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Graphic Switcher 12


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Author :

scouser09 & Damien, and many others

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 Description :
After many months of work FIFA Infinity presents you our biggest patch tool ever made for FIFA 12,the Graphic Switcher 12! Tool developed by our great programmer, scouser09! This program allows you to quickly switch graphics in FIFA 12! The tool contains over 100 graphic files made of : adboards, scoreboards, popups, balls, turfs, referee kits and many more!

Inside the tool you will find the General tab that contains 3 special modes :
- Uefa Champions League Mode (Adboards,Ball,Popups,Scoreboard,Referee Kits)
- Europa League Mode (Adboards,Ball,Popups,Scoreboard,Referee Kits)
- Domestic Mode

The domestic mode work as a restorer of the generic files after you apply the UCL/EL mode! So for example if you are in Career Mode and the next match is in UCL, just alt+tab,open the switcher, go to the UCL mode,import it, and get back to your game! After you finish the UCL match, alt+tab again, go to the switcher, select the domestic mode and restore back all the generic files to continue your championship matches!

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