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  Ultimate Switcher Beta 
The tool is still in development stage. Basicly the tool allows you to switch between various FIFA graphics (EG balls, adboards , scoreboards etc) Steps to Install

1 )Extract "FIFA10" folder.
2) Copy contents i.e. "CJD", "x223__10.fsh" to "C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 10".
3) To launch the Switcher go to "E:\Carlton\FIFA10\FIFA10\CJD\Ultimate Switcher" and launch USBeta.exe.

The FEATURES are : Switch options (Can be switched while FIFA is running) : Adboards, Balls, Crowds, Scoreboards, Popups, Gloves, Nets, Refree Kit, Tunnel, Gameplay, Mowing Pattern, and Turf Style.

Date : 2010-08-05, Size : 22.7M, Download : 992, Rate : 6.79, Vote : 5

  OFiles Worker v3.0 
OFiles Worker has been updated by 3.0 version! This is a usefil tool for *.o files. It features import, export, and other useful function.

Date : 2010-05-24, Size : 2.2M, Download : 534, Rate : 8, Vote : 3

  X Popup Changer Mini Version 
X Popup Changer Mini Version features :
- Changing popups and scoreboards
- Restore original popup and scoreboard
- You can choose only scoreboard or popup, or both.
- Import to the game in the game! You must only minimize FIFA 10!
- Vista/7 compatible, online compatible
- Language: Polish and English (select in the install).

It contains the following popups :
- Canal Plus Sport, TVP Sport by Simon
- EA Sports, Ekstraklasa, TVP Info, UEFA Europa League by Cesc93
- FIFA World Cup, Console Style by cjd17
- UCL, SERIE A, Bundesliga, Liga Sagres, Barca TV, by cjd17
- La Liga by ArgVega
- EPL by Roberto87

It contains the following 15 scoreboards :
- FIFA World Cup, SERIE A, UCL by cjd17
- Ekstraklasa, TVP Info, UCL, UEFA Europa League by Cesc93
- Bundesliga, Ellada Super League, Premier Liha, Turckell Super League by Cesc93
- EPL by Roberto87, TVP Sport, Canal Plus Sport by Simon
- EA Sports original

Date : 2010-05-20, Size : 23.6M, Download : 1477, Rate : 4, Vote : 4

  X TV Popups & Scoreboard Tool 
MonkeyDragon with CJD 17 together release their super patch on TV POPUPS and SCOREBOARD. Remember, all TV Popups and Scoreboard NEW GENERATION only on FIFA-INFINITY.COM.
(*) Popups and Scoreboard List
- CJD : Barca TV, Bundesliga, Console Style, FIFA World Cup, Liga Sagres, Serie A Canal+, Serie A Mediaset, Serie A Sky Sports, Uefa Champions League 2009-10
- MD : Barclay Premier League, Console 10 Style 2 TV POPUPS
- EA SPORTS Original
- MD -- Barclay Premier League, Console 10 Style 2 SCOREBOARD
- EA SPORTS Original

Date : 2010-04-17, Size : 10.0M, Download : 1596, Rate : 10, Vote : 5

  X Flag Tool 
This tool lets you import/export flag in FIFA 10. It features : Support PNG 256x128, Export as FSH and BMP file, Saving time with "Sequence Load Files".

Date : 2010-01-27, Size : 1.9M, Download : 180, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  X Boot Tool 
This tool lets you import boots to FIFA 10. It features : Support PNG 256x256, Player list database.

Date : 2010-01-27, Size : 2.3M, Download : 492, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  X Adboard Tool 
X ADBOARD TOOL allows IMPORT/EXPORT FIFA 10 PC adboard. It features : Support PNG 512x128, Export as FSH and BMP, View adboard with EA GRAPHIC EDITOR, Optional FIFA.FAT regenerator, Friendly user interface. The Template must be 512x128 and Each region is 512x44.

Date : 2010-01-27, Size : 2.3M, Download : 386, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Creation Master 10 v1.03 
The 3rd version of THE GUI based Editor for FIFA 10 (working with 64 bit operating systems!) With Creation Master 10 (CM10) you can edit many of the characteristics of FIFA 10. CM10 works with the following files :

- The main database fifa.db
- The language database that you have chosen (for example eng.db)
- The zdata_XX.big archives that contain most of the resources used by FIFA 10 while playing a game and the archives saved under the gui folder that contain the resources used by FIFA 10 for its Graphical User Interface.
- CM10 show objects using the same rule of FIFA 10: zdata first and root folder second.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 10.3M, Download : 7726, Rate : 7.61, Vote : 11

  DB Master 10 v1.03 
This is the FIFA 10 edition of the popular database editor for FIFA games. The expand database function has been redesigned to fit the FIFA 10 database structure. Edit any *.db file, of course the most important is the fifa.db. The intelli-edit scheme is updated for FIFA 10 in order to help you in the editing process. The expand database allows to expand the capacity of the database.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 481k, Download : 1092, Rate : 7.49, Vote : 4

  File Master 10 v1.03 
Navigate through the FIFA 10 file system. Import and export any file from archived files. Regenerate FAT specific for FIFA 10. This is the FIFA 10 edition of the popular file system explorer for FIFA games. The FAT regeneration has been redesigned in order to fit the FIFA 10 rules. You can navigate through all the files of FIFA, the archived files (with extension .big or .viv) are shown like compressed folders.

The program distinguishes between physical files and archived files and lets you operate with them properly. You can perform any kind of operation with files like export, import, rename, remove, compress, decompress, cut and paste and so on. The FIFA file system has a set of files with extension .fat and .bh that are used to describe the structure of the archives, every time you modify an archive, the fat and bh files are kept up to date.

Date : 2010-01-25, Size : 1.8M, Download : 1169, Rate : 10, Vote : 1


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