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  PSV Eindhoven Sounds(FifaFX) 
This is a very cool FIFA FX music addon for PSV Eindhoven. The details are : Intro(Het Clublied), Goal(Batman), Half Time(Bij Ons In Het Zuiden), Win(Do't Still Aan De Overkant), Tie(Houdoe En Bedankt), Loss(Eens Per Jaar Wordt PSV Kampioen), +3 Fangesange. First You must download and install FIFA FX by clicking Here.

Date : 2002-10-15, Size : 2.4M, Download : 579, Rate : 4.33, Vote : 3

  We are the Champions 1.0 
This file installs in the game "We Are The Champions" song of Queen after a goal.

Date : 2002-09-26, Size : 555k, Download : 1590, Rate : 5.25, Vote : 4

  Campione 1.0 
This file installs in the game the "Campione" chant after a goal.

Date : 2002-09-26, Size : 524k, Download : 971, Rate : 5.5, Vote : 2

  Manchester United FifaMSC Addon 
Here is a new FifaMSC Addon for Manchester United. It contains 7 various special musics for Manchester United, the songs are : - We Will Stand Together, We All Follow Man United, Glory Glory Man United, Song For The Champions, Move Move Move(Red Tribe), Lift It High, and Come On You Reds.

Date : 2002-09-26, Size : 16.8M, Download : 1322, Rate : 6.4, Vote : 5

  FIFA 2002 Super Music Patch 
This is a very big music patch for FIFA2002. It includes : Anton aus tirol, Hey baby, bartezz, K's choice, Biertjuh, Blink 182, Bohemian, Campione, Chubawamba, Cocoon crash, Dennis bier, Eifel 65, Eye or the tiger, Gigi D'agostino, Sum 41, Deseshantee, Ketchup song, Rank 1, Rammstein, Orbital and MORE! So it really changes YOUR game. Every goal- ``and begin-sound will be changed and the it rocks!

Date : 2002-09-14, Size : 17.5M, Download : 3057, Rate : 4.66, Vote : 9

  Music Mega Patch 
This is a very big patch which includes songs for the beginning of a match and goal-sounds. You can here U2-elevation, Rank 1, Orbital(!!), Eye of the tiger, Blink 182, Hey baby, Sum 41, Anton aus tirol, Chubawamba(!!!) and lots of more sound that u have to download! Your game will be changed after this!

Date : 2002-09-10, Size : 18M, Download : 4064, Rate : 8, Vote : 5

  MLS Music Addon 
This places four new songs into your FIFA 2002 game. It's a collection of new classic guitar work performed by Ywngvie J. Malmsteen.

Date : 2002-08-23, Size : 19.4M, Download : 643, Rate : 0, Vote : 0

  Champions League Pre Kick Off Music 
This contains a Uefa Champions' League Music before kick off by Ionescu Radu for FIFA 2002.

Date : 2002-07-15, Size : 371k, Download : 2166, Rate : 4.88, Vote : 9

  Dae Han Min Gook Cheering Patch 
Dae-Han-Min-Guk!(Republic of Korea) Chak Chak Chak!...This patch embodies another Korean supporters' cheering shout! They always shout "Dae-Han-Min-Guk Chak Chak Chak!"(It means "Republic of Korea!") in Korea's soccer match. You can listen the same shout in the game. (Extrat to "dataaudiosndmiscstrloop")

Date : 2002-06-24, Size : 1.27M, Download : 29444, Rate : 6.12, Vote : 78

  All Star Stadium Sounds 
This is a very cool all star sound addon for all Bundesliga fans! We strongly recommend you install first All Star Stadium. First You must download and install FIFA FX engine by clicking Here.

Date : 2002-05-27, Size : 8.7M, Download : 491, Rate : 0, Vote : 0


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