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Style Gameplay v.2.5


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The general features :
- Less standing tackle skill and more marking and sliding tackle skill for defenders, this mean that defender more are capable to mark well a foe, and make some sliding tackle instead of normal tackling. Increased as well the number of fouls.
- Tuned physical stats formula, now there are players that rely only on their physical overall strength instead on technical stats. Less balance for short players like Messi and Giovinco and so on as a counter measure for their speed.
- Increased shot power and long shots, to have more shoot from distance.
- Physical , mental and technical stats are linked with the age of the player. An old player have very good mental skills, good technical skill and bad (specially acceleration and stamina) skills.
- Keeper have (all!) very good reflexes and diving. The stats that have more importance now is positioning and handling, which have more importance. As a consequences now, the keeper will rebounce more ball, doesn't block the 80% of the shoots, and can't take goal from long distance due their low positioning skills. In one word, more human.
- Tuned penalty, freekick, curve skills. CPU will fail some penalties.
- Reworked! Each player have a player styles, one of 37 that i have individuated. So his behaviour on the field depend on his player style giving some realism on a match.
- New regen and youth stats generation.
- Tactics improved, both teams are short, and attackers are positioned a little back so they have to get over the defenders.
- More dribbling and more heading difference between players.
- Tactics are now a little standard, no more strange movement, and players move organized on the pitch
- Added a little money for every team respect Gameplay 2.0
- And many other improvements...!
- About team styles, now, i'm finding the best balance between team aggression, number of shots and game speed. (Ah!seems that game speed is influenced by camera).

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