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Creation Master 12 Beta 5


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 Description :
Here you can download CM12 latest Beta version. Beta 5 fixed some bugs :

1) Weak foot skill always saved to “Very poor”. Now fixed.
2) Miniface are not deleted. Now fixed.
3) New team country is saved as “Albania”. Now fixed.
4) Minikits are not saved. Now fixed.

Know Problems in Beta 5:
1) Overall player rating calculus is incorrect
2) prevleagueid field not filled properly in the leagueteamlink table
3) Numbers and/or player names in created kits sometime do not appear in game. Reason unknown.

New Features planned for next versions:
1) Edit competition structure
2) Allow to import 3D head models from FIFA 11
3) Add miniface for referees.
4) Add far model hair for specific faces.
5) Modify hair color of generic textures when reused for a specific player, now they appear gray.
6) Add the possibility to load additional skintones (e.g. for making tatoos)
7) Add player loans.

This program will modify your FIFA 12 database. For this reason you will not be able to continue any career you started BEFORE to edit the database. As soon as you open CM12 it will extract the database files from the big files. I recommend that you make a copy of all the files located in :

- FIFA 12\Game\data\db
- FIFA 12\Game\data\loc
- FIFA 12\Game\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data\compdata

If you want to continue a career you must restore the original fifa_ng_db.db. In order to see the new database you have also to remove any squad file saved in the \FIFA 12 subfolder.

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