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  Spanish Commentary for WC2006 
You can download the Spanish Commentaries for World Cup 2006! Their voice is really exciting and funny, so we strongly suggest you apply this patch into the FIFA 2006. They do not let you down! This file adds original Spanish commentary file for World Cup 2006 uploaded by Zona FIFA, and FIFA KOREA Patch team has added awesome function. You do not lose your language commentary file, so can listen both your own language commentary and Spanish commentary in the game by installing this patch.

What means this? If you choose "Espanol" language at WC 06 beginning, can listen Spanish commentary during game playing. Or if you choose your own basis language at FIFA 06 beginning, can listen original commentary during the game playing.

As a result, you will be able to listen both language according to your willing. Let's try it now! (Extract to 2006 FIFA World Cup (TM) main folder, but must do backup "audio.big" file at "data\audio").

Date : 2006-06-05, Size : 199M, Download : 2680, Rate : 8.77, Vote : 17


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