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Duong Match Graphics Replacement Fusion10 v1.0


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 Description :
This amazing graphic enhancement patch provides lots of improvement for FIFA 10.

(*) Duong Match Graphics Replacement Fusion10 v1.0 updates :
- Extreme brightness on players' faces and skins removed
- Overall contrast reduced
- Sunny, sunset and night turfs reconfigured
- Vignette effect (dark areas round the corners of the screen) removed
- The game now launches with patch automatically disabled. It can be manually enabled when player enters a match by pressing Shift+F12
- Original DMGR settings are reconfigured to achieve more visual balance between DMGR with Fusion enabled and DMGR with Fusion disabled.

(*) ENB Series (developed by Boris Vorontsov) parameters :
- New shader settings
- Enhanced texture rendering
- New lighting parameters
- Bloom effects, indirect lighting and occlusion enabled.

(*) Duong's Match Graphics Replacement 10 :
- New 3D grass - shorter and sharper, with new texture
- New generic grass texture & Updated face shadows
- New kit shadows & New tunnel lighting & New nets.
- New grass lighting & shadows parameters
- New kits' & players' model lighting
- New in-game PostFX effects that will apply to both cinematics and normal match graphics.
- Each match time (sunny, overcast, sunset, night) has its own set of lighting parameters that are tuned to be as realistic as possible.
- Depth of Field reconfiguration.
- Level of details and render rate reconfiguration.
- All above parameters fine tuned to efficiently correspond with ENB Series settings.

(*) Specific features : The patch is available in 3 modes: Low Specs, Medium Specs and High Specs.
- High Specs : For more powerful computers (Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz+, 2GB+ RAM, External VGA 256MB+, supporting Pixel Shader 3.0), DOF and AA and AF functioning at the same time, Shader settings at highest levels, Textures optimized.
- Medium Specs : For more mid-range computers (2.5GHZ+, 1GB+ RAM, External VGA 128MB+, supporting Pixel Shader 2.0), Shader settings at average levels, Textures mildly optimized.
- Low Specs : For computers barely meeting the recommended system requirements of the original FIFA 10, Shader settings at lowest levels, No texture optimization.

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