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  FIFA Mania Update 12-13 
Counting on all patch features (some of them have been deleted given that this is an "italian" update, such as there are no new stadiums), this patch consists of:

- DB: Full updated database with teams and rosters and players taken directly from FIFA 13 with some additions (ex. Alex Del Piero). There are also new promoted teams, new national teams (Uruguay, Bolivia, etc) and relegated teams are not present anymore.
- DB: Names of all stadiums
- DB: Names of all managers taken from FIFA 13 and updated to 4/10/2012 (for Serie A and B), added also those of Serie BWIN.
- DB: Added more than 100 realistic referees with realistic strictness.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of kits for all Serie A TIM teams updated to 2012-2013 with also many alternate kits.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of fonts for all Serie A TIM teams updated to 2012-2013.
- GRAPHICS: Some kits for Serie BWIN teams updated to 2012-2013 (missing will come soon with automatic updates).
- GRAPHICS: Full set of fonts for all Serie BWIN teams updated to 2012-2013.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of adboards for all Serie A TIM/ Serie BWIN teams + international adboards for all leagues.
- GRAPHICS: All new balls for all important leagues and competitions (Serie A, BWIN, UCL, EL, etc)
- GRAPHICS: All logos updated for all leagues and teams.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of banners and flags for Serie A TIM and BWIN.
- GRAPHICS: More than 300 new boots.
- GRAPHICS: Updated kits to 2012-2013 for all important teams in the game.
- GRAPHICS: Referee kits updated and assigned to different leagues and competitions.
- GRAPHICS: More than 1500 new faces with more than 150 with realistic tattoos.
- GRAPHICS: Updated some faces to new hair or beardh (ex. Pirlo with beard, etc)
- GRAPHICS: Updated logos for TV wipe in cinematics.
- CAREER MODE: Set the starting year to 2012 and inserted real calendars for most important european leagues, including Serie A TIM.
- CAREER MODE: Inserted 12 players on the bench for friendlies and Serie A matches.
- CAREER MODE: European Cups at the first year activated.
- CAREER MODE: Updated teams position to the last year leaderboard in order to have realistic qualifications to european cups and to activate specific commentary for winning teams (ex. Juventus as winner of 2011/2012 Serie A).
- GLOBAL: Assigned adboards and balls directly to leagues and/or teams thanks to Revolution Mod.
- GLOBAL: Assigned automatically the right graphics to UCL and EL matches in career thanks to Revolution Mod.
- CAREER MODE: inserted specifc kits with Champions League or Europa League badges for Serie A teams that will be automatically activated in the relative matches in career mode, thanks to Revolution Mod. Those kits will not be available in other modes.
- UPDATE TOOL: inserted an update tool to automatically update the patch in the future.

Date : 2012-10-25, Size : 1.05G, Download : 1227, Rate : 5.99, Vote : 4

  Liga Boliviana 12 
FIFA Bolivia is publishing to launch the 2012 Bolivian League Patch. This patch embodies Bolivian League Tournament 2012. It creats many teams and other graphics for 2012 Bolivian League. So if you are interested in the Bolivian League, don't hesitate to download & install it now!

Date : 2012-10-12, Size : 360M, Download : 124, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA Italy Pro Patch v12.1 (2012-13 Season) 
FIPP v12.1 adds new italy tournaments. It contains Lega Pro, Serie D and Eccellenza, realistic Italian Cup, Lega Pro Cup, Dilettanti Cup, Playoffs and Playout. It also update all italian teams transfers to 2012-13 season. It features :

- Play Carrier from 6th italian level to Serie A
- 10 italian leagues: Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D, Eccellenza and others
- Cups, Playoffs and Playouts
- All Lega Pro teams
- Best Serie D and Eccellenza teams
- Updated italian and european transfers
- Kits (11-12), Chants, Faces, Banners, Balls...
- Leagues : Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro Prima Divisione A, Lega Pro Prima Divisione B, Lega Pro Seconda Divisione A, Lega Pro Seconda Divisione B, Serie D gir.A (Nord), Serie D gir.B (Sud), Eccellenza, Others
- Playoff : Serie B: Playoff e Playout, Lega Pro: Playoff e Playout, Serie D: Playoff, Eccellenza: Playoff
- Cups : Coppa Italia (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D), Coppa Italia Lega Pro, Coppa Italia Dilettanti
- New teams : All 69 Lega Pro teams, Best Serie D teams, Best Eccellenza teams

