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  World Cup Group Manager 2002 
This program lets you play your own World Cup Game? You can replace every team in every group with a team from the list. The list includes all official World Cup teams and some more teams, that didn't go to Korea/Japan and also ≪all-star≫ teams (All-Europe, All-Americas, All-World, etc). There is a nice ≪Randomize≫ feature, that helps you to make unforgetable World Cup? You can also save and load special group-files and share them with other people.

Date : 2002-11-16, Size : 1.4M, Download : 25228, Rate : 5.94, Vote : 118

  Sweetpatch MRA 2002 WC 
This version nows adds the capability for you to load and unload all patches for World Cup 2002 as well as all the previous versions of Fifa back as far as Fifa RTWC 98. It features : Helps you maintain all your loaded Patches and Favorites, Loads in the required files for the Patch you would like to play, If you have any Favorite patches which you always want loading into your FIFA game then this can now be achieved based on the Windows Favorites theory, Save the current games settings for the Patch you have played before loading the next patch, All this means that with one MRA and one install of FIFA you can benefit from any of the Fifa Patches when you wish without ever having to uninstall and reinstall your game.

Date : 2002-09-07, Size : 1.7M, Download : 15780, Rate : 6.41, Vote : 62

  World Cup 2002 Kits Installer 
This utility permits to install kits on World Cup 2002 in a very simple way. Once you open it, it locate automatically all *.fsh files in it's directory. So you can easily install any kits.

Date : 2002-08-14, Size : 520k, Download : 5243, Rate : 6.16, Vote : 12

  Kit Raptor XGK 1.0 
Kit Raptor XGK! With fantastic options, including the Numbers Manager that will help you manage and assign set of numbers to the kits with ease. Another great option in KR XGK is that once you finish the kit, the program will automaticaly zip and make an installer for the kit and you'll be able to send the zip by mail to our Downloads Zone. Whoever download your kit will just have to execute the Installer and the kit will be put in the game. As always, all the features from past Kit Raptors are included in this one like loading white textures, open the images with your favorite Image Editor, etc.. A master piece by SoccerAccess.net. ENJOY!

Date : 2002-07-18, Size : 2.6M, Download : 6103, Rate : 4.94, Vote : 21

  Skill Moves Selector for WC2002 
Skill Moves Selector for FIFA 2002 World Cup TM. The Skill Moves Selector: an incredible tool that lets you choose between 20 different and new skill moves to perform during the game. You can have 4 simultaneusly.

Date : 2002-06-26, Size : 745k, Download : 18673, Rate : 7.34, Vote : 61

  World Cup Center 
World Cup Wizard is an application that will help you live the next World Cup with the maximum intensity and information. Highly integrated to our website and to the EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2002 game, the WC Wizard will make you feel the heartbeat of the World Cup like never before. With WC wizard you can follow the next World Cup daily. Thanks to a calendar that will extend for the 31 days that the World Cup will last you can know the time and date for each game, not only the first round games but also the finals of the Cup.

Date : 2002-06-03, Size : 8.2M, Download : 10813, Rate : 7.07, Vote : 21

  Replay Tags Editor 
You wiil be able to rename your replay files both for Fifa 2002 and Fifa WC 2002.

Date : 2002-05-13, Size : 849k, Download : 1449, Rate : 6.23, Vote : 9

  FIFA World Cup Music Changer 2002 
It's FIFA World Cup Music Changer 2002. The name speaks for itself -- this utility changes the music in FIFA World Cup 2002. Changing means deleting existing tracks and adding new ones. With help of Music Changer you'll be able to import music of the following file formats : WAV, MP3, CDA(Audio CD) So, if you tired of orchestra, you must download. Also, Music Changer adds into each str-file(FIFA music format) special tags with the information about the song (the information you tape). This allows to sign every str, like mp3 files. By the way, when you import mp3s, the information from them is automatically transferred into str. And Music Changer supports multilanguage feature.

Date : 2002-05-08, Size : 615k, Download : 10626, Rate : 6.83, Vote : 20


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