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  FIFA File Explorer Beta v.1.0 
This program will allow to open the file system of FIFA 12 fast & easily with preview screen.
- You can export & import the file & texture
- Support FIFA format: “.big”, “.rx3″, “.lua”, “.dds”, .bh...
- Import, export with 10 popular picture format : png, bmp, tif, tga, dds...
- Hex editor

Date : 2012-07-21, Size : 13.7M, Download : 288, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Stadium Worker 12 v1.0.5 
Ludo from fifa tools released the updated 1.05 version of his FIFA 12 Stadiums Editing Tool : Stadium W12.

Date : 2012-07-14, Size : 2.0M, Download : 287, Rate : 0, Vote : 1

  The Selector v3.0 - "The Revolutionary Selector" 
This is a Zlatan87's last tool, The Selector 3.0, included in his Superpatch 2.0. He wants release it also for users that not use his Superpatch. This tool is very very useful! It features :

- Revolutionary Match Automatic Selector: that allow you to choose League or Tournament with just one Keypress in menu before a match, after keypress tool will change automatically Popups, Scoreboards, staff members (photographers, cameramen, ballboys, steward) referees, musics, wipes, logos etc...
- Commentary & Speaker Sounder: after we choose a team and activate Sounder we can play most sounds with justa a Keypress, (for example the team anthem with "TAB" Key), we can play also speaker or commentary sounds for a specific player (with Numeric Keypad) and, finally, we can change chants for a specific match (for example. chants against inter, roma etc...)
- Selector of balls, pitches, adboards, logos and staff members!
- Selector of sounds of Intro, Goal Music and Full Time Music!
- Selector of Gameplays!
- TVPopups Changer included, that allow to you to change Scoreboards & Popups (also during a match) you can add also your customs Scoreboards and Popups.
- Finally allow to change wipes (intro and replay animations). You can choose wipes for Friendly and Specific Leagues! Game will load wipes depending a league you are playing!

(*) NB: if you don't see any changes ingame, try to exit and regen!

Date : 2012-05-30, Size : 502M, Download : 489, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  Cyber Faces Converter for FIFA 12 
This program have been designed to export the faces models included into the header_### files. The program will create a .cff file which you can import to blender/rhino/3ds max using the scripts provided into the scripts folder of the installation path. You can also export almost all the 3d models included into .rx3 files but most of them will have bugs but a program to do this in the right way is in progress and wil be available soon.

(*) Importing/Exporting : When you create a cff file you can edit it in blender/rhino/3ds max but you can only move vertex you can´t add or delete any vertex or when you try to import a cff file into a rx3 file you will get an error
(*) In order to run the program without problems you need to install slimdx .net end user runtime(Install both 2.0 and 4.0 versions) : http://slimdx.org/download.php
(*) Also You need to have installed .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

Date : 2012-05-21, Size : 3.9M, Download : 147, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FHL-Scoreboard-Tool 3.1 
Today Bernd releases a new update of the FHL-Scoreboard-Tool. Some bugs were fixed and some great new features were added. The extra-time positioning is working correctly now. Now the FHL-Scoreboard-Tool regenerates automaticly the BH-Files, so you will not need to start the FHL-BH-Editor. You are also able to change the font or add new fonts to FIFA! An other point is, that you can change the texture of the team-bars and turn it around. Have fun with the new version!

Date : 2012-04-21, Size : 792k, Download : 179, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  UGC Master 12 Beta 
Hi friends. It is a little bit that Rinaldo does not update the site but during the week-end Rinaldo had some free time so he has finalized a simple but useful tool UGC Master 12 for extracting data from the "User Generated Contents" that you can download from the EA Creation Center. After downloading, in your FIFA 12 folder you will find a file named "UG something". With this tool you can open the file and unpack its content in a folder of your choice. You will find there a database file that yoy can open with DB Master 12 and several .png files. Enjoy ! Many of you are asking about CM 12, unfortunately I am not sure I will have the time to complete the tool. But ay least I would like to release a new version with the known bugs fixed.

Date : 2012-04-21, Size : 497k, Download : 126, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FHL-Scoreboard-Tool 12 v3.0 
The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool is for editing fifa scoreboards by easy. Probably it is the tool with the most intuitive and user-friendly operability, which MyFHL-Editing ever released. The tool includes many options, which effect you can see in a preview screen. For the exact positioning of the scoreboard elements you can switch between the fifa screen and the tool. You do not need to restart fifa or a game, switching the screens will be enough. The preview in the tool is not exactly the same view as in fifa, it is only for orientation and a better way to position elements.

The proportions of the scoreboard textures, textes and the preview screen correspond to the fifa view. There are some checkboxes on the left side of the options for Hide/Show them to position the other elements much better. The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool can only load compatible big-files. If you do not have a compatible file, just click on the button "New Big". This big file you can edit and open again and again. You can find an other option called "Add to all X-/Y-Values" in the tool, which allows you to move all elements at once (right, down: positiv value; left, up: negativ values).

Date : 2012-03-26, Size : 720k, Download : 184, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Graphic Switcher 12 
After many months of work FIFA Infinity presents you our biggest patch tool ever made for FIFA 12,the Graphic Switcher 12! Tool developed by our great programmer, scouser09! This program allows you to quickly switch graphics in FIFA 12! The tool contains over 100 graphic files made of : adboards, scoreboards, popups, balls, turfs, referee kits and many more!

Inside the tool you will find the General tab that contains 3 special modes :
- Uefa Champions League Mode (Adboards,Ball,Popups,Scoreboard,Referee Kits)
- Europa League Mode (Adboards,Ball,Popups,Scoreboard,Referee Kits)
- Domestic Mode

The domestic mode work as a restorer of the generic files after you apply the UCL/EL mode! So for example if you are in Career Mode and the next match is in UCL, just alt+tab,open the switcher, go to the UCL mode,import it, and get back to your game! After you finish the UCL match, alt+tab again, go to the switcher, select the domestic mode and restore back all the generic files to continue your championship matches!

Date : 2012-03-23, Size : 95.5M, Download : 482, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Overlays Changer v1.0 - Repacked 
Here is a new Popups & Scoreboards Pack for FIFA 12! Popups in this first version are 4 : EPL, LigaBBVA, UEFA Champions League, and Serie A. The Credits are :
- GlauberBatista (OC Software and hex research help, Evolution (Some Scoreboards and Hex research help), Zic (Some Scoreboards)
- EditiamoFifa (Some textures of Serie A Popups), Massi (Bundesliga SB), D. Pinheiro (Coppa Italia), Mipoc (Liga BBVA SB), Anb Seth (World Cup sb)

Date : 2012-03-19, Size : 36.7M, Download : 491, Rate : 7.74, Vote : 4

  DB Master 12 Beta 2 
DB Master 12 allows to edit the main database of FIFA 12 as well as the the language databases. Before you can edit the databases you have to extract them from the .big files. Use the Menu “File\Extract from .BIG”. This operation will extract the files and hide the original files in the .big. You need to do this operation only once, after this operation FIFA 12 will start to use the database extracted and any change takes effect in game. Be aware that modifyng the main database file you are going to loose any career you are playing with an older database. So, if you want to continue your career and also start modifying the game, you can create a backup of the main database file located in "Game\data\db" subfolder and restore it every time you want to continue your career.

Date : 2012-03-09, Size : 512k, Download : 850, Rate : 10, Vote : 1


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