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  (158)History Patch 1921 to 1930 
The Mexican League of 1921 to 1930 History Patch's Series 1921 to 1930. It includes the following teams : America, Amicale, Espanol, Asturias, Atlante, Aurrera, Germania, Marte, and Necaxa.

Date : 2001-10-30, Size : 485k, Download : 207, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  (159)Major League Soccer 2001 
An update to our MLS 2001 patch 2.0! It features : Updated kits for all 12 MLS clubs, MLS Sponsor Adboards, Kappa ball, World Rosters and MLS Rosters, Updated Goal Keepers Patch, ESPN TV Graphics Patch v2.0, Adidas Precission Boots, Puma Volante CG Goal Keeper Gloves, Complete Roster, Kit, and flag updates to USA and Mexico, and 13 new international teams!

Date : 2001-10-30, Size : 3.1M, Download : 2062, Rate : 10, Vote : 4

  (160)Argentinean Apertura 2001 Patch 
The patch includes : For the first time ever the 4GK Kits, The starting lineup appears with pictures of the players like in a real TV broadcast, 40 Edited Faces(Even the face of the team's coach will appear in the lineup!), Complete rosters of the latest Argentinean Leagues, featuring over 100 4GK KITS, River Plate Stadium, original crowd, Soccer Access new Global Changes patch, and Sound Edition 2.0 (argentinean commentators and chants), edited menus and much more!

Date : 2001-10-30, Size : 20M, Download : 2664, Rate : 6.48, Vote : 18

  (157)KJ-League v2.0 
Another Korean&Japanese League Super Patch! It contains : The latest roster update for K-League and J-League, Their home&away kits, New flags and logo, Iran-Iraq-Portugal-Moroco-Nigeria national roster, All star league, New Adboards, Ingame TV graphics, and lots more!

Date : 2001-10-26, Size : 9.4M, Download : 24474, Rate : 7.03, Vote : 149

  (156)HSP 2001 
Very nice Hungarian Super Patch 2001/2002! It contains : All the teams of Borsodi Liga 2001/2002 with up-to-date rosters, 3GK home and away kits for all teams, Hungarian national team update, Famous national team from 1954 with 3GK kits, 32bit Borsodi Liga adboards, New Nike boots and Adidas Goalkeeper gloves, Borsodi Liga ball-flags-Badges correction, New menu screens, M1 TV logo, 26 Hungarian player faces, and a lot more things!

Date : 2001-10-24, Size : 8.2M, Download : 675, Rate : 8.83, Vote : 13

  (154)Iranian Super Patch 4.0 
Great Iranian Super Patch is updated by 4.0! It includes : Iranian national team with home and away kit+logo+flags and latest roster, Iranian league (Azadegan):Iranian Professional league with 14 team in Division 1 and 3 team in division 2+Home and away kit+flags and logo for all teams, Iran, Portugal and Jamaica with home and away kit,logo and flag, New World teams(World Cup 2002 update), Huge Graphic Updates, and New Music!

Date : 2001-10-22, Size : 12M, Download : 956, Rate : 7.56, Vote : 7

  (153)BFP 2001-2002 
Amazing Belgian Super Patch 2001-2002! It includes : All Eerste Klasse Home and Away high-quality kits, Every team has it's own unique Goalkeeper-kit, Brand new popups in co-operation with Steve Sutton, New menus&badges, Updated rosters: numbers, positions, faces and names for the whole selection of each team, the choice of 3 new menu musics.

Date : 2001-10-20, Size : 3.4M, Download : 1865, Rate : 5.76, Vote : 9

  (152)PSP 2001-2002 
Great Portuguese Super Patch for you! It contains : Updated great rosters, Portuguese International Team's Roster, Portuguese International Squad home and away Kits, All team's kits, New Badges and Flags, Real Support Crowd Flags for each team, New Stadium&Adboards, New 32-bit Adboards, Ball&Boots, and New Music!

Date : 2001-10-18, Size : 9.6M, Download : 2034, Rate : 8.76, Vote : 9

  (151)Alvin's Mega Roster 5.0 
All the Latest transfers for 2001-2002 Season, All Leagues and teams have been updated, Fixed all bugs which caused crashing Problems, Accurate Bankrolls, Player Names as well as attributes have been corrected, Proper Names for leagues, competitions as well as teams have been justified, Added new teams such as AC Chievo, Bolton, Real Betis and many more ``Corrected line-ups for all teams have been included, and lot's more.

Date : 2001-10-16, Size : 668k, Download : 4949, Rate : 5.58, Vote : 15

  (150)USP 2001 
Very nice Ukrainian Super Patch 2001! It contains : Ukrainian Championship season 2000/2001, Ukraine National Team with the latest roster, All kits of Ukrainian clubs in 2GK format, Badges and flags of all Ukrainian clubs, TV-Logo of Ukrainian channel UT-1, New boots, and lots of things!

Date : 2001-10-15, Size : 4.2M, Download : 475, Rate : 7, Vote : 2


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