(*) NOTE: italian language only compatible

Date : 2012-09-29, Size : 372M, Download : 373, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  sKeerZ SummerPatch 12-13 "NEW GAME" v.1.1 
Its Readdy ! The version 1.1 RELEASED ! update all English Premier League , Promotions and relegations of England leagues done...This is just a temporary update to let you see what would be this week (2.0) for the 5 leagues. New Features :
- All Transfers done for EPL (26 Aug)
- 12/13 Kits for All EPL Teams
- Correct Numbers of players for EPL
- Promotions and Relegations done for England (just York City and Fleetwood Town not promoted they aren't in game , Macclesfield Town and Hereford United not relegated there are no Conference national league in-game)
- New Transfers of famous leagues : EPL,BBVA,Ligue 1,Serie A,Bundesliga (23 Aug)
- New Kits for many teams
- New Fonts and Numbers for many teams
- Lucas is loaned from PSG to Sao Paulo until : 03/01/2012

Date : 2012-09-29, Size : 76.7M, Download : 567, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  FIFA 12 - Summer Patch 
Here is a new FIFA 12 Summer Patch, which makes many of your FIFA teams up to date! The author just updated the teams for personal use. The patch includes updates for the following teams:

- Bundesliga (Germany): All Teams
- 2. Bundesliga (Germany): 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1. FC Ko"ln, VfL Bochum, Hertha BSC, Dynamo Dresden, FC St. Pauli
- Bundesliga (Austria): FC Red Bull Salzburg
- Barclays Premier League: All Teams
- npower Championship: Birmingham City
- Eredivise: Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, FC Twente
- Liga BBVA: Club Atle'tico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, Athletic Bilbao, Valencia CF, Sevilla FC, Ma'laga CF, Deportivo de La Corun~a
- Liga Portuguesa: SL Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting CP
- Ligue 1: Girondins de Bordeaux, LOSC Lille, Olympique Lyonnais, Montpellier HSC, Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille
- Serie A: Inter, Juventus, AC Milan, AS Roma, SSC Napoli, ACF Fiorentina, S.S. Lazio, Genoa CFC
- Raiffeisen Super League: FC Basel 1893
- Rest of World: Galatasaray SK

The patch includes the following updates for the teams listed above:
- All transfers (Deadline: 3.9.2012 | Last transfer: Hulk to FC Zenit Saint Petersburg)
- Customized overall (current market value as guidance level)
- Customized numbers (Deadline: 3.9.2012)
- New kits for nearly all teams (Just downloaded them; no selfmade kits)
- Lots of new faces (Just downloaded them)
- New logos for: OSC Lille, Raiffeisen Super League, Serie A, Serie B, Teams of Liga Portuguesa, Teams of Serie A, Teams of Serie B

Date : 2012-09-18, Size : 874M, Download : 1854, Rate : 6.66, Vote : 3

  Romanian Next Generation Project 12 v.1.0 
Romanian Next Generation Project is FIFAClub's new project, a team formed from tallented editors who are looking to continue their efforts in creating high-quality FIFA patches. The first version of this project is a FIFA 12 based one. RNGP 12 is build around the Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - v2, which was released several months ago, sharing its elements while adding a lot of new ones aswell. The main goal of the first RNGP is bringing a very complex experience to FIFA 12 fans.

- All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams and all 32 Second League teams are fully licensed
- Up to date rosters (15 July 2012) & Correct season structure (2012/2013)
- Home, Away and some 3rd kits and High-Quality Logos
- A lot of detailed player faces (yet to be announced)
- Real Club Budgets and Accurate player skills
- Real player heights, weights and birthdays
- Custom Team Tactics & Attributes
- Romanian Leagues and Cup are featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode
- Specific "Liga 1 Bergenbier" romanian referees, stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, official balls, chants and more
- A whole bunch of free agent players
- Revamped Romanian National Team
- Many other key additions and touches added into the game that will take the patch quality to the next level
- Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer

