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  Korean Name Patch 2 
This is a very useful patch for all Korean FIFA fans! This patch changes all english names of each player into korean language. Maybe this work is really hard to do it, but the auther makes desperate efforts to make this great patch. (Extract to "datacmnfe" folder.)

Date : 2003-03-27, Size : 209k, Download : 8461, Rate : 5.4, Vote : 45

  7 a Side Patch Expansion 
The great 8 a side patch addon...7 a Side Patch Expansion pack! YOU MUST HAVE 8 A SIDE PATCH INSTALLED BEFORE INSTALLING THIS EXPANSION PACK. Now 7 players each team, teams are Argentina, France, Brazil, Germany, England, Italy, Spain and Rest of the World. Do not miss the new Intro Cinematic!

Date : 2002-10-02, Size : 8.3M, Download : 5020, Rate : 5.08, Vote : 10

  The 8 a Side Patch 
The 8 a Side patch for FIFA 2002 it's not only a new game but a great masterpiece of art and music. From U2 performing Elevation to the old FIFA song play by Blur and a whole new package of Cinematics never seen before! (more than 25). You want Figo and Roberto Carlos dancing like they do in the Nike advertisment? Well he have them in the 8 a Side patch!. Three games mode, plus 64 faces! Every player in the patch has its own face. Ah! Win the Endurance League and get the All Time Stars Team with Maradona and Pele. You can download it now! Do not miss this one!

Date : 2002-09-24, Size : 22M, Download : 17838, Rate : 6.01, Vote : 42

  Cinematics Fever FX Patch 
Cinematics Fever Pack 1 for FIFA FX After installing the patch, you will be able to see many new cinematics, even without FIFAfx. However, if you do implement FifaFX, you will now be able to listen to the FifaFX intro and goal sounds. If you select Juventus as your home team using FifaFX, you will now be able to see the Salas celebration, when a goal is scored. If you select Barcelona as your home team using FifaFX, you will now be able to see the Riquelme celebration, when a goal is scored. These 2 goal celebrations will also appear in the default cinematics, but less often.

Date : 2002-09-13, Size : 323k, Download : 5192, Rate : 7.39, Vote : 10

  Dressing Room Cinema 1.0 
This patch is a must have for all kits and face makers. It mixes a little application with the cinematics engine to create a program that will allow you to see the player from any angle you want. Up to 17 different cameras! You will be able to see the player from the front, back, right or left. Also cameras that will be placed on the top of the player, and some focusing on the shorts or socks. You can take screenshots and save them with this tool (no need of Hypersnap) This tool is really useful for face makers cause they will be able to see the player's face from the front or from one side. The day has come! A new era in Socceraccess has begun ! Enjoy this patch.

Date : 2002-09-07, Size : 2.7M, Download : 1937, Rate : 4, Vote : 4

  Cinema Fever Pack 1 
Socceraccess CINEMATICS FEVER pack 1 is fully compatible with every patch around the world. Cinematics are the cutscenes that you see when teams enter the field. when you score a goal or during a substitution. Most of these Cinematics were released with WC 2002 patch. But the new ones are really impressive. A new intro cinematic (with Champions league music) really incredible where both teams will be line up for the photograph. Juan Roman Riquelme "Topo Giggio" cinematic and Marcelo Salas "El matador" cinematic are also included.

Date : 2002-09-02, Size : 1.3M, Download : 10139, Rate : 6.68, Vote : 20

  KH-Z Formation Bug Update Patch 
It fixes some position bugs in FIFA2002. Extract to FIFA2002 main folder, and replace the old one. But you MUST backup your original file(fifa2002.exe).

Date : 2002-08-27, Size : 2.9M, Download : 8992, Rate : 8.1, Vote : 34

  Neo-X Gameplay Patch 
It will make the field much bigger&faster ball, more control over player, com.shot like he never miss, injured more often. It only works in proffesional mode.

Date : 2002-06-05, Size : 420k, Download : 2810, Rate : 5.25, Vote : 4

  Kits Texture Pack 
This is a collection of textures to make your own kits for FIFA2002. There are very useful images to make jersey patches.

Date : 2002-06-05, Size : 769k, Download : 1891, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 4

  BMs Ingame Camera Patch 
This is a really cool ingame graphics patch for FIFA2002. Choose DYNAMIC cam to enjoy the new INGAME camera. It is stricly recommend to set your game OPTIONS to SLOW gamespeed!

Date : 2002-06-05, Size : 36k, Download : 1810, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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