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  FIFA Mania Update 12-13 
Counting on all patch features (some of them have been deleted given that this is an "italian" update, such as there are no new stadiums), this patch consists of:

- DB: Full updated database with teams and rosters and players taken directly from FIFA 13 with some additions (ex. Alex Del Piero). There are also new promoted teams, new national teams (Uruguay, Bolivia, etc) and relegated teams are not present anymore.
- DB: Names of all stadiums
- DB: Names of all managers taken from FIFA 13 and updated to 4/10/2012 (for Serie A and B), added also those of Serie BWIN.
- DB: Added more than 100 realistic referees with realistic strictness.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of kits for all Serie A TIM teams updated to 2012-2013 with also many alternate kits.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of fonts for all Serie A TIM teams updated to 2012-2013.
- GRAPHICS: Some kits for Serie BWIN teams updated to 2012-2013 (missing will come soon with automatic updates).
- GRAPHICS: Full set of fonts for all Serie BWIN teams updated to 2012-2013.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of adboards for all Serie A TIM/ Serie BWIN teams + international adboards for all leagues.
- GRAPHICS: All new balls for all important leagues and competitions (Serie A, BWIN, UCL, EL, etc)
- GRAPHICS: All logos updated for all leagues and teams.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of banners and flags for Serie A TIM and BWIN.
- GRAPHICS: More than 300 new boots.
- GRAPHICS: Updated kits to 2012-2013 for all important teams in the game.
- GRAPHICS: Referee kits updated and assigned to different leagues and competitions.
- GRAPHICS: More than 1500 new faces with more than 150 with realistic tattoos.
- GRAPHICS: Updated some faces to new hair or beardh (ex. Pirlo with beard, etc)
- GRAPHICS: Updated logos for TV wipe in cinematics.
- CAREER MODE: Set the starting year to 2012 and inserted real calendars for most important european leagues, including Serie A TIM.
- CAREER MODE: Inserted 12 players on the bench for friendlies and Serie A matches.
- CAREER MODE: European Cups at the first year activated.
- CAREER MODE: Updated teams position to the last year leaderboard in order to have realistic qualifications to european cups and to activate specific commentary for winning teams (ex. Juventus as winner of 2011/2012 Serie A).
- GLOBAL: Assigned adboards and balls directly to leagues and/or teams thanks to Revolution Mod.
- GLOBAL: Assigned automatically the right graphics to UCL and EL matches in career thanks to Revolution Mod.
- CAREER MODE: inserted specifc kits with Champions League or Europa League badges for Serie A teams that will be automatically activated in the relative matches in career mode, thanks to Revolution Mod. Those kits will not be available in other modes.
- UPDATE TOOL: inserted an update tool to automatically update the patch in the future.

Date : 2012-10-25, Size : 1.05G, Download : 1223, Rate : 5.99, Vote : 4

  Liga Boliviana 12 
FIFA Bolivia is publishing to launch the 2012 Bolivian League Patch. This patch embodies Bolivian League Tournament 2012. It creats many teams and other graphics for 2012 Bolivian League. So if you are interested in the Bolivian League, don't hesitate to download & install it now!

Date : 2012-10-12, Size : 360M, Download : 124, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod 
This gameplay patch has been designed and tested for Career mode gaming but can be used with other modes too. This is a personal little mod derived from Fidel’s and Regularcat’s attempts at achieving a better game (and succeeding). The key difference is I do not change any attributes/stats or team styles, just the way the game plays and how the AI approaches it.

- This mod will replace all other AI specific mods but not the databases (db files)
- This mod is compatible with all saved career modes
- This mod is compatible with all single-player game modes.
(*) Detailed features are :

- FIXED bug with celebrations.
- The right-stick flick is not so powerful. The ball speed has decreased but you still can get past slow players.
- Tweaked ball speed so shots are not so overpowered in some situations.
- CPU defending is better at blocking shots and passes.
- CPU defending is more aggressive.
- The ball is faster, looser and bouncier. In turn the spin modifier has been decreased.
- The tactics and mentality have been fixed and utilized.
- No changes to player stats, no false improvements to AI.
- Fight and battle for the ball, feel the strength and pace of each player.
- Feel the game change as players improve when in form and decline when “rattled”.
- Improved AI understanding of the pitch.
- More aggressive attacking of space and full backs overlap.
- Players look for space to take long shots.
- Difficulty is no longer changed depending on AI team rating, a totally fair game.
- Very harsh game/match rating system, inspired from Football Manager.
- Player’s attributes will no longer decrease at an old age if the player is still playing well ( => 6 rating ) but if they play poorly they will decrease faster.
- AI teams now only try to improve the core of the squad by looking at their 5 best players and then making an informed decision.
- AI teams look more specifically for players they desperately need rather than needlessly buying.
- Players who are in the first team are now more expensive.
- Transfer listed players can be obtained for cheaper.
- Youth team players can now have 99 Potential.
- Youth team players can now be young as 13.
- Youth team players initial ratings can now be higher than 80. (rare)

Date : 2012-10-12, Size : 8.0M, Download : 668, Rate : 9, Vote : 2

  FC Schalke 04 Face Pack v.2 
This facepack includes the playerfaces for FIFA 12 : Benedikt Howedes, Ibrahim Afellay, Jefferson Farfan, Julian Draxler, Lars Unnerstall, Lewis Holtby. Check out the screenshot, and download it now!