Date : 2012-08-26, Size : 140M, Download : 340, Rate : 8, Vote : 2

  Olympic Football Tournament Patch 
This is a Olympic Football Tournament Patch for FIFA 12! It was also the only sport to be held at multiple venues outside London (the host city of the Olympics), with Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Coventry and Cardiff all hosting matches. The finals were played at Wembley Stadium. The men(under 23) competed in a 16-team tournament. It features:
- Real squad names and squad numbers
- Improvised accurate kits and numbers for most teams
- Recreated Tournament to match original olympic tournament

Date : 2012-08-21, Size : 306M, Download : 409, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  FIFA 12 Euro 2012 DLC v.3.3 (All In One) 
23 teams squads databases fix a problem while you are playing an Euro 2012 Tournament. When you play a tournament the game is not too smart. If one of your players is sent off or gets injured it goes to the reserve players. Then when he is back available the game choose randomly one from all the reserves to replace it. To fix this problem we had to remove all reserve players and just leave 23. That way the game understand which ones are the 23 and the player is back between substitutes.

(*) Changelog 3.3
- Licensed Kits for all Teams.
- Licensed Rosters for all teams except Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein, Faroe Island, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Armenia, Cyprus and San Marino
- 4 database options : Complete squads with new faces (Default), Complete squads without new faces, 23 teams squads with new faces, 23 teams squads without new faces
- Faces, Gloves, Boots

Date : 2012-07-21, Size : 150M, Download : 564, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  FNTR Turkish League (STSL) v.1.3 
This is a Turkish League (STSL) v.1.3. It features :
- Revised Budgets for Super League Teams.
- Updated Managers, Player Name and Numbers.
- Real Face and the brand-new balls added.
- Added New Goalkeeper Gloves.
- 2012-2013 National Team Nike kits Added. Bug fixes related to the number and name.
- New Flags and banners for the teams.
- Real Face for added Allstar Players.
- 6 New Rest of World League teams added.
- 12 National Teams Added. : Slovakia, Wales, Canada, Morocco, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Senegal, Azerbaijan, Ukrainian.
- Premier League Teams and Stadium names fixed.
- Barcelona's New Uniforms and MINIKIT added.

Date : 2012-07-21, Size : 305M, Download : 306, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FIFA America Patch 
This is a combination of the best CONMEBOl Teams and the CONCACAF patch. The author released earlier this year but with many more tournaments and graphics added. He also added the K League and A league back into the game and they take part in the World Club Cup. This patch is can only be played in English or Spanish (from Spain not Mexico) language so if your using Spanish language choose the Spain flag not the Mexican flag. It features :

- CONCACAF Champions League, Amway Canadian Championship
- World Club Championship, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana
- Updated Rosters for All Conmebol teams and winter transfer rosters for CONCACAF, MLS and Mexican Leagues.
- Updated MLS League -- with 2012 expansion team Montreal Impact and 2013 expansion team New York Cosmos.
- 24 of CONCACAF’s Best and most historic teams.
- New MLS 2012 league ADIDAS PRIME league and finals ball.
- Accurate rosters for MLS, CONCACAF, and Mexico at winter transfer period.
- Flags for all CONCACAF teams.
- Banners for all CONCACAF, MLS , and some Mexican teams.
- Updated Kits for Mexican League, MLS, South American teams.
- Kits with GK and 3rd and 4th for Conmebol Teams.
- Authentic Kits for Concacaf teams.
- CONCACAF Specific Ballss, scoreboard
- Chants for all MLS teams, all Mexican teams, Concacaf teams
- CONCACAF, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, World Club Cup Adboards
- Adidas Tango FIFA Club World Cup ball.
- Real Stadium and Coaches names
- Accurate formations and starting lineups
- Absolutely no Euro leagues were touched or overwritten and this is meant to be an all inclusive database anyone can use to play in career mode.
Patch will include 88 of the top ranking CONMEBOl teams according to world rankings. These teams are split into 4 leagues with 22 teams per league. Its will have 2 major leagues and 2 2nd division leagues with English style playoff for promotion from 2nd divisions.

Date : 2012-07-14, Size : 290M, Download : 461, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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