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FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution AI & DB v2.0


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REAL SOCCER SIMULATION SERIES - GP EVO AI 5.0 or 5.1 SLOW SPEED + DB V. 2.0 FIXED. MULTI INSTALLER VERSION - STANDALONE or UPDATE for old/previous versions. During installation process you can choose what you want to install/update. For more info/tips read document.

(*) FIFA 12 GAMEPLAY EVOLUTION AI 5.1 SLOW SPEED VERSION : I suggest this version to everyone don't like frenetic/fast matches, and like slow gameplay speed. Difficulty level decrease is normal. This version isn't suggested to insane players. Details, features (changes compared to GP EVO 5.0) :

- Slow speed ultra realistic
- Realistic balanced difficulty level
- Decreased a bit shoots accuracy
- Removed AI cheats, big difference between poor and strong players/teams
- AI play like human players (no hiron man in field) more errors/fouls/inaccurate clearance and tackles/penalty by AI on attack and defence.
- Realistic agility and players movements
- Realistic statistic at end of match
- Increased game realism/playing time (different speed, it depends on the active team mentality)
- Any others little improvements for make game match really enjoyable.
- Difficulty level suggested for max experience: World Class - For players who likes slow matches speed, I suggest to use GP EVO 5.1 SLOW SPEED on both with my GP EVO DB V. 2 + my sliders settings.

(*) FIFA 12 GAMEPLAY EVOLUTION AI & DB V 2.0 BY DOCTOR+ PRODUCTIONS - Some general info/improvements/news/details:
- GP EVO successful installation checking: you can see my HD ball in the Arena to make sure that GP EVO is correctly installed and working
- Complete EA Winter transfer update for all leagues/teams, accurate teams line up, custom formations, updated players (physical aspect and technical).
- Increased game realism/playing time (different speed, it depends on the active team mentality).
- New, Improved AI counter attack advanced system.
- New, Improved and realistic players collision.
- Realistic shoot power/ball control/ball touch.
- Increased AI fouls, cards and long shoots.
- Inproved and realistic goalkeepers.
- Increased players level of battle on field.
- New attack and defending style for team and players (big improvements both on attack and defence)
- New, visible and realistic pressing and aggression style.
- Increased players reactions on card or on collision.
- Realistic gameplay/passing speed (match become slow or fast depends on the situation during the game and teams in field).
- Best players with high skills/attributes are really visible.
- Realistic and improved skillmoves and special dribbling for best players.
- Fixed referees strictness on fouls and cards and new San Milano aspects.
- The most complete and accurate database + many many new stuff that you discover when play!

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