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  Creation Center 2005 v1.018 
Please spread the word that the Creation Centre 2005 is now available for download. Please use the below link to download the Creation Centre 2005. Creation Center 2005 - Features List :

1) Player Database Editor - All attributes can be changed, Edit player details such as name, date of birth, nationality, weight and height, 'Roll of the dice' allows to randomly draw the attributes
2) Team Database Editor - Edit the home ground, name and rivals, Change formation and tactics, Assign captain and kick takers, Drag-n-drop player transfers
3) Import/Export packages - Import/Export whole team with or without graphic assets.
4) Kit Importer - Replace existing kits, Manage kit textures, Import front end kits, Jersey number fonts browser
5) Team Assets - Edit every asset that makes a team, Logos, crests (Front End), Logos (In game presentation), Banners, flags (Crowds), Ad boards, Change boots and accessories, Ball texture
6) Face Importer - Custom player faces, Import specific face textures, Import front end specific faces
7) Audio Importer - Change your team's chants. Supports wav, mp3 and asf, Replace the existing music with your own mp3
8) Search facilities - Search by Team/Player names, Search Players by Nationality, Search Players by Preferred Position, Search Free Agents, Search teams that don't belong to any league
9) Lanuage Selection - You can choose to use the Creation Centre 2005 in either English, Italy, Spanish, French or German.
Make sure you have the .NET framework installed on your PC, and read the readme.txt file& FAQ file that comes with package.

Date : 2005-01-18, Size : 3.6M, Download : 8351, Rate : 6.52, Vote : 53

  Boots Raptor 2005 v1.0 
You can downloadBoot Raptor for FIFA 2005. Boot Raptor includes 50 2G boots made by Keegan from which you will be able to select 8 and assign them to different players. You can to add your own boots too.

Date : 2004-12-28, Size : 2.1M, Download : 5542, Rate : 3.53, Vote : 14

  Ball Revolution 2005 
By this utility we can import new balls to game. It is easy in use and it has 30 brand new balls. Changes are : New install system based on FIFAfs, Corrected ball look in free kicks, Balls import on Ball_ID from 0 to 14, Fix bug with import defaults balls. Here you are balls : Adidas CL 2003 FINAL, Adidas CL 2004 FINAL, Adidas CL 2005 FINAL, Adidas Fevernova (World Cup), Adidas Roteiro, Derbystar, Diadora Prestige, Diadora Super Goal BLUE, Diadora Super Goal GREEN, Diadora Super Goal RED, Dunlop Invincible, Dunlop Jetstream, Jako Benfica (Orange), Jako Benfica (Yellow), Jako Benfica, Jako Light, Nike 5 (Blue), Nike 5 (White), Nike Geo Merlin Vapor, Nike Geo Merlin Vapor Blue, Nike Total90 Aerow LFP, Nike Total90 Aerow Premiership, Nike Total90 Aerow Standard, Nike Total90 Aerow Yellow, Nike Total90 Freestyle, Nike Total90 Freestyle Red, Voit Comex Mexican League by du_oro10, World Cup 1970 Black, and World Cup 1970 Red.

Date : 2004-12-28, Size : 4.2M, Download : 13134, Rate : 5.84, Vote : 48

  G3 Super Patch Edition 
Here is G3 Super Patch Edition v1.0 embodies lots of features! The full features are :

- Adds Korea, Japan, Holland national teams including home&away kits, face updates, banners, adboards.
- Gameplay Updates including : Formation, Ball gravity change, Goalkeeper skill changes, player motion change, AI Engine update.
- Roster/Graphic updates including K-League, Premier League, Primera Liga, Some national teams, the latest kits/banner for them, New adboards.
- Other updates including Coach graphic updates, ESPN TV ingame popups, New Nike geo merin ball, New goal nets, New adboards, Adidas goalkeeper gloves, New title menu screen, and many more.

Date : 2004-12-20, Size : 100M, Download : 27345, Rate : 5.85, Vote : 157

  Baltic Teams Patch 2005 
Centrum FIFY have released a great patch for all East Europe football fans (but not only!). This patch is the "Baltic Teams Patch 2005", and it includes : New national teams - Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia + unlock those teams: Japan, Holland, South Korea and Senegal, Great kits and minikits, Realistic flags, All squads, New faces, Unlock two stadiums: Ali Samiyen (Galatasaray) and Olimpico (Lazio/Roma), Unlock 20 minikits, and 2 new competitions: "Stadia Tour" and "Baltic Tour".

Date : 2004-12-10, Size : 2.0M, Download : 7592, Rate : 6.81, Vote : 68

  Nike Total 90 Aerow Yellow Ball 
It contains Nike Total 90 Aerow Yellow ball for Fifa 2005. (We recommed you use Big Raptor to install this patch.)

Date : 2004-12-08, Size : 136k, Download : 4540, Rate : 5.97, Vote : 10

  Korean Language Menu Patch v0.98 
It contains korean language pack v0.98 for FIFA 2005. It will translate english menu language into korean language about 98% of menu language. (Extract to FIFA 2005 main folder.)

Date : 2004-11-30, Size : 9.6M, Download : 18133, Rate : 7.49, Vote : 89

  FIFA 2005 Game Play Update v1.1 
FIFA 2005 Game Play Update v1.1 changes : Change of ball gravity, Change of defense line, More aggressive CPU gamestyle, More enhanced goalkeeper ability, Dynamic defense&offence CPU gameplay style, Intensive defense, More enhanced formation system, Enhanced CPU AI engine, More variety shooting system, More frequent injury & tackle, and lots of other features. Download this great AI patch and feel something different! (Extract to "data\cmn" folder.)

Date : 2004-11-30, Size : 20k, Download : 6063, Rate : 6.42, Vote : 23

  Spanish Commentaries 
You can download the Spanish Commentaries for FIFA 2005 with Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez!. Eduardo, webmaster of Mundo FIFA (http://mundofifa.fifala.com) has uploaded them. The Commentaries have been divided in 13 parts of 20 MB each. Click on read more for the links to all 13 parts of the commentaries or downloadad to start downloading part 1.

Date : 2004-11-16, Size : 259M, Download : 5139, Rate : 5.08, Vote : 28

  2GB Ball Importer 
The 2GB Ball Importer allows you to import your own made or downloaded balls with just a few clicks. The size of the Second Generation Balls is 256x256 pixels. With this tool there are some fantastic balls delivered from Breki! To be sure al balls will work, you have to deleta all FSH- and O-ball files from your FIFA 2005\data directory. If these files still exist, it's possible that the balls won't work ingame. You need 4 files to import a ball; 1 Bitmap and 3 O-files.

Date : 2004-11-16, Size : 1.2M, Download : 3790, Rate : 5.7, Vote : 7


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