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  Face Design Master 10 v1.03 
It has been a hard job but now my new tool is ready: Face Design Master 10. If you are a face makers this tool will open new horizons to you - forget Oedit - merge heads and hair, morph 3D models and create an infinite set of new heads. Convert face textures from FIFA 09 or create a new texture starting form the original picture of a player. If you are not a face maker this tool will help you to make the first steps in this fantastic world. The updated features from a previous cersion are :

- Create new heads for specific players : Merge face and hair of different players = Face morphing: you can smoothly blend the face of your target player with the face of another player obtaining an infinite range of new 3D models.
- Import face textures from FIFA 09 : Create a brand new face texture starting from a real picture

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 1.1M, Download : 1032, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Free Kick Master 10 v1.02 
Free Kick-Setplay Editor for FIFA 10 has been released! Free Kick Master is an editor that allows you to modify the schemes used during corners and free kicks in FIFA 10. The editor comes with a set of new schemes that you can import immediately in the game or to use as a starting point to create your own schemes.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 1.0M, Download : 229, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Sound Master 10 v1.02 
An editor that allows you to edit many of the sounds available in FIFA 10. In this version you can modify chants, commentaries and songs. The FIFA 10 edition of the popular Sound Master comes with a new design that greatly speeds up the sound editing and allows you to exploit the new features of the commentary present in FIFA 10 like the calls of goalkeepers and teams. As usual, you can edit Commentary, Chants or Songs and create your own patch in smp format (similar to .cmp format) to share with the community. It changes commentary and chants of your FIFA 10 : Add new players call, Change commentary, Add new crowd chants or national anthems and, Last but not least, play your favourite songs while playing FIFA.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 2.3M, Download : 1022, Rate : 8.5, Vote : 2

  Internal Master 10 v1.02 
This is an editor for the files saved by FIFA 10 including: career files, tournament files, squad files and cooperative files. If you already know DB Master 10 you will feel at home using also Internal Master 10. IM10 is a generic editor for the files saved by EA Sports FIFA series including : career files, tournament files, squad files and cooperative files.

The main difference with DBM10 is that a table cannot have any number of records but, instead, each table has a fixed number of records but some of them can be empty. IM10 will show empty records as record with the first field set to ?1. In order to edit an internal file, IM10 needs to use info that are saved in the fifa.db. IM09 automatically opens your fifa.db and uses it but it will not modify it.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 480k, Download : 357, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Manager Master 10 v1.02 
A new version of Manager Master 10 is now available for download. If you already know Creation Master 10 you will feel at home also with Manager Master 10 (MM10). MM10 has been specifically designed to edit your career, it will modify your career file (for example B.MyCareer) as well as your main database (fifa.db) but keeping them aligned and avoiding any editing operation that could corrupt your career. This is a list of the main features available in MM10:

- Transfer players to and from any team
- Edit players statistics
- Edit the contract state of each player
- Change the teams participating to a tournament
- Change the team formation and tactics
- Modify the manager's staff
- Edit the manager's current situation
- Change the board expectations
- Change the sponsor budget
- Modify the dates of the matches to be played
- Modify the standing of all the simulated tournament (the ones that are not played by you directly)

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 2.7M, Download : 1395, Rate : 8, Vote : 3

  Kit Design Master 10 v1.01 
The 10 version of Kit Design Master is available now. If you are not a Kit Maker this tool will make the kit design easy for everybody. If you already are an expert kit maker, I hope you can benefit from this tool and increase your productivity.

With this tool you can quickly create new jerseys for FIFA 10. With this tool you can quickly create new jerseys for the 10th FIFA. This requires that you have a jersey load, which is similar to be drawn. This requires that you have a jersey load, which is similar to be drawn. Then just need change colors and logos will be added. Then just need change colors and logos will be added. It is also possible to mix different jerseys. It is also possible to mix different jerseys. The same is also equipped with mini possible.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 1.3M, Download : 1245, Rate : 6.25, Vote : 4

  Animations Master 10 Beta 2 
Edit the movements that players do during the game.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 468k, Download : 416, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  CMS Patch Converter Beta 3 
Convert any patch in a CMS compliant patch.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 608k, Download : 218, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA 10 Backup Utility v1.1 
The FIFA 10 Backup Utility has been updated! This small utility enables you to make backup important FIFA 10 files easily. If you install the FIFA patches frequently, specially super patch, we strongly suggest you use this utility. This program may relieve your burden. You don't need to re-install FIFA 10 because of the wrong patch.

This utility does not backup all files, but backup some essential files. So you can run FIFA 10 without problem though you install any patch. And this utility provides restoration function and error solving function for "game crash" problem. Must have it to play FIFA 10 more stable.

Date : 2009-12-29, Size : 1.6M, Download : 2123, Rate : 8.88, Vote : 10

  Kit Models Switcher 10 
Kit Models Switcher 10 is an incredible evolution of the revolutionary tool that was done for the first time for Fifa 10. Guys, the kit model switcher will be able to let the user choose which model to assign to every player in the pitch, to the referee and the linesmen. So, if the user wants, he can even put a different model to every player. This means that you can download or make a new player model (even the strangest you can think: what about Mickey Mouse costume?) and assign it to the player you prefer before the match starts. And that's why it is also called as a "Switcher"

Date : 2009-12-25, Size : 10.5M, Download : 931, Rate : 10, Vote : 1


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