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Next Generation Gameplay Patch


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Here is a great download for those of you who don't like the easy and unrealistic gameplay of FIFA 08. The Next Generation Gameplay Patch by ShoreLooser contains a completely new gameplay which is very realistic and which includes the following features :

- Keeper React (keeper behaviour changed a lot, the see the ball later, but can react faster! The 1on1 situations have been improved aswell.
- Timed Shots (A strong shoot needs drive, therefore the players have to strike out harder and fast. From now you you need a good timing, but your shoots look quite realistic.
- Backspin Plus (As in the real life: If you hit the ball perfect, you get a really strong and placed shoot.
- Spin Plus 2 (Now you get a really realistic spin
- Shot Pro X (The speed, skills and condition of the player affects now more on the shoot.
- Deadly Play 2 (CPU take advantage of your mistakes and makes a realistic and fast attack.
- N Sprint 2 (CPU sprint now much more effective)
- Authentic Pro 2 (Realistic behaviour of the ball, completly new ball physics)
- Free Run 2 (The gameplay is much more free and incalculable)
- Jost Plus 2 (CPU form up faster in defense to complicate for example header and duels in the midfield)
- Intercept Plus 2 (more and better tackles by the CPU. That makes the game much more realistic)
- improved difficulty leves (Legens is now really the most difficult)
- Smooth Plus 2 (smoother gameplay, improved wings and passes)
- Dribbling Frequency lower (No senseless dribblings any longer by the CPU)
- Fernschuss Momentum (As soon as the get a chance, the strikers shoot)
- Cold Finishing 2 (Strikers use their chances much more effective. Players like Klose, Ibrahimowicz, Adriano, Henry could be a nightmare for you)
- Release Ball 2 (makes the gameplay faster because players hold the ball as short as possible)

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