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Gameplayzer 14


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What is gameplayzer ? The gameplayzer is a program that returns a modified database than the EA to have a better gameplay on the pitch with FIFA 14. So what changes ? Does so many things that serve to improve the gaming experience :

- Changing the positioning of the players in the middle of the field, bringing the full-backs wider and arranging the position of the midfield that better protects the defense and the revaluation of the second striker for greater collaboration between midfield and attack.
- Introduces styles of play that players going to use during gameplay , for example, we playmaker that dictate the tempo, the defenders marking better than to stop the player , the anchor man who will try to steal the ball as offensive wings that will aim to the goal instead wings that support the game with numerous cross.
- Introduces the physical characteristics less related to the overall of the player and more to the physical structure that it possesses in such a way that they are not all sprinters but they can be recognized by their behavior.
- With gameplayattribdb file i’ve got back the FIFA 14 demo gameplay, that is better than full game. Now players got inertia, the game is less paced, better enjoyment.

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