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  Remove Balloon Patch 
Everybody who don't like the balloons out of the World Cup game can remove them by installing this download !

Date : 2006-07-20, Size : 568k, Download : 1901, Rate : 5.24, Vote : 4

  World Cup 2006 Goal Nets 
FIFA4Fans's newest team member, bliZZard, has created a small but very useful download: The original goal nets of the World Cup 2006. Now you can shoot the ball into the correct net! The download counts 0.3 MB and can be downloaded from here.

Date : 2006-07-18, Size : 316k, Download : 7937, Rate : 5.14, Vote : 36

  Korea 4GF Banner 
Here is a new patch for Korea 4GF Banners. This original size is 128*128 pixel, but these banners are 512*512 pixel. So you can see more realistic banner graphics when Korea national team matches.

Date : 2006-07-15, Size : 457k, Download : 3378, Rate : 6.7, Vote : 11

  World Cup 2006 Face Patch 
Daily awfully pretty downloads for the World Cup - for FIFA 06 as well for FIFA WC 2006! That's available only there at 'FIFA 4 Fans' at the moment - it's difficult to work up to a climax, but FIFA4Fans have a really cool download pack for FIFA WC 2006: Their two face maker HSV1887 and FifaFan have created the World Cup 2006 Face Patch! This patch adds 34 new faces to your 2006 FIFA World Cup offical game :

- Cahill (Australia), Adriano (Brazil), Nowotny (Germany), Hitzlsperger (Germany)
- Schweinsteiger (Germany), Neuville (Germany), Odonkor (Germany), Demel (Ivoire Cote)
- Kone (Ivoire Cote), Sagnol (France), Henry (France), Boulahrouz (Netherlands)
- De Jong (Netherlands), Vennegoor (Netherlands), van Nistelrooy (Netherlands)
- Polak (Czech Republic), Vittek (Slovakia), Boakye (Ghana), Worns (Germany)
- Stajner (Czech Republic), Karhan (Slovakia), Sinkiewicz (Germany), Atouba (Cameroon)
- Szabics (Hungary) [all by HSV1887], Ballack (Germany), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
- Lucio (Brazil), Ronaldinho (Brazil), Torres (Spain), Adebayor (Togo), Drogba (Ivoire Cote)
- Hanke (Germany), Karimi (Iran), Farfan (Peru) [all by FifaFan]

Date : 2006-06-27, Size : 2.7M, Download : 7832, Rate : 5.22, Vote : 25

  Special WC Popups Patch 
Nearly an official World Cup popups. With this popup, the game gets a lot of new authenticity. We think most of you have really long awaited this kind of download, because MonkeyDragon has created a new and realistic TV-Popup for the WC2006 game of EA Sports. With this popup, the game gets a lot of new authenticity. We have great respect for MonkeyDragon, because the possibilities of creating those popups are unfortunately limited.

Date : 2006-06-24, Size : 530k, Download : 6823, Rate : 7.3, Vote : 20

  David Beckham Face Patch 
To celebrates England's game v Trinidad and Tobago, Sweetpatch MRA bring you Sweetpatch Development Posse member Hayan's great new Face Patch for England and Real Madrid Star Midfielder David Beckham. This face patch works for both your 2006 FIFA World Cup and FIFA 06 games and you can check out a full size screenshot by clicking on the image on the right.

Date : 2006-06-18, Size : 739k, Download : 1605, Rate : 4.49, Vote : 10

  New Balloon Patch 
Here is a new download for the official FIFA WC 2006 game. You have surely noticed that the balloons which appears at some matches are really ugly and pixelated. The New Balloon Patch replaces them with new, more beautiful balloons! The balloons still looks a bit flat (it's not possible to change that) but they looks better than before now!

Date : 2006-06-02, Size : 961k, Download : 3559, Rate : 3.98, Vote : 9

  Nike Gloves Patch 
This patch corrects the fault in players face' skin and also contains the Nike gloves for the Goalkeepers.

Date : 2006-05-20, Size : 465k, Download : 3147, Rate : 6.56, Vote : 7


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