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Revolution Mod 13 v.1.1


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 Description :
scouser09 returned with a new version of Revolution Mod 13. The 1.1 version contains two new features and all the known bugs from the previous version have been fixed! Check down bellow the complete list of its features :

(*) V1.1
- Use graphics assigned to specific tournaments in all matches.
- Use assigned training kits in arena mode.
(*) V1.0
- Assign jersey fit to individual players, team kits and all players.
- Assign training kits to teams.
- Assign winter accessories to all referees.
- Assign random adboards to teams, tournaments and stadiums.
(*) From FIFA 12 Versions
- Assign sleeve length, jersey tuck, sock height and winter accessories to players.
- Set which weather conditions winter options are used.
- Set the name layout on a kit.
- Set the name layout for a set of kits for a tournament.
- Assign a set of boots to a player for random boot selection.
- Assign a specific kit (GK and outfield player) to use for a specific match.
- Assign a mow pattern to a tournament.
- Assign snow balls to teams and tournaments.
- Assign GK gloves to goalkeepers.
- Assign GK pants, nets and mow patturns to teams.
- Assign a set of GK kits to a team for random GK kit selection.
- Assign adboards to stadiums.
- Use graphics assigned to tournaments in friendly matches.
- Change collar, number and name fonts and colours on kits for specific tournaments.
- Referee kits assigned to most league tournaments will show in friendly matches.
- Assign adboards and balls to teams and tournaments.
- Assign player kits, referee kits and stadium textures to tournaments.
- Assign additional GK kits to teams.
- Assign boots, real faces, skin tones (for tattoos) and GK pants to players.
- Assign specific GK kit to team with generic kit.
- Set player kit, GK kit, ball and adboard on arena mode.
- Change collar, number and name fonts and colours on kits.
- All assignments are compatible with saved careers.

IMPORTANT: Some statements have changed or been removed from this version. There is a guide in the manual to help update your code. Always back up the previous version of the mod before installation! The installer will automatically update this version of RM13 with your codes from the beta version of the mod!

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