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  06 Pre-Kick Off Camera 
Using this tool you can install 4 new pre-kick off cameras for FIFA 06. It includes 3 new pre-kick off camera made by Monkey Dragon, 1 new pre-kick off camera made by Hrvoje. That's a small utility, but it makes you to feel a good sense for camera angle. So we strongly suggest you use this small utility.

Date : 2006-01-22, Size : 667k, Download : 2360, Rate : 8.52, Vote : 11

  FIFA Mania Installer 06 
Now you can automatically install every compatible patch with 2 simple clicks on your mouse using the brand new Fifamania Installer 06. It contains every position of every file in FIFA 06 and in every .BIG file of the game. It can install every file starting from .BMP or .FSH. You can also easily install patches that need to insert new files inside .BIG instead of only overwrite something and with 1.1 version you can now create a new zdata31.big. Create a compatible patch is very easy:

- Create a .ZIP file without "Path info"
- Call the file you want to share with name of the file you want to overwrite in FIFA (example: if you want to overwrite t75__0_0_1.fsh just call your file t75__0_0_1.fsh or t75__0_0_1.bmp)
- Save as default your FIFA Download Folder
- Possibility to show a text file (just need to call "readme.txt" your instruction file and the program will recognize it)
- Possibility to show a screen shot (just need to call "screenshot.jpg" your picture file and the program will recognize it)
- Shortcut for kit makers to create compatible patches (example: instead of FSH name you can use these: teamname_home.bmp/fsh, teamname_away.bmp/fsh, teamname_3rd.bmp/fsh or teamname_gk.bmp/fsh)
- Banner to a webpage that will contain every major FIFA 06 download section.

Date : 2006-01-16, Size : 1.0M, Download : 1113, Rate : 4.61, Vote : 8

  FIFA 06 Backup Utility v1.0 
This small utility enables you to make back up important FIFA 2006 files easily. If you install the FIFA patches frequently, specially super patch, we strongly suggest you use this utility. This program may relieve your burden. You don't need to re-install FIFA 2006 because of the wrong patch. This utility does not backup all files, but backup some essential files. So you can run FIFA 2006 without problem though you install any patch.

Date : 2006-01-10, Size : 380k, Download : 13999, Rate : 6.9, Vote : 68

  Popups Manager v1.0 
This utility made by Monkey Dragon allows you to choose your favourite popups for your FIFA 06. This version includes EPL Popups made by Monkey Dragon.

Date : 2006-01-05, Size : 541k, Download : 7876, Rate : 8.37, Vote : 67

  Kit Master 526 v1.2 
Sweetpatch Development Posse member Rinaldo Zocca developed an update to his Kit Master 526 Release 1.2, which is a Kit Converter from FIFA 2005 to FIFA 06 format. This simple but usefull program : Converts a bitmap of a FIFA 2005 kit into a FIFA 06 kit (1GK and 2GK kits supported), Improves the socks remapping, Adds support for FIFA Manager 06 kits, and Release 1.2 supports any kind of conversion from a kit format into another one between FIFA 2005, FIFA 06, FM 06 with both 1GK and 2GK templates.

Date : 2006-01-03, Size : 199k, Download : 2020, Rate : 8, Vote : 5

  FSH Expert v1.0 
Hrvoje released a great utility for FIFA 06. It's FSH Expert that allows you to easily edit your own FSH (EA Sports Textures) files. Simply Load your FSH File through Start Menu or just press CTRL+O and within miliseconds, you will see your textures and you will be able to edit them. This program is using all the power of FSHTool, so no need for bat files and complicated operations. Important if you have Windows XP and program does not start please be sure to click on FSH Expert executable with right mouse button and then select the option to run with compatibility with Windows 98/ME.

Date : 2005-12-30, Size : 390k, Download : 1216, Rate : 9, Vote : 1

  Creation Centre 06 v1.0 
The Creation Centre for FIFA 06 PC version has been released. It is the one tool that every FIFA 06 PC user should download. This application was created to further enhance EA SPORTS' FIFA Football 06 game by giving you the ability to add new teams, leagues, players, kits, faces and banners. Creation Centre 06 features : Edit most team and player properties, Add players and teams, Automatic Player Attributes Generator with 7 levels of skills, Export teams, Import teams, including teams exported from CC 2005, and Import team kits, banners, logos. and Search facility.

Date : 2005-12-24, Size : , Download : 18630, Rate : 5.59, Vote : 71

  FifaX Anti-Slow Motion Patch 06 
Here is a small patch, which allows you to play FIFA 06 via Lan or Internet without slow motion (no lagging)! This patch does not change graphic quality in the game, but it enables you feel better smoother than before. So we strongly suggest you use it now!

Date : 2005-12-20, Size : 556k, Download : 1589, Rate : 3.32, Vote : 6

  File Master 06 v1.2 
Sweetpatch Development Posse member Rinaldo Zocca has released an update for his excellent File Master 06, a file system manager for FIFA 06. You can navigate through all the files of FIFA 06, the archived files (typically with extension .big) are shown like compressed folders. The program distinguishes between physical files and archived files and lets you operate with them properly. You can perform any kind of operation with files like export, import, rename, remove, compress, decompress, cut and paste and so on. This release contains a major improvement: the fat regeneration has been improved so that the game doesn't crash after a substitution.

Date : 2005-12-20, Size : 739k, Download : 1814, Rate : 3.72, Vote : 64

  Formation Master 06 
Sweetpatch Development Posse member Rinaldo Zocca today brings us his latest excellent utility for FIFA 06. Formation Master 06 is an editor that allows you to modify the formations used in FIFA 06. There are 18 original formations provided by EA, with Formation Master you can modify the existing formations and also add two new formations. Formation Master 06 comes with a collection of 38 new formations ready to be imported into the game and a useful tutorial for learning everything about tactics.

Date : 2005-12-17, Size : 555k, Download : 781, Rate : 5.75, Vote : 4


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