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  23 Face Patch 
This patch includes 23 faces. Get downloads!

Date : 2006-09-27, Size : 2.4M, Download : 3065, Rate : 2.16, Vote : 6

  Girodins Bordeaux 2GK Kit Pack 
This download includes 5 different kits for Girodins Bordeaux : the dark red home kit, the white away kit, the grey keeper kit, the black keeper kit, the blue keeper kit, and the correct mini kits for the menues. (We recommend you use Kit Raptor 2GK version.)

Date : 2006-09-27, Size : 2.1M, Download : 546, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  AS Roma Kits 2006-2007 
It includes AS Roma's home, away, third 2GK kits for 2006-2007 season. (We recommend you use Kit Raptor 2GK version.)

Date : 2006-09-27, Size : 1.9M, Download : 1259, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Parma Kits 2006-2007 
It includes AC Parma's home, away, third 2GK kits for 2006-2007 season. (We recommend you use Kit Raptor 2GK version.)

Date : 2006-09-27, Size : 1.7M, Download : 509, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  Egypt 2GK Kit Pack 2006-08 
This kit pack includes 4 different kits of the Africa Cup 2006 Winner: Egypt. And just have a small look at the background of the screenshot... a photo of the holiday of FP23 in Egypt Included are : the red home kit, the white away kit, the red keeper kit, the black keeper kit, and the correct Mini Kits for the menu. (We recommend you use Kit Raptor 2GK version.)

Date : 2006-09-27, Size : 2.4M, Download : 316, Rate : 10, Vote : 1

  Best of FIFA 06 Patch 
This is the largest FIFA patch ever, 1.2 Gigabyte of fun and realism! It features :

- Fully updated rosters up to September 1st 2006!
- 930 edited teams!
- 165 national and international referees!
- 9 team-specific stadiums replacing generic ones!
- 2576 double textured kits including many added keeper and third kits!
- Almost 200 unique team number fonts!
- Over 1,100 reworked and added realistic player faces!
- Every team uses realistic add boards, 250+ have their own unique ones!
- 61 all new double textured balls assigned in a realistic fashion to the teams!
- 16 realistic double textured football shoes!
- Double textured keeper gloves!
- New goal-nets, turfs, skies and other graphics!
- Including enhanced and more realistic game-play version 2.1 for both general paly and on set-pieces!
- A ton of other surprises!

This is the full release in ONE file, this version contains already the hotfix 1!

Date : 2006-09-25, Size : 1.2G, Download : 7000, Rate : 5.94, Vote : 46

  La Bombonera Stadium 
The stadium "Estadio Alberto Jacinto Armando" (known as 'La Bombonera') is a soccer stadium in the district La Boca of Buenos Aires (Argentinia). It is the home stadium of the Argentinian team Boca Juniors. The name "La Bombonera" (the "box of chocolates") recollects the square building. The stadium (created in 1940) is one of the most impressing soccer stadiums of the world.

Date : 2006-09-25, Size : 2.4M, Download : 947, Rate : 2.82, Vote : 6

  FIFA 07 Gameplay for FIFA 06 
Here is a Gameplay Patch by Kicker for you, who has experimented a bit with FIFA 06 and the FIFA 07 Demo. He has created a FIFA 07 Gameplay for FIFA 06 Patch which includes the gameplay of FIFA 07 and make it possible to use it in FIFA 06. You get a more smoothern game and realistic matches. Please notice, that this gameplay patch is not a full conversation of the FIFA 07 gameplay - because of the technical differences between FIFA 07 and FIFA 06 a 1:1 copy of the gameplay is not possible, nethertheless this patch still changes a lot of the gameplay. Everyone who want to have a little bit of the FIFA 07 flair in his FIFA 06 should try this patch!

Date : 2006-09-25, Size : 83k, Download : 2267, Rate : 6.19, Vote : 5

  Popups Manager v2.0 

- Including 9 popups. (Bundesliga, FA Premier League, Spainish Liga, Turkish League, VDFB, Uefa Champions League, World Cup 2006, EA Popups)
- Adding indicators for all popups (not WC 06)
- New way adding indicator to game without affecting to zdata_xx.big and fifa.fat.
- Fix some popups (Correct Bundesliga's color, fonts size...)

Date : 2006-09-23, Size : 1.2M, Download : 2230, Rate : 2.88, Vote : 10

  AC12 Gameplay Patch v4.0 
Characteristic ac12 gameplay 06 version 4.0 : Substitutions of the cpu Activated, Raised the price of tickets, Increased the number of players max that it is possible to have in team, Modified to the market management in modality career, Modified the dimensions of the players (thanks to Fifaccitiu), Diminished the speed of the game, Increased the difficulty of the arbitrator, Modified physics of the football (from WC 06), Modified the values of marcatura and dribbling of the players managed from the cpu, Modified golie, Modified the passages and cross, and Modified the aggressiveness cpu to all the levels of difficulty.

Date : 2006-09-23, Size : 89k, Download : 2478, Rate : 8.14, Vote : 7


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