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  08 Popups Manager v3.0 Final 
EA ORIGINAL POPUPS added ! Monkey Dragon released the final tool for FIFA 08: 08 POPUPS MANAGER. There are 9 popups : Bundesliga, English Premier League, Fox Sports, Serie A, Setanta Sports, Sport TV, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, UEFA Euro 2008. He also added SCOREBOARD with NAME ON and SCOREBOARD with NAME OFF. You can easily switch between them while in game. This update fixed scoreboard at HIGH RESOLUTION such as : 1440x900. Thanks all for reporting problem.

Date : 2008-07-08, Size : 3.4M, Download : 5148, Rate : 8.74, Vote : 19

  08 Popups Manager v3.0 
MonkeyDragon is back with his fantastic Popups Manager v3.0! This tool lets you change TV POPUPS and SCOREBOARD in FIFA 08. It contains UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE & UEFA EURO 2008 popups(More ADD-ON coming soon.) MonkeyDragon's popups are very modernistic, so you will not be disappointed with the result. Check out the screenshot, and get it now ! HOW TO USE ? - 1) TV POPUPS : On the left of application, select popups you want and click IMPORT, (2) TV SCOREBOARD - In order to use NEW SB TECHNOLOGY, you MUST check "APPLY NEW SB TECH", this will take a few minutes. To restore your current SB, UNCHECK this one.

Date : 2008-06-06, Size : 1.5M, Download : 2347, Rate : 10, Vote : 7

  FIFA FS v5.1.20 Beta 
When another FIFA Series game is coming out, it's time to update fifafs tool. Luckily, fifafs based on solid framework developed in years (not .NET Framework of course, so update takes about an hour. So meet first tool for UEFA 08 - fifafs 5.1.20 beta.

fifaFS ? tool for dealing with FIFA game series file systems (zdata_xx.big, zdata_xx.bh, fifa.fat) and just ordinary big files. High productivity and speed. From version 5 non-console exe and GUI progress bar added for better look in install packages. fifaFS is the only program that regenerates FAT correctly and works correctly with .big files. It might restore your FAT if it was corrupted by other programs (like Creation Centre or FATBHBuilder). FifaFS is ideal tool for professional patchmaker.

Date : 2008-04-17, Size : 370k, Download : 1302, Rate : 10, Vote : 3

  FIFA 08 Unlimited FAT Fix 
Fixed fifa08.exe that will run with bigger FAT (max 50000 entries supported). Original fifa08.exe can handle only 22500 FAT entries, so if you added more then about 1050 files you will need this fix. For patchmakers who want to include this file in patch installation, we recommend not to overwrite user's original fifa08.exe, just add this one and make separate shortcut for running it.

Date : 2008-04-17, Size : 5.9M, Download : 2438, Rate : 7.4, Vote : 5

  DB Master 08 v3.03 
The latest Generic editor for database files of FIFA 08. DB Master 08 is a generic editor for the database files used in the EA-Sports FIFA series. The release v3.02 of DB Master 08 offers several new and unique features including :

Search function, the capability to Import/Export tables in standard file format reusable by Excel, but the most important is Intelli-Edit, a technology that allows you to customize the editor behaviour and greatly simplify the editing process.

Date : 2008-04-08, Size : 454k, Download : 2531, Rate : 5.99, Vote : 5

  File Master 08 v3.02 
Explore the file system of FIFA 08, import and export any file. File Master 2008 is a file system manager for FIFA 08. You can navigate through all the files of FIFA, the archived files (with extension .big or .viv) are shown like compressed folders. The program distinguishes between physical files and archived files and let you operate with them properly. You can perform any kind of operation with files like export, import, rename, remove, compress, decompress, cut and paste and so on.

The FIFA file system has a set of files with extension .fat and .bh that are used to describe the structure of the archives, every time you modify an archive the fat and bh files are kept up to date. If you need to manage files previously modified with another program, you can perform a complete regeneration of the file system. When importing a graphic file an automatic hash function is performed so any graphic file is uniquely identified and this avoids the well known problem of two teams with the same kit when you play the game.

Date : 2008-04-08, Size : 831k, Download : 1264, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  FAT Master 08 v1.02 
Regenerate FAT and BH files for FIFA 08. FAT Master 08 regenerates the fifa.fat file and all the all the zdata_xx.bh files. It also includes some very useful diagnostic functions. At start up Fat Master 08 recognizes the presence of a FIFA 08 file system looking in your registry and select it as the root directory. You can eventually change it using the browse button. If the current folder does not contain a valid fifa.fat file, the regenerate function is disabled. (You need the .NET framework 2 in order to run this program)

Date : 2008-04-08, Size : 435k, Download : 1050, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 2

  Champions League Evolutions 08 
It is not a simple patch and is not a simple tool. This virtual program allows you to play your coach how having two different types of graphics between league(and national cup) and Champions League. You will find the Champions League matches graphics for each game. The first time you run the program, this will be a bit slow because it has to do 2 regenerations. Indeed, to be sure not to ruin your files, the program makes a copy of all your zdata and copy them in files called cdata...

This process is made only the first time. Then, only if you have done some modifications to your graphic files and you want to apply such modifications also to this patch, you have to tick the "Force Cdata Rewrite" before clicking on "Start Patch". In this way the program will update the configuration. By the way the best thing to do with this programs is to be patient and wait for the end of all operations. Just trust on us and our work.

Date : 2008-03-19, Size : 10.7M, Download : 1604, Rate : 4, Vote : 4

  Armband Pack 
Rinaldo has released a tool called Armband Master 08 some days ago with which it is possible to assign new armbands to the teams. That's why we have a download for this tool today which has been created by baresi: the Armband Pack with all together 18 different armbands which can be assigned to the different teams. Please use the Armband Master 08 by Rinaldo to import.

Date : 2008-03-11, Size : 703k, Download : 1114, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Armband Master 08 
ABM08 is the combination of a Patch that will install in your FIFA 08 three new model files, together with a kit editor with the classic CM08-like graphic user interface. The model files have been patched by Outsider 87, one of the most creative FIFA 08 editors. The program comes with a fantastic collection of armbands from a couple of the most famous armband makers of the FIFA community: abyPREDATOR and FOKA.

3D view has been improved in order to show the armband both with short and long sleeves. Built in in ABM08 there is a very easy to use install\uninstall menu so you can come back to the original FIFA 08 if you want to remove the patch (but I am sure you don't).

Date : 2008-03-08, Size : 3.2M, Download : 1647, Rate : 6.61, Vote : 8


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