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Immersion Gameplay: Football for Real


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Here is a new Gameplay mod for FIFA 12. This is AndreaPirlo21's first mod, and he would like to receive feedback to make it better. Here are some features:
- Personalized players : Each player plays according to their special traits and statistics. Thus, CR7 shows skills and flair, while Gerrard takes many longshots.
- Unique team build-up and style of play : As with each player, each team will play according to the traits of all the players combined. Teams such as England will play long-balls and take longshots. They will also attempt to use Carrol's heading ability and Walcott's pace. Barcelona plays possession, while looking for an opportunity for a through pass.
- Errors: Yes, errors. The AI is no longer a god on both defense and offense. Bad passes, missed tackles, and fouls are increased.
- Variance: The AI will attack at different speeds in different situations. Counter attacks are seen when the User's defense is out of position. Slower build-up and possession will result with better positioned defenders. You must play strong defense to win!
- Game Speed, passing, and dribbling: Game speed is slowed down at even default sliders. Passing and dribbling skills are decreased. Missed traps and loose balls happen more often.
- AI Defense: Probably the most important change in this gameplay mod. Defenders show realistic aggression at different situations and areas on the pitch. The closer you get to goal, the more pressure you will encounter. Defenders miss tackles and slide tackle more. Mentality and positioning are increased. The D-line is compact. Choose your though passes carefully!
- Longshots and finishing: The AI in general will take around 3 longshots a game, depending on which team the CPU is. AI finishing is decreased; not every shot will go in.
- For the user, longshot accuracy has increased, but not as accurate as Ultimate Team Finishing has decreased, which includes finesse shots.
- Goalkeepers: Better reactions and movement. Certain goalkeepers are better in one-on-one situations.

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