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  Nike T90 Tracer Ball Pack 
This is a small T90 Tracer pack. This new Nike TOTAL 90 TRACER Match ball which will be used in the Premier League, Serie A and Spanish Primera Division next 10/11 season. The T90 TRACER will be used from 01 Jul 2010 until 30 Jun 2011. The design features : Geometric precision distributes pressure evenly, for an accurate and powerful strike no matter where the ball is hit., Depth-enhanced performance graphic designed to engage the vision quickly. Designed to fly faster, farther, and more accurately off your powerful foot, the Total90 Tracer comes with visuals to keep you on target for game-changing passes and strikes.

Date : 2010-08-11, Size : 1.2M, Download : 1485, Rate : 9.49, Vote : 4

  Adidas Jabulani Ball Pack 
As a little addition for the FIFA Football World Cup, which was won by Spain the first time, this is a nice download by FIFA4Fans graphic artist Den for you : the official matchball of the World Cup, the first time with the right o-model ! You can import the ball with the Creation Master 10 by Rinaldo. Please take care about the ReadMe, which is included in the download.

Date : 2010-07-20, Size : 1.3M, Download : 1164, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA Evolution Console Gameplay v.1 
This new AI patch includes :
- Complete new ball physics, New ball bounce effect
- Brand new ball roll effect, New AI gameplay for computer players
- More spectacular kicks, More real crosses and shoots
- New sideline throws distances, New pass sistem
- New player positioning, More real free kicks and corner kicks
- More years of career in manager mode
- More players and better players for youth academy
- More levels for manager mode
- Younger players than befor in youth academy
- New bundget calculation
- Bigger coefficient of supporters per game
- And other big surprises...

Date : 2010-07-20, Size : 827k, Download : 1613, Rate : 7.49, Vote : 8

  Bundesliga Adboards Pack 
This Bundesliga Adboards Pack contains new adboards for Bundesliga.

Date : 2010-06-30, Size : 4.7M, Download : 285, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Adidas Torfabrik - Bundesliga Ball 2010/2011 
This download includes the official Matchball of the Bundesliga season 2010/2011. The ball can be imported with the Creation Master 10.

Date : 2010-06-26, Size : 504k, Download : 586, Rate : 10, Vote : 2

  Seria A Adboards Pack 
This Seria A Adboards Pack contains new adboards for Seria A.

Date : 2010-06-26, Size : 4.7M, Download : 309, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Generic Brazilian Adboards 
FIFA Infinity's modder HOUSE created his national generic championship adboards and he talks about the Campeonato Brasileiro adboards for the new season! You can view the screenshot above to check the adboards quality.

Date : 2010-06-22, Size : 816k, Download : 147, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA World Cup 2010 Adboards 
This download includes the adboards of the World Cup 2010. You can import the adboards with the Creation Master 10.

Date : 2010-06-07, Size : 780k, Download : 548, Rate : 6.5, Vote : 2

  1. Bundesliga Adboard Patch 2009/10 v1.1 
This patch includes the original adboards of all 18 teams out of the German 1. Bundesliga of the season 2009/10. The adboards are available with and without shades. The patch can be installed by using the Creation Master 10: By importing the cmp files or by manual installation by importing the texture files (png).

Date : 2010-05-18, Size : 7.3M, Download : 172, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Adidas Jabulani Ball Pack 
It includes another very nice Adidas Jabulani Ball pack for FIFA 10. There are 12 colors & designs of Adidas Jabulani Balls. The Adidas Jabulani is the official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The ball was unveiled in Cape Town, South Africa on December 4, 2009. Jabulani means "celebrate" in Zulu. The ball is constructed using a new design consisting of eight spherically-moulded components, with four triangular design elements on a white background. Eleven different colours are used, representing the 11 players in a football team and the 11 official languages of South Africa.

Date : 2010-05-06, Size : 1.7M, Download : 1058, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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