Date : 2012-10-06, Size : 18.5M, Download : 148, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  SC Freiburg Kit Pack 12/13 
It includes the 2012-2013 season home, away, gk, 3rd kits for SC Freiburg.

Date : 2012-10-06, Size : 13.2M, Download : 48, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Kit Pack 12/13 
It includes the 2012-2013 season home, away, gk, 3rd kits for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Date : 2012-10-06, Size : 15.7M, Download : 31, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  1. FC Nurnberg Kit Pack 12/13 
It includes the 2012-2013 season home, away, gk, 3rd kits for 1. FC Nurnberg.

Date : 2012-10-06, Size : 12.9M, Download : 24, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA Italy Pro Patch v12.1 (2012-13 Season) 
FIPP v12.1 adds new italy tournaments. It contains Lega Pro, Serie D and Eccellenza, realistic Italian Cup, Lega Pro Cup, Dilettanti Cup, Playoffs and Playout. It also update all italian teams transfers to 2012-13 season. It features :

- Play Carrier from 6th italian level to Serie A
- 10 italian leagues: Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D, Eccellenza and others
- Cups, Playoffs and Playouts
- All Lega Pro teams
- Best Serie D and Eccellenza teams
- Updated italian and european transfers
- Kits (11-12), Chants, Faces, Banners, Balls...
- Leagues : Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro Prima Divisione A, Lega Pro Prima Divisione B, Lega Pro Seconda Divisione A, Lega Pro Seconda Divisione B, Serie D gir.A (Nord), Serie D gir.B (Sud), Eccellenza, Others
- Playoff : Serie B: Playoff e Playout, Lega Pro: Playoff e Playout, Serie D: Playoff, Eccellenza: Playoff
- Cups : Coppa Italia (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Serie D), Coppa Italia Lega Pro, Coppa Italia Dilettanti
- New teams : All 69 Lega Pro teams, Best Serie D teams, Best Eccellenza teams

(*) NOTE: italian language only compatible

Date : 2012-09-29, Size : 372M, Download : 372, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  sKeerZ SummerPatch 12-13 "NEW GAME" v.1.1 
Its Readdy ! The version 1.1 RELEASED ! update all English Premier League , Promotions and relegations of England leagues done...This is just a temporary update to let you see what would be this week (2.0) for the 5 leagues. New Features :
- All Transfers done for EPL (26 Aug)
- 12/13 Kits for All EPL Teams
- Correct Numbers of players for EPL
- Promotions and Relegations done for England (just York City and Fleetwood Town not promoted they aren't in game , Macclesfield Town and Hereford United not relegated there are no Conference national league in-game)
- New Transfers of famous leagues : EPL,BBVA,Ligue 1,Serie A,Bundesliga (23 Aug)
- New Kits for many teams
- New Fonts and Numbers for many teams
- Lucas is loaned from PSG to Sao Paulo until : 03/01/2012

Date : 2012-09-29, Size : 76.7M, Download : 567, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  Immersion Gameplay: Football for Real 
Here is a new Gameplay mod for FIFA 12. This is AndreaPirlo21's first mod, and he would like to receive feedback to make it better. Here are some features:
- Personalized players : Each player plays according to their special traits and statistics. Thus, CR7 shows skills and flair, while Gerrard takes many longshots.
- Unique team build-up and style of play : As with each player, each team will play according to the traits of all the players combined. Teams such as England will play long-balls and take longshots. They will also attempt to use Carrol's heading ability and Walcott's pace. Barcelona plays possession, while looking for an opportunity for a through pass.
- Errors: Yes, errors. The AI is no longer a god on both defense and offense. Bad passes, missed tackles, and fouls are increased.
- Variance: The AI will attack at different speeds in different situations. Counter attacks are seen when the User's defense is out of position. Slower build-up and possession will result with better positioned defenders. You must play strong defense to win!
- Game Speed, passing, and dribbling: Game speed is slowed down at even default sliders. Passing and dribbling skills are decreased. Missed traps and loose balls happen more often.
- AI Defense: Probably the most important change in this gameplay mod. Defenders show realistic aggression at different situations and areas on the pitch. The closer you get to goal, the more pressure you will encounter. Defenders miss tackles and slide tackle more. Mentality and positioning are increased. The D-line is compact. Choose your though passes carefully!
- Longshots and finishing: The AI in general will take around 3 longshots a game, depending on which team the CPU is. AI finishing is decreased; not every shot will go in.
- For the user, longshot accuracy has increased, but not as accurate as Ultimate Team Finishing has decreased, which includes finesse shots.
- Goalkeepers: Better reactions and movement. Certain goalkeepers are better in one-on-one situations.

Date : 2012-09-29, Size : 23.7M, Download : 419, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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