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  World Cup 2006 Tuning 
If you install World Cup 2006 Roster Update v2.0(made by FIFA KOREA), you can install this addon as your mind. Registered member "all4you" has finished this AI patch for FIFA KOREA's World Cup 2006 Roster Update v2.0. The features are :

- Remove ballons effects, More bright shadow in the stadium, More realistic rain effect, More smooth player moves, Changes of player speed, and Unlock all 90 items in the fan shop

(First you need to install World Cup 2006 Roster Update v2.0 to install this patch.)

Date : 2007-01-03, Size : 460k, Download : 9251, Rate : 5.35, Vote : 29

  NK Football FIFA Gameplay Update 06 v9.0 for WC06 
NK FOOTBALL ⓒ V9 is the most thrilling gameplay update ever for FIFA ™ 06 and 2006 FIFA World Cup. V8 brought an all-new experience and feel to the game like never before. NK FOOTBALL ⓒ has taken the design of V8 and refined it to create the ultimate FIFA ™ Football experience! Feel every shot and clearance, applaud goalkeeper saves and gasp at missed chances. No longer are games predictable; no longer are there sweet spots for scoring goals or easy ways of breaking defences. Now, pressure time and tactical play is the way to winning. Want to take plenty of shots from far out? Try it and see how many go over the cross bar! The goalkeeper will take care of your easy attempts that usually went in! V9 isn’t an easy game for those finding the original gameplay a walk in the park. Get into practice mode then into the stadium!

Date : 2006-08-05, Size : 226k, Download : 5402, Rate : 5.21, Vote : 23

  Difficult Ini Patch 
This AI patch enables you to play more difficult game for 2006 FIFA World Cup. This patch just adjust difficult level, so you can play more than before. In the game mode, you should choose "World Class" & Fast game speed. (Extract to "data\cmn" folder.)

Date : 2006-07-22, Size : 7k, Download : 1303, Rate : 4.7, Vote : 7

  NK Football FIFA Gameplay Update 06 v8.0 for WC06 
NK FOOTBALL V8 has been released. The update was held back into development because the game became too easy to predict. The CPU was strong in areas, but user had an easy kick of the ball when it came down to winning matches on World Class. The most highly skilled of FIFA 06 gamers would not have enjoyed the challenge. V8 is now better and stronger! Ball physics are much more realistic, and the pace of the game is much slower and flows much more realistically. The most realistic ball physics in any gameplay update before. The tactical side to football will really stand out now as CPU pressure is greater and goalkeepers are not solid on your side! They can be beaten by CPU players' much easier, meaning your defence really has to protect your goalkeeper like never before and you will appreciate every shot he keeps out. There is no release date as of yet for V8, but the changes to CPU are also evident in the update for 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Date : 2006-07-15, Size : 80k, Download : 1612, Rate : 4.89, Vote : 10

  FIFA World Cup 06 Lighting Patch 
This patch will fix the "DUSK" light. The original one is too dark.

Date : 2006-05-26, Size : 526k, Download : 4060, Rate : 3.12, Vote : 13


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