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FIFA Mania Update 12-13


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FIFA Mania

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 Description :
Counting on all patch features (some of them have been deleted given that this is an "italian" update, such as there are no new stadiums), this patch consists of:

- DB: Full updated database with teams and rosters and players taken directly from FIFA 13 with some additions (ex. Alex Del Piero). There are also new promoted teams, new national teams (Uruguay, Bolivia, etc) and relegated teams are not present anymore.
- DB: Names of all stadiums
- DB: Names of all managers taken from FIFA 13 and updated to 4/10/2012 (for Serie A and B), added also those of Serie BWIN.
- DB: Added more than 100 realistic referees with realistic strictness.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of kits for all Serie A TIM teams updated to 2012-2013 with also many alternate kits.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of fonts for all Serie A TIM teams updated to 2012-2013.
- GRAPHICS: Some kits for Serie BWIN teams updated to 2012-2013 (missing will come soon with automatic updates).
- GRAPHICS: Full set of fonts for all Serie BWIN teams updated to 2012-2013.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of adboards for all Serie A TIM/ Serie BWIN teams + international adboards for all leagues.
- GRAPHICS: All new balls for all important leagues and competitions (Serie A, BWIN, UCL, EL, etc)
- GRAPHICS: All logos updated for all leagues and teams.
- GRAPHICS: Full set of banners and flags for Serie A TIM and BWIN.
- GRAPHICS: More than 300 new boots.
- GRAPHICS: Updated kits to 2012-2013 for all important teams in the game.
- GRAPHICS: Referee kits updated and assigned to different leagues and competitions.
- GRAPHICS: More than 1500 new faces with more than 150 with realistic tattoos.
- GRAPHICS: Updated some faces to new hair or beardh (ex. Pirlo with beard, etc)
- GRAPHICS: Updated logos for TV wipe in cinematics.
- CAREER MODE: Set the starting year to 2012 and inserted real calendars for most important european leagues, including Serie A TIM.
- CAREER MODE: Inserted 12 players on the bench for friendlies and Serie A matches.
- CAREER MODE: European Cups at the first year activated.
- CAREER MODE: Updated teams position to the last year leaderboard in order to have realistic qualifications to european cups and to activate specific commentary for winning teams (ex. Juventus as winner of 2011/2012 Serie A).
- GLOBAL: Assigned adboards and balls directly to leagues and/or teams thanks to Revolution Mod.
- GLOBAL: Assigned automatically the right graphics to UCL and EL matches in career thanks to Revolution Mod.
- CAREER MODE: inserted specifc kits with Champions League or Europa League badges for Serie A teams that will be automatically activated in the relative matches in career mode, thanks to Revolution Mod. Those kits will not be available in other modes.
- UPDATE TOOL: inserted an update tool to automatically update the patch in the future.

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