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▶ FIFA 09 Demo

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  Football Manager 2009 
THE world’s most addictive football game is back, bigger and better than ever---and the News of the World is offering every reader a FREE demo download. Football Manager 2009 has brilliant new features this year including matches played in 3D and animations of players from different camera angles.

TV View allows you to customise your match day screen with widgets to view the information you need. There’s also pre-match and in-match feedback from your assistant manager on how the team is performing and your player’s motivation levels, as well as hints on how your tactics are working and how you could outwit the opposition’s tactics.

Also, train your players to learn special moves to add to their game. For example, train central defenders to not dive into tackles, or wingers to do stepovers before crossing the ball. Developer Miles Jacobson, of Sports Interactive, said: "With the 3D view of the match engine, and dozens of animations for each player, this year is definitely one of revolution for the Football Manager series." The demo features the English and Scottish leagues, with no player photos or club badges in order to reduce the size of the download.

Date : 2008-11-21, Size : 1.0G, Download : 546, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA Manager 09 Demo 
FIFA Manager 09 gives you full control over the management of a football club. You are responsible for the line-up, the tactics and the training of your team as well as for signing the right players, improving the club facilities and the stadium. It is also important that you maintain good relationships with your players, the board, the sponsors and the press. But FIFA Manager 09 goes further. Managing your national team is one of the options, playing as a player manager is another one (in this case you can even control your player on the pitch). And then there is the ultimate challenge: Found your own club and work your way up the leagues to finally become Champions!

This demo is limited to the first divisions of six countries. The full game will include 67 divisions in 41 countries. We have also limited the number of stadiums to 4 (the final game will have more than 30) and there are no authentic 3D player heads, no commentary, no stadium editor and no club facilities. Also several game modes of the full game (like National Team Mode, Multiplayer, Create a Club or the Action Mode) and the new match prognosis feature are disabled. This demo will end after 90 days within the game. You can load and save your game and you can continue your save game with the full game.

Date : 2008-11-18, Size : 876M, Download : 581, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA 09 Demo Adidas Finale 8 Ball 
Here is a new Adidas Finale Ball patch for UEFA Champions league 2008-2009 season! This patch includes very realistic Adidas finale ball for FIFA 09 Demo, so you will not be disappointed with it's graphic quality. You can see the most high quality balls never seen before. The Adidas Finale ball is the current official football of the UEFA Champions League, and has been since the 2000/2001 season. The ball is therefore designed with emphasis on the stars of the UEFA Champions League logo. Download it now, and get the great feeling !

Date : 2008-10-06, Size : 1.1M, Download : 405, Rate : 9.5, Vote : 2

  FIFA 09 Demo Stadium Pack 2 
This patch adds & modifies FIFA 09 Demo Stadiums Pack made by Mario79. Made by Mario79 this Stadiums Pack for FIFA 09 Demo includes Highbury, Stamford Bridge, Velodrome, and Wembley. In this patch, eafh has added or replaced 6 new stadiums including San Siro / Santiago Bernabeu / Wien / / Veltins Arena / Anfield / Old Trafford. Now you can play one of 9 stadiums if you wish. Don't hesitate to download this great stadium pack! (Stadium name, preview pictures has not being changed.)

Date : 2008-10-04, Size : 22.8M, Download : 612, Rate : 10, Vote : 3

  PES 2009 PC Demo 
PES 2009 Demo has been released it is about 1.1 GB. The PES 2009 demo will also include promotional videos detailing the new game's 'Become a Legend' and online 'Legends' modes, which see the player controlling just one player within a team and attempting to forge a career in football. Starting as a promising 17-year-old, players must force their way into the first team and produce a series of blistering performances which will ultimately result to a move to one of Europe's biggest sides. Or, on the flipside, poor performances can see a player struggling in the lower leagues and eventually being released.

Players will be able to select fully licensed Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Barcelona club teams, or the licensed Italian or French national sides. The demo will allow users an early taste of the all-new elements set to further bolster PES 2009's reputation as the definitive football game. All new visuals with completely remodeled players and animations, and new physics routines to ensure the ball behaves more realistically have been included, while the AI of the CPU sides has been enhanced to provide an ever evolving challenge.

Date : 2008-10-04, Size : 1.1G, Download : 1530, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  FIFA Evolution Demo 29 Teams Patch 
An independently exclusive patch with 23 add-on teams to FIFA 09 database, you can play your game or this patch, it's your choice, no conflict at all. It FEATURES :

- 23 Home, Away, GK kits / 23 mini kits pack: Home, Away.
- 23 new logos in game, 23 flags.
- Roster for 23 teams WITHOUT SPECIFIC FACES.
- TEAMS LIST : Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Muchen, VfB Stuttgart, Werder Bremen, Inter, Juventus, Roma, Girondins Bordeaux, Olympique Lyonnais, Celtic, SL Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting Portugal, FC Barcelona, Ajax, PSV, Fenerbahe SK, Valencia CF, Sevilla FC, Boca Juniors, Amrica, and original demo teams(Chelsea, FC Schalke 04, Milan, Olympique de Marseille, Real Madrid, and Toronto FC)

Date : 2008-10-01, Size : 11.5M, Download : 1352, Rate : 4.98, Vote : 7

  FIFA 09 Demo Adboards 
This patch will install new HQ adboards to your Fifa 09 demo.

Date : 2008-10-01, Size : 4.3M, Download : 241, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  File Master 09 
Explore the file system of FIFA 09, import and export any file. File Master 2009 is a file system manager for FIFA 09. You can navigate through all the files of FIFA, the archived files (with extension .big or .viv) are shown like compressed folders. The program distinguishes between physical files and archived files and let you operate with them properly. You can perform any kind of operation with files like export, import, rename, remove, compress, decompress, cut and paste and so on.

The FIFA file system has a set of files with extension .fat and .bh that are used to describe the structure of the archives, every time you modify an archive the fat and bh files are kept up to date. If you need to manage files previously modified with another program, you can perform a complete regeneration of the file system.

Date : 2008-10-01, Size : 1.0M, Download : 7633, Rate : 2.57, Vote : 40

  UEFA Champions League Adboards 
This is a UEFA Champions League adboards patch for FIFA 09 Demo. There are two types in patch: electric and usual. If you feel the realism in the game, don't hesitate to download this adboards patch.

Date : 2008-09-29, Size : 2.5M, Download : 381, Rate : 3.33, Vote : 3

  FIFA 09 Demo Dutch Patch 
FIFA Benelux have released this patch which includes the Top Dutch Teams: Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord Rotterdam in your FIFA 09 Demo. The patch includes : Home and Away Kits, Minikits, Correct rosters, Correct squad numbers, and Flags.

Date : 2008-09-29, Size : 1.9M, Download : 303, Rate : 1, Vote : 1


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