3

  FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod v.1.8.4 
ModdingWay have released FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod update 1.8.4 version of the FIFA 13! Mod Version 1.8.4 features :
(*) Database 2.0 : according to FIFA Official Update 19/04
(*) Database 4.0
- Added new teams to Rest of Europe : Slavia Praha, Ferencvaros TC, FC Videoton, APOEL Nicosia, AEL Limassol, Universidad Cato'lica
- Added new national teams : China PR, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Costa Rica, Macedonia, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Guatemala, Irak, Indonesia, Thailand, Kora DPR, Malta
(*) Added Asian Cup of Nations added to Career Mode ( DB 4.0 ) and Tournaments Mode
(*) Added Europa League and UEFA CL versions of Camp Nou.
(*) New Ball : Nike T90 Tracer ( assigned to Asian Cup of Nations )
(*) Gameplayzed Databases for both 2.0 and 4.0.
(*) New Kits : Parma 3rd Kit, Lazio Alternative Uniform ( all cyan ), Manchester United ( Third Kit - Blue Shorts - Blue Socks ), Inter Milan ( Kits including 105 years patch and Zanetti armband ), Cardiff 3rd Kit
(*) New Faces

Date : 2013-05-14, Size : 1.55G, Download : 1992, Rate : 3.99, Vote : 7

  Indian Football Mega Patch 2013 
Football.ind.in is proud to present the latest version of the Indian Football Megapatch - IFM 13 v 1.0. The latest version is the first version for FIFA13 and the patch will be updated regularly. Check this post for updates. Contents :
- 14 I-League Teams - Pune FC, Mumbai FC, Air India FC, ONGC FC, Salgaocar FC, Dempo SC, Churchill Brothers SC, Sporting Clube de Goa, Mohun Bagan AC, East Bengal FC, United Sports Club, Pailan Arrows, Shillong Lajong FC, United Sikkim FC.
- Home, Away and GK kits for all teams
- More than 300 players created
- Realistic team styles & Realistic player attributes
- New HQ Boots (Thanks to a L E x_10)
- I-League and Federation Cup - Playable in Career and Tournament Modes
- Updated National Team - Updated to the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers Squad, Original Kits
(*) You won't be able to play your previous saved careers after installing this patch.

Date : 2013-05-08, Size : 167M, Download : 151, Rate : 1, Vote : 1

  2013 Roster Update 
As promised, FIFA Infinity are back with the complete 2013 Roster Update for FIFA 13! All the transfers made until March 31 can be found in this database update with the boot fix included! To get your official 2013 Roster Update for FIFA 13 just go to your Origin, open FIFA 13, select Customise Fifa > Edit teams > Change squads/rosters > Download Updates. If you have server connection issues you can download the updated database file down bellow thanks to Darrek1988 & scouser09! Remember that this database file update is not compatible with any other mods that have database modifications and you must start a new career after you apply this database! ALWAYS do a backup of your db folder!

Date : 2013-04-20, Size : 12.1M, Download : 1872, Rate : 9.89, Vote : 17


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