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  05 Friends Forever Super Patch 
Lately, you can't find any FIFA2005 patches all around the world. But now this patch will solve your desire about FIFA 2005 super patch. Let's see this mega patch's features!

- It creats Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ukraine, Senegal national teams
- Adds Gyungnam FC, Jeju United FC at K-League
- Adds 2007 AFC Asian Cup, 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament, and UEFA Champions League mode
- 3 legend teams about Korea national team & World star player team
- Adds Korea Youth team and 3 all star teams
- The latest roster updates for some national teams, K-League, major European leagues(2006.8.31)
- 2 J-League teams and 1 russian team(FC Zenit)
- Over 1,000 new player face patches
- New season kits, mimi kits, banners, flags, balls, adboards, gloves
- New menu screens, goal nets, coach faces, turfs
- New jersey fonts and hundreds of new season jerseys
- New AI engine is included. Now you can play more realistic.
- New crowd chants and various sound effects

Anyone who wants to play FIFA2005 still, download this big patch now! This patch will provide the latest data for FIFA2005!

Date : 2006-10-07, Size : 682M, Download : 28281, Rate : 6.91, Vote : 157

  FIFA Mania Super Patch v3.0 
Over at our Italian friends of FifaMania.it there has been released the FifaMania Super Patch 3.0 for Fifa 2005. This patch includes everything which is important for Italian soccer fans :
- Rosters: Serie A, Serie B and main European Leagues
- Jerseys: Home, Away, GK and some of the third ones for Serie A teams
- All of the Home and Away jerseys for Serie B teams
- New Serie A e B menu and in-game logos
- Stadio Olimpico enabled, and Brand new playability
- Brand new adboards for Serie A and B
- New realistic nets and Sky Sport TV Patch
- jerseys, logos, flags and roster for Serie C1/A and C1/B
- and many more....

Date : 2005-10-18, Size : 80.7M, Download : 12304, Rate : 6.33, Vote : 151

  Sweetpatch's Rosters 2005/2006 EPL Update v2.0 
Here is Sweetpatch's Rosters 2005/2006 (English Premier League Update) updated by Dick Aldrich (Mutiger). It brings you the English Premier League rosters @ 1st September (close of the transfer window), in order for you to be able to play the season 2005/2006. As a bonus, some important teams in other leagues have also been updated : Belgium(Anderlecht and Brugge), France(Lyon, Paris, Marseille and Monaco), Germany(Bayern, Schalke, Stuttgart, Bremen and Leverkusen), Holland(Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord), Italy(Inter, Milan, Juve and Roma), Portugal(Benfica, Sporting and Porto), Scotland(Rangers and Celtic), Spain(Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia).

In this version: the numbers are now as correct as possible, In this version: Rangers and Celtic fixed, In this version: some new EPL players added.

Date : 2005-09-24, Size : 779k, Download : 5396, Rate : 6.28, Vote : 20

  LFP Xtender Super Patch 2006 
Here are another great France League Super Patch for FIFA 2005! It includes the latest roster update for 1-2 division and other lots of graphics update.

Date : 2005-09-21, Size : 20.6M, Download : 1248, Rate : 6.79, Vote : 5

  Liga Chilena 2005 Super Pach 
Here is the latest version of Liga Chilena super patch! It creats lots of new roster data and graphics for Chile league. If you are interested in Chile league, must have it now!

Date : 2005-09-17, Size : 41.8M, Download : 999, Rate : 3.41, Vote : 7

  Sweetpatch's Rosters 2005/2006 EPL Update 
방법 : FIFA 2005가 설치된 메인 폴더에 압축을 푸세요. 단, "FIFA 2005\data\cmn" 폴더내의 "fifa.db" 파일과 "FIFA 2005\data\cmn\fe" 폴더내의 "eng.db" 파일은 반드시 백업해두세요.) Here is the latest version of Jean-Michel Peyrou's (Jomi's) Sweetpatch's Rosters 2005/2006 (English Premier League Update) updated by Dick Aldrich (Mutiger). It brings you the English Premier League rosters @ 1st September (close of the transfer window), in order for you to be able to play the season 2005/2006. As a bonus, some important teams in other leagues have also been updated: Belgium(Anderlecht and Brugge), France(Lyon, Paris, Marseille and Monaco , Germany(Bayern, Schalke, Stuttgart, Bremen and Leverkusen), Holland(Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord , Italy(Inter, Milan, Juve and Roma), Portugal(Benfica, Sporting and Porto), Scotland(Rangers and Celtic), Spain(Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia), Some of the jersey numbers have also been randomly assigned as some of the time the info is not available.

