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  FIFA 06 Forever Super Patch 
Lately, you can't find any big FIFA 06 patches all around the world. But now this patch will solve your desire about FIFA 2006 super patch. This patch is based on K-League Super Patch 2006 (made by FIFA KOREA Patch Team). The author has greatly modified our patch, finally has opened to the public! I'm suprised that he made a great job by alone. Let's see this mega patch's features!

- It creats lots of new national team, so you can get 75 national teams (North Korea, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam, and etc...)
- The latest roster update for EPL, Seria A, FPL, Le Championnat, Bundesliga, Eredivisie 2007-2008 season
- Adds lots of new club teams (AEK Atene, Dynamo Kiev, CSK Moscow, Seoul United, and etc...)
- Adds U-23, 2002 World Cup, 2006 World Cup teams for Korea
- Adds new classic teams(Leeds United 01/02, K-League All Star, Classic XI B teams)
- New Turfs patch for Low PC Users
- Hundreds of new flags, logos, emblems made by 1G technique
- 2007-2008 season home/away/goalkeeper kits for lots of teams
- New Ingame popup TV graphics (2006 FIFA World Cup)
- Quick start function (No Intro movie), Window mode enabled
- And lots of new features

Anyone who wants to play FIFA2006 still, download this big patch now! This patch will provide the latest data for FIFA 06!

Date : 2007-10-23, Size : 431M, Download : 24142, Rate : 6.17, Vote : 121

  FIFA Mania Super Patch v3.0 
Over at our Italian friends of FifaMania.it there has been released the FifaMania Super Patch 3.0 for Fifa 2006. This patch includes everything which is important for Italian soccer fans :
- Rosters: Serie A, Serie B and main European Leagues
- Jerseys: Home, Away, GK and some of the third ones for Serie A, B, C teams
- New Serie A & B menu screens and in-game logos
- Stadio Olimpico enabled, and Brand new playability
- Brand new adboards for Serie A and B
- New realistic nets and Ingame popup TV graphics
- New banners, logos, flags and roster for Serie C1/A and C1/B
- and many more....

Date : 2006-11-16, Size : 104M, Download : 6324, Rate : 5.69, Vote : 35

  FIFA06 Career Expansion Pack v2.1 Update 
After months of hard work on bugs fixing and, especially, rosters update to the 2006/07 season (including new youths, new and updated players that you never saw in a soccer game), the final update for CEP06, namely CEP 2.1 update is ready for download as the last patch released for Career Expansion Patch for Fifa 2006. You will find inside it a massive update for the following leagues :

- Argentina Primera Division, Belgium League (a FULL update), Bolivia Torneo, Brazil Serie A, Chile Primera Division, Colombia Copa Mustang, Croatia League, Greece League, Ireland Eircom League, Romania League, Russia Premier League (a FULL update), Slovakia League, Slovenia League, Switzerland Challenge League, Switzerland Super League, USA MLS League.

This final release is aimed for all the FIFA gamers that want to wait to play with FIFA 2007 and that still love the 2006 version of the EA game. Note that you don't need any previous updates before the 2.1 (just apply over your CEP 2.x version)

Date : 2006-10-31, Size : 18.8M, Download : 4494, Rate : 4.39, Vote : 33

  Kim Doo Hyun Face 
It includes Kim Doo Hyun(Sung Nam Ilwha of K-League) face for FIFA 06.

Date : 2006-10-07, Size : 419k, Download : 2927, Rate : 6.2, Vote : 9

  Jung Jo Gook Face 
It includes Jung Jo Gook(FC Seoul of K-League) face for FIFA 06.

Date : 2006-10-07, Size : 408k, Download : 2464, Rate : 5, Vote : 6

  Kim Eun Jung Face 
It includes Kim Eun Jung(FC Seoul of K-League) face for FIFA 06.

Date : 2006-10-07, Size : 409k, Download : 1957, Rate : 5.16, Vote : 6

  Lee Ho Face 
It includes Lee Ho(FC Zenit of Russian League, Korea) face for FIFA 06.

Date : 2006-10-07, Size : 413k, Download : 2157, Rate : 5.86, Vote : 8

  FIFA 06 Wide Camera Patch 
FIFA 06 Wide Camera Patch embodies more wide screen angle for sideline camera angle. Look at the screenshots, and decide to download it now. Maybe this patch satisfies you if you want to get the wide camera angle for sideline ! After installing this patch, just adjust camera height and zoom ratio in the option menu.

Date : 2006-10-03, Size : 1k, Download : 3649, Rate : 5.09, Vote : 16

  FIFA06 Mega AI Patch 2 (Extreme XL) 
Here is an updated AI patch of FIFA06 Mega AI Patch. You can get more Extreme difficult mode(very hard). Also it provides restoration file too, so you can install the patch safely. The detailed features are :

- Shooting, Passing, Heading motion changes
- More intelligent CPU pass system and attck playing system
- More difficult to get the ball control and More realistic ball gravity
- Referees are stricter. Referees are far more realistic now
- The goalkeepers are more realistics ones, they rarely make "unbelievable" saves
- CPU substitutions, formation changes and tactical improvements enabled
- CPU defence is more tight and realistic
- CPU is more aggressive at the second half
- More aggressive midfilder playing and wing attack increase
- Modification of injury frequency and give an advantage for home team
- And many other features.

Date : 2006-10-03, Size : 485k, Download : 3282, Rate : 7.6, Vote : 17

  Liga Chilena Super Patch 06 v2.0 
Here is the latest version of Liga Chilena super patch! It creats lots of new roster data and graphics for Chile league. This patch includes the latest roster for all teams of Chile league, High quality 2GK kits for all new teams, New adboards, stadiums, flags, banners, Realistic face for chilean players, and lots of new graphics! If you are interested in Chile league, must have it now!

Date : 2006-09-27, Size : 50.1M, Download : 1165, Rate : 3.11, Vote : 8


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