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FHL-Scoreboard Tool


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The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool is for editing fifa scoreboards by easy. Probably it is the tool with the most intuitive and user-friendly operability, which MyFHL-Editing ever released. The tool includes many options, which effect you can see in a preview screen. For the exact positioning of the scoreboard elements you can switch between the fifa screen and the tool. You do not need to restart fifa or a game, switching the screens will be enough.

The FHL-Scoreboard-Tool can only load compatible big-files. If you do not have a compatible file, just click on the button "New Big". This big file you can edit and open again and again. You can find an other option called "Add to all X-/Y-Values" in the tool, which allows you to move all elements at once (right, down: positiv value; left, up: negativ values).

- Creating of complete new scoreboards
- Positioning of all textures and text-elements (with mouse-moving or exact values)
- Selection of colors of the text-elements
- Selection of size of the text-elements
- Selection of size of the screen preview and the preview elements
- Automatic selection of the screen resolution of fifa (+ manual changing)
- Import & Export of dds-files
- Import of all png-filetypes with the correct size
- Export of the textures as png-files
- Moving the complete scoreboard with one click
- Hide/Show of single elements to keep track of the previewscreen
- Elements, which positions were changed, will be in the forground automatically
- Auto update function (the tool searchs for updates by itself and installs automatically new versions

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