Date : 2005-09-06, Size : 780k, Download : 2467, Rate : 8.41, Vote : 7

  Kahn-Titan Roster 2005-2006 v2.0 
The download of today is really a very great one - it is a roster for the new session with a lot of new graphics... half roster, half patch! The roster is by Kahn-Titan again. He has edited his roster until he finished Kahn-Titan Roster 2005-2006 v2.0! Most of the changes are for the differences of the transfers and the league changes for the new session. Here is a list of all differences to version 1.5 :

- 1st AND 2nd BUNDESLIGA : more than 1.500 transfers done, a lot of new players added, the players have been edited for strenght, position, l/r foot, sometimes look, the promotions and regulations in the two leagues have been edited.
- NATIONAL TEAMS : Holland added
- And INTERNATIONAL TEAMs, balls and stadiums assigned, team prestige changed, promotions in Spain, England, France and Germany (1st and 2nd league) added
- 7 new teams addedd in Rest of World : AEK Athen, Besiktas Istanbul, Dynamo Kiew, Fenerbahce Istanbul, Lokomotive Moskau, Schachtjor Donezk, ZSKA Moskau
- The highest league of England, Italy and Spain have been edited. Not all transfers have been done. After transfer ending there will be an update of this roster. All formations of these countires have been changed.
- This roster also includes : new specific adboards for all 38 German teams, new (Ultra-) flags and banners for all 38 German teams, 14 new different balls. These have been assigned to the teams like they really use them in the leagues (e.g. Derbystar, Nike, Adidas, Uhlsport, etc..), all together 80 new player faces for players of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, Third Kits have been unlocked for all German teams, so you can add new kits with Creation Center and they appear now in FIFA, New trim an colour of the corner flags.

Date : 2005-08-27, Size : 10.4M, Download : 1610, Rate : 5.7, Vote : 7

  MLS/USL Update Super Patch 2005 
Donovanfan3456 has made details of his MLS/USL Update Patch 1.0 for FIFA 2005. No longer are the leagues disconnected from the other leagues in Career Mode. This patch includes in Career Mode and in Tournament Mode : MLS totally updated, USL 1, USL 2, Take your USL team to CONCACAF glory with Promotion/Relegation from/to the MLS! Premier Soccer League of South Africa (Justin Archer), These league don't overwrite any other league!

- Competitions : MLS All Star Team! (Ruiz isn't at Hooters! He's in the reserves.), Expanded U.S. Open Cup (Really fun in tournament mode - real life structure), CONCACAF Champions Cup, World Club Championship! (Take you team to win it all from any league!), Mini Libertadores, Mini African Champions Cup, Can be utilized as an addon to the International Super Patch, or as a separate patch, and Unlockable Third Kits for the three USL 2 teams.

Date : 2005-08-24, Size : 20.9M, Download : 745, Rate : 7.99, Vote : 7

  K-League Super Patch v2.0 
The K-League Super Patch Patch 2005 v2.0 is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA2005 and various graphics according to Korean K-League atmosphere. Also this patch is operating under both korean language and english language version of FIFA 2005. This mega patch includes the accrute roster, kits, flags, menu screens for K-League. This amazing super patch features :

- The latest roster of K-league 2005 season
- Fully Korean language support for all Korean(This version does partly support English . Full English version will be released soon.)
- Full name of Korean League's all players
- Updated a lot of national teams(Based on 2006 worldcup qualification)
- Add Korea, Japan, Netherlands, and 24 new or updated national teams
- New season logo of K-league and accurate&new natioal flags
- New MBC ESPN TV in-game graphic
- New menu screens and 3D adboards
- 8 new Boots and Nike Aerow ball
- Newly updated 2GK jerseys for all updated teams
- Accurate and Updated world league rosters
- Convenient install function and uninstall function

Don't miss this great super patch!

Date : 2005-08-20, Size : 376M, Download : 106085, Rate : 6.48, Vote : 1336

  Bundesliga 1975-1976 Super Patch 
Eintracht4ever has created a complete Bundesliga Patch 1975/76 during the last 3 months! This patch will do a small trip with you 30 years back in time, a time trip into the Bundesliga session 1975/76 - the time of Gerd Muller, Franz Beckenbauer, Jupp Heynckes, etc... At that time Borussia Monchengladbach became German Leage Winner, Hamburger SV became German Cup Winner and FC Bayern Munchen won the Champions League and the World Club Championship. Here are the features of this patch: : All 18 Bundesliga teams of the session 1975/76 with all players, Each 1 home, away and keeper kit, The correct Mini Kits of the teams, the referee kits of that time menu logos for all 18 teams, A popup, Flags for all teams, A black-white ball, Player faces of some players, Automatical installation.

Date : 2005-08-18, Size : 28.3M, Download : 376, Rate : 10, Vote : 1


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