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  Tournament Master 2005 v1.0 
Sweetpatch Development Posse member Rinaldo Zocca is back with his latest great FIFA 2005 creation, Tournament Master 2005. With this editor you have complete control of all the tournaments played in FIFA 2005 both in Tournament Mode and in Career Mode. You can modify existing tournaments but also add new tournaments. To modify a tournament is not a trivial task and Rinaldo has tried to keep the program clear and simple but, please, read carefully the Help before you to start to modify your game. He also suggests you use a "small steps" strategy, also if you have in mind a big change start with a small one, verify if it works and then add complexity step after step.

Date : 2005-09-06, Size : 738k, Download : 2299, Rate : 3.79, Vote : 17

  Football Center v1.0 
FC allows you to follow the progress of Top Football Leagues around the world. There is core application (Football Center itself) and the "Leagues Packs". Each one of these "packs" includes fixtures, data about teams ,stadiums, clubs history, everything you need to know about your favourite league. You can download the Leagues Packs you prefer and you will be able to follow the progress of those leagues (standings, home-away performance, even matches forecasts). You will be able to easily update leagues data through FC Update utility. Football Center has been programmed taking advantage of the interaction between Flash and scripting languages resulting in a more friendly interface. One of the cool features of Football Center are the "Balltoons". These are funny cartoons that will inform you about matches results, forecasts and standings. "BallToons" will represent all different teams involved in a league and they will change their behaviour according to the results.

Date : 2005-09-01, Size : 3.0M, Download : 4138, Rate : 6.17, Vote : 22

  Creation Centre 2005 v1.3.0.27 
The Creation Centre 2005 is the one tool that everyone who owns the PC version of FIFA 2005 should have. This application was created to further enhance EA SPORTS' FIFA Football 2005 product by giving you the ability to add new teams, leagues, players, kits, faces, banners, team chants and music. This new version now allows the movement of teams into different leagues, so you can now complete the promotions and relegations (handy if your a Palace fan!) with ease! It is also compatible with UEFA Champions League 2004-2005.

Date : 2005-08-13, Size : 3.4M, Download : 15295, Rate : 5.65, Vote : 51

  Commentary Master 2005 v1.0 
Commentary Master is an editor that allows you to modify the commentary of FIFA 2005 and allows you to do several things including : from simply adding a comment for hearing the name of a player when he touches the ball, up to replacing the entire commentary with your own voice, you can also export and import any part of the commentary to exchange with your friends, Commentary Master also comes with a powerful sound recorder and editor - Audacity. (Audacity is free software developed by audacity.sourceforge.net). Please note: Commentary Master requires the .Net Framework to be installed on your PC for it to run.

Date : 2005-07-18, Size : 3.1M, Download : 1991, Rate : 2.76, Vote : 9

  Confederations Cup Center 
The Confederations Cup Tournament will be held from June 15 to June 29 at Germany. 8 teams will be playing in 2 groups : Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Tunisia, Australia, Greece, Mexico and Japan. You will be able to follow the tournament with our CONFEDERATIONS CUP CENTER. This program will include all the data (official rosters, venues, stadiums info, etc). From our website you will be able to download every day addons for the program that will update results, standings, top scorers, etc.

Date : 2005-06-20, Size : 6.8M, Download : 957, Rate : 5.8, Vote : 5

  Free Kick Master 
After the great success of Tactic Master, Rinaldo is back with a new program called "Free Kick Master" has been released ! Free Kick Master is an editor that allows you to modify the schemes used during corners or free kicks in FIFA 2005. With this editor you have full control of what happens during corners or free kicks. You can put more players in the penalty area, to kick a short corner or where the goalkeeper cannot take the ball ... and much more. The editor comes with a set of new schemes that you can import immediately in the game or to use as a starting point to create your own.

Date : 2005-06-18, Size : 467k, Download : 1520, Rate : 3.66, Vote : 3

  Tactic Master v1.0 - Formation Editor 
Sweetpatch is very honoured to host Rinaldo Zocca's first public release of his excellent new Formation Editor for FIFA 2005, Tactic Master. With this editor you you can modify the tactics used in FIFA 2005 and it is fully compatible with all other patches. Download this excellent utility and start changing your tactics today. (Please note: Tactic Master requires the .Net Framework to be installed on your PC for it to run.)

Date : 2005-05-24, Size : 693k, Download : 2164, Rate : 4.28, Vote : 10

  ECP Stadium Installation Tool 
This installation will create a folder where you can select the stadium you want to install to FIFA 2005. It's needed, to install stadiums to FIFA 2005. Later you can install by opening the "ECP Stadium Installation" folder on your desktop or Start Menu and clicking on the icon of the stadium you want to install ("Install Stadium XXX"). To uninstall the stadium (and restore the stadium that has been replaced) just click on the restore icon ("restore EA-Stadium"). After executing the uninstall program you have to delete the "ECP Stadium Installation" folder (normaly "C:\program files\ECP Stadium Installation"), wich was created.

Date : 2005-05-12, Size : 298k, Download : 1471, Rate : 0, Vote : 1

  FIFAX FIFA Replay Renamer 
Guys over FifaX.net have just released their new tool for FIFA 2005 - FifaX FIFA Replay Renamer. Here are the main features of this programm : Rename replays from UEFA FIFA 2005, Delete any FIFA replays you want, and Support Russian and English languages.

Date : 2005-05-07, Size : 71k, Download : 199, Rate : 5, Vote : 2

  2GB Ball Importer 2005 v1.0 
It's a great utility that allows you to import your own 2gballs (Ball Revolution textures) into the game, the program has included ball pack with 11 brand new balls created by Hrvoje! This is version 1.0 but author will make 2.0 with 3D view. Do not miss to download this program right now! Here is the list of the balls : Adidas Questra White, Adidas Questra Orange, Adidas Questra Dark Blue, Nike Geo 300, Nike Geo 400, Nike Geo Vitesse, UhlSport Classic, UhlSport Yellow, UhlSport Orange, and UhlSport White, and Puma Team Neo Cat Yellow.

Date : 2005-05-05, Size : 1.2M, Download : 2915, Rate : 4.65, Vote : 6


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