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  Korean Player Face Pack 
It contains updated realistic Korean players face pack! They are : Hong Myung Bo(411), Ahn Jung Hwan(412), Kim Nam Il(407), Lee Young Pyo(408), Lee Cheon Soo(425), Lee Un Jae(420), Choi Jin Cheol(418), Kim Eun Jung(428), Kim Byung Ji(421), and Kim Tae Young(417). (Extract to "dataplayer", and run "Face installer.bat". And then you must adjust the face number in FCDB XP.)

Date : 2002-12-04, Size : 710k, Download : 26757, Rate : 6.15, Vote : 75

  WC DW Roster Final 
It contains the accrute roster data for all teams of WC2002. The data contains accrute age of all players, skill abilities, team formations, and etc when 2002 FIFA World Cup held. (Extract to World Cup 2002 main folder.)

Date : 2002-11-18, Size : 164k, Download : 51241, Rate : 5.8, Vote : 162

  Ultima 2002 Mega Patch 
The patch that will bring all the top clubs from around the globe into your WC2002 TM game. The patch features : 41 Top clubs from around the globe, All home and Away kits. [by FIFA - IL, and by the best kits sites around: Jersey Land & 4D Kits Base], Roster with the latest transfers from around the world, Teams & Players name commantery added, All Big and small flags, New intro music [mixed & edited] in 3 versions, Over 50 new faces [& hair] by Shlomy Sharabani, Miguelito & Chris Arny, New ingame popups, New adboards, New numbers on kits, Total make over for new menus, A new intro CINEMATIC in 2 versions [by Ariel of Soccer Access], And much much more...

Date : 2002-09-10, Size : 23M, Download : 25641, Rate : 6.16, Vote : 70

  WC Shoes v2.0 
It contains lots of cool boots. famous NIKE Vapor Gray(22), UMBRO Owen(18), NIKE total red(7), LOTTO BENTO(36), MIZUNO RIVALDO, and Adidas Blue.

Date : 2002-08-31, Size : 377k, Download : 22240, Rate : 5.96, Vote : 40

  World Cup Super Patch 2002 
World Cup 2002 Super Patch is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team rosters based on EA Sports's 2002 FIFA World Cup™ and various graphics according to World Cup atmosphere. This patch embody the realistic 2002 FIFA World Cup. World Cup 2002 Super Patch provides real rosters and graphics for 2002 FIFA World Cup.``


Date : 2002-08-05, Size : 36M, Download : 226977, Rate : 6.83, Vote : 476

  FIFA SABOTAGE Grand Patch 
This is a great FIFA SABOTAGE Grand Patch for WC2002! It features All 64 home & away team jerseys for every Team in World Cup + Netherlands, 3 different adidas referee jerseys, New realistic World Cup sidelines, A great roster which has actual player stats, Team formations, Back numbers and it brings you Netherlands into the game, New realistic goal nets, New menu songs, 6 new different boots, Great gameplay patch, New more realistic world cup adboards, New ingame sounds, New crowds, New adidas kit numbers, and many other features.

Date : 2002-07-27, Size : 20M, Download : 22172, Rate : 6.51, Vote : 119

  Korean Crowds Shout Patch 
This new shout patch contains various shout sounds. They are : "Daehan Min Guk" drum sounds, "Oh~Philseung Korea", "Oh~Korea", and "Daehan Min Guk" victory voices. You can feel world cup stadium's atmosphere.

Date : 2002-07-25, Size : 1.1M, Download : 30491, Rate : 5.34, Vote : 83

  FIFACE Ahn Jung Hwan Face 1.0 
It contains realistic Ahn Jung Hwan(Korea) face. He was being watched with keen amazing interest during 2002 FIFA World Cup. (Extract to "dataenviro" folder, and run "install.bat".)

Date : 2002-07-23, Size : 225k, Download : 20450, Rate : 6.33, Vote : 24

  Roster Update 3.0 
It updates Korea, Turkey, Germany, and USA roster. You can get the realistic and accurate abilities for them.

Date : 2002-07-19, Size : 184k, Download : 18277, Rate : 6.9, Vote : 54

  Korea Roster&Face Patch 
This patch upgrades some roster abilities and faces for Korean players. And some players(like Beckham and Goalkeepers) wear long sleeves shirts. Also it changes the color of boots for some players. (Extract to "datacmnfe" folder.)

Date : 2002-07-19, Size : 297k, Download : 31495, Rate : 7.61, Vote : 